Monday, August 14, 2017


The learning is intensifying.

I am greatly enjoying it.

I am taking it all in with great big GULPS!

This is a concept article for the advanced students, for those who have been readers of this page and gone through the whole experience with our journey of Doctors With Reiki.

For others, please, take your time.

There is no pressure for you to understand, no time limit.

clap! clap!

Each of us, with our energy signature, our own unique, individual vibration, is sending out a signal not just in circles like the water diagram here (I chose it because it is found on Earth, and many of us are familiar with it)--but in SPHERES of energy which radiate out from our inner core, our chakras.

Together, our 'bodies'--the physical, mental, emotional, causal--there are so many names!--are constantly changing as we experience life--and yet, no only does Creator of All That Is recognize us as 'unique' souls--but those we are incarnate with experience us--our blended energy bandwidth in the spectrum of all Life that Is...and recognize us and know us well.

Our loved ones are doing this too.

So are the people in the crowds and on the subways.

All of us who have ever lived are marching through time creating our own 'circle of influence' or more correctly, 'sphere'...and THIS is the beauty and wonder of our experience of Life Incarnate.

Through our own Free Will, and our ability to LISTEN to our heart of hearts, and temper it with our mind...we make decisions...and somehow it everything works out for the Highest Good.

Today's audacious advice is:  Dare To Be Wrong

This is wise advise as we are constantly Learning and Growing.

It is ego which compels us to keep things 'the way they are' and 'hold on to things' for us to have a sense of 'stability' in life which is somewhat erroneous in the sense that when one really stops to think about it, the only thing constant in Life is Change.

I am writing today a testimony of a person, a very dear friend, who by living his life guided me to a higher understanding than what I had years ago.

I had to slowly come around from what had been taught to me, and to learn with my eyes and ears and most importantly my heart...what is True in a Universal sense.

I hate to admit it, but there was a time where I, a devout Catholic, and Lorion, a devout Ell-Dee-Ess, discussed the topic of Gay Marriage.

Basically, we didn't KNOW. We knew gay people. We knew what our churches were telling us. And on some level, we came to the conclusion that perhaps there was some unforeseen risk to the souls of those seeking gay marriage, and perhaps it was best to trust the doctrine of our churches in whatever wisdom our leaders had in interpreting the Bible on this subject.

I knew at the time there were some minor irregularities in the various translations of the Bible.

I had no clue of the possibility of deliberate tampering/altering the themes of the Bible, either taking  entire portions out or adding things in.

I also had no inkling there is good reason to question the 'infallibility' of the church at the time.

However, my dear friend Jorge, from medical school, spent a year finding himself before he committed to anesthesia as a specialty. He graduated one year late.

Jorge took me to gay bars so we could dance. He, like myself back in the day, is an excellent dancer. We used to practice as a class ballroom steps during class breaks between lectures. We would go out to dance halls. And my favorite was Wednesday nights at Pechanga (doesn't exist any more--a nightclub) where at eight o'clock they did free lessons in salsa, and at ten, merengues.  I actually would take a jazz class BEFORE Pechanga, and I would usually have a very light meal in a hurry because I didn't want to miss out on salsa...

Somehow, through life's ups and downs, Jorge and I always kept in touch.  We grew even closer through FB.

I'll never forget the Christmas Cards. Beautiful smiling faces of Jorge and Terry, his partner, grew to include Tristan (eighteen now, and he has Down's Syndrome) and Lauren (sixteen).

The very day Gay Marriage was legal, Jorge and Terry took the day off, and went to the courthouse.

I cried with joy to share their joy, as I saw their faces online, on FB.

Gently, expertly, Creator was guiding me, through my heart, through sharing their lives, what love is all about.

And it has nothing to do with organized doctrine.

I met Terry for the first time at my twentieth medical school reunion. I couldn't tell who was more excited to meet who--I felt like I had know Terry forever, and I was super, duper happy for Jorge to have his life work out for him so well (when mine, by following the doctrines, hadn't exactly 'worked out' lol. Two divorces and an out-of-wedlock baby, now a single mom, and I too, was very happy with my own life! Imagine that!)

