Monday, August 21, 2017

IB HEARTY -- Eclipse Update 2017

Ross chose the photos for this post.

It's a quick update.

Yesterday, I could barely function. The energies on Gaia were so low I could barely breathe.  I simply was going through the motions.

For those of you who sent me Reiki, thank you. I couldn't have made it without you.

It helped.

Yesterday I had a clog in the bathroom tub. It had been clogged for a week--but I finally got on my knees with the tool and fished the hair out of it. It wasn't easy. I had to keep at it, and make sure as I pulled I kept the clog together so it kept pulling.

I do this from time to time.

But as I went to give Reiki yesterday to all of humanity--I was guided to look at it for the first time--it was bloated and grey. It was in very poor condition, spiritually.

I'm not sure how I thought of it, but I started to pull on the energy of humanity just like I did with a clog. Reiki healers are sensitive to energy flow, and just like on a single patient, when there are blockages you can pull them so the energy flows better.

I pulled, and these stretchy black strings--a grid of them--tangled like hairs and about the same consistency, started to come out. Ross and his crew had a hook, and I attached it. They pulled, and I monitored the area where it was pulling out. I reattached new hooks.

Ross told me the Reiki healing wouldn't finish for like, three days. Just to let it go and not close it.

I told my team, my closest Ground Crew who are in fact my Star Family.

They helped. Divine Mother Incarnate helped with the pulling. Others supported me.

Around the same time, I could hear Divine Father making the noise of opening the handle to open a door. I alerted Divine Mother Incarnate of this.  I didn't know how long it would take.

Yesterday after the basketball game Anthony wanted to go to Disneyland. Apparently there was a Pokemon convention at the Anaheim Convention Center.  I had known he wanted a Kangishkhan--rare, from Australia, only in California for a weekend. We had tried in Irvine yesterday with no luck.

It's odd because I didn't know, but before I left for the basketball game, I had asked for special healing to be sent to the resort, the whole thing, the whole area. I had never done that before.

So like wood, I walked through Disneyland. I was hungry, I didn't want to delay my son, but we stopped by the LaBrea Bakery for a salad and some bread.

Wouldn't you know it? On the drive to the park he caught an Unknown (rare Pokemon) and at the table we both caught the Kangishkhan!

I had been needing chocolate. Ross told me it's okay. My breakfast had been Hershey kisses and toast with nutella. For lunch I wanted the brownie too.

Wouldn't you know it, last night was the last night of the Main Stream Electrical Parade, too?

I watched it, as it went into the door at the beginning of main street. I was up by the train area. I had to bend. It didn't hold it's magic. I was glad to see it, my childhood, and also the memory of the awe of being an employee, backstage, and watching the whole parade get switched on before it took off...

But Ross was in a hurry. He wanted me to go. He said to avoid traffic.

So I went.

We even skipped the fireworks.

I was driving us home, and around 2200