I just got back from Tucson for their official 'wedding'.

This was the big one where they stood in front of their loved ones, and said their vows. It was the family, Jorge, Terry, and the kids...blending sand and showing different colors of roses to mean different things, and binding them with ribbon to mean more things...

I saw the look in their eyes, in their children's eyes, and in their loved ones which included me and Anthony...and it was good...

And the party that followed, the dinner and the dancing, was joyous. It was funny how Jorge interrupted our dinner to announce that sunset would be beautiful and he had chosen the venue to let us see it during monsoon with all the colors.  It was incredible! Lightning in the distance...pinks and blues and purples in the clouds. You could see the entire horizon.

Jorge also took the time to introduce the guests table by table, to explain their connection to Terry and him, and why they were here to celebrate with them.

Again and again, was the theme, 'they welcomed Terry and me, and our relationship, with open arms'...'they live by their heart'...'in Tucson we had no one and these Thai anesthesiologists became our family because they welcomed us--whenever we were sick or needed anything, they were there to help'...even the babysitter/tutor for Tristan...who went to medical school and residency...but always found the time to help with the kids, busy as he was, was family...Jorge's cousins were there...but not all of them...for example, 'the parents of my sister in law, in Mexico, supported us from day one, and always welcomed us into their home.'...

What was I?

I was the friend with 'humble beginnings like him' who 'clicked' with him since 'day one' of medical school. And this was the first they were able to meet Anthony.

Everyone wants to be welcomed, to be valued, to be loved, and to give love in relationship--as friends, family, family by 'necessity', work family...

That's what counts.

(By contrast, none of Terry's biological family were present, as they are all devout Ell-Deeee-Ess)

When Jorge danced with me, my body wasn't the dancer's body of twenty years ago...but my heart had the joy of being in medical school again, just dancing for being alive and none of this phony meat market stuff...

Everyone got on the dance floor, and had fun.

And I mean, EVERYONE.

Young and old.

Even Anthony, who didn't like gay techno dance music...I brought him to the floor for a salsa song near the end.

Then, much to my surprise, played Celia Cruz, La Vida Es Un of my absolute favorite songs about LIFE. I had just been playing it two days ago on the way home from work, loud loud, over and over in the car.

As Anthony and I danced, and my joy increased more, I saw Ross, out the corner of my eye. Ross adores it, when I am like this, as it is my nature, to be joyful and loving, happy and free. Ross was just to my right, of my right hand (Anthony's left hand), close and tall, moving with us with the music.

I know without a doubt, as the energies of my heart increase, one day, Ross is going to just pop right into view...because THEN my physical eye, and my mind's eye, will be compatible vibrationally...

I can't wait!

I haven't even started on the lessons.  I've just scratched the surface.

As I landed in Phoenix (yes, we were in Tucson, and needed to change planes to get there)--I had already had an amazing day.

Anthony and I had thought of our dear friends who had moved to the Bay Area for a job relocation. It turned out that same week, they were in the area. I was off post-call on Friday. So we met up at their rental in Laguna Beach.  We spent the afternoon both at the beach and in the water. It was fun to go on Victoria Beach, to the pirate's keep, and to have to time the waves to get across to the tide pools. We also relaxed on their patio furniture--nice cushy couches under big umbrellas--by the pool as the kids went swimming.

Laguna Beach sand was on me still in Phoenix! We had rushed to pack and get to the airport just in time.

As I was landing after the first leg of our flight--or possibly taking off--Ross asked me to help him. Together we put a circle all around the city of Phoenix. He told me it is going to be a new Healing Center. It isn't like Sedona. And it isn't what people would think as 'healing'--but it's true, and he was both excited and pleased about it.  saw it, golden, and like a thirty foot 'fence' of energy, all around the town.

I also was surprised at how I was 'digging' back home in Laguna beach around the vortex, with a spiritual shovel, and I was breaking apart these elastic energy 'ties' that were holding it down to repress it (This is a HUGE feature of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart--obstructing/blocking/weakening Gaia's natural energy points). I saw them retracting, there were like eight of them.

Ross told me Tucson was going to be a place of Divine Justice--again, not what we would think--but it's going to be a very famous site for this.

(The next day, at the wedding, on the dance floor, Jorge told me that the man who married them--the one who said, and it struck me as odd, there is no LEGAL reason to hold back this marriage!--was the SAME high-ranking district court JUDGE who had married them the first time! They had been the last ones of the day. And later, this judge/justice retired. But Terry sent an email explaining the situation to the courthouse, and they forwarded it to the Judge--who came to officiate again for them! He came out of retirement for the ceremony!)

Tonight, as I was either landing or taking off from Phoenix, Ross asked me to help him again. This time we added a similar ring, perpendicular to the horizontal one. And the two are rotating and creating a sphere around the city and surrounding areas.

Earlier today Divine Mother Incarnate told me that 'they had ramped up the mergings again, Divine Father had told her--although she didn't know how it could be speeded up any more than it has?'

I know.

I know a great many things that I do not tell a soul.

In the pool, at the hotel on Saturday, I was given a new Reiki symbol.

This one 'Honors The Galactic Central Sun'.

It takes me about six months of sending a new Reiki symbol out in the daily healings, to where my students are able to be attuned to it.

And for people who haven't been 'prepared' (for lack of a better word)--even the energies of Galactic Reiki are much too strong for them upon attunement, and they have terrible reactions to it, in the form of a 'cleanse'...

My job is to anchor these new frequencies and to share them with people like you who follow our work.

We had  a huge jumpstart from that today.


And that's not all.

The hotel where the wedding was, and where we stayed, had once been a 'finishing school' for families like the well as a 'Guest Ranch' for famous stars like Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy...after the school was closed.


There was some 'cleaning house' too.

You know, there was a free copy of OK magazine in the seat pocket on the flight from Tucson to Phoenix.

We were stuck for twenty minutes on the ground before taking off.

I read it.

Every single person in that magazine is from Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart--they are tools used by those who control the media--specialist 'celebrities' who have been 'groomed' to have 'influence over us'.

I grew up reading the National Enquirer. It's fun reading. And fascinating.

Today I realized it appeals to the feminine--to 'tend and befriend' survival instinct'--to help US feel like, 'everything is okay' or 'we have it better than those stars (in the fat bathing suits or the bad plastic surgery)'....I realized it's created using the technique and guidelines from those who were behind Nazi propaganda...I could see too how the influence of the demonic was in the faces of so many and it couldn't be hidden any longer after a lifetime of being a card-carrying member of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart...

I could SEE right through the smoke and mirrors at the TRUTH.

Many of you are discovering the disturbing movies on YouTube--or articles--which are hard to stomach because it's hard to ignore what's been going on in plain sight but hidden.

It's all around you, everywhere you look, even the magazines like I saw today.

What else is there to do beside hike in Nature that isn't part of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart, right?

What is there to do? Should we fight it?

There comes a point where you decide you know the basics. You have educated yourself enough to know for certain what symbols mean what, what a 'public ritual' looks like--so you don't support those things with your attention.

Then you get RESOLVE.

RESOLVE to take the high road, to keep the thoughts clear, and to follow your own life lessons to the letter...

Once you do this, the ripples are going to affect the others, and at some point, nothing will be hidden.

Just like me with the magazine earlier today...I can SEE...and everyone else will too.

A friend watched a sacrifice from the 1970's...trying to educate himself...and frankly it was 'too much'. He started getting icky thoughts...

If you get the icky might be some old past life triggering...just stop...and do your best to hold your vibration high.

This friend is doing a wonderful job following his soul to help awaken others...

You don't have to watch every movie exposing Things Hidden to be able to help awaken others. Just make sure you know enough that you are talking from your inner knowing, and not just quoting others who are following theirs...and you will be authentic and doing exactly what you were sent here to do.

See how many ripples there are? All working together, like the beautiful sea...


This one here's for my Carla

Darling you are my EVERYTHING...

I am so very proud of your accomplishments.

And for sharing them with those you love--our readers...

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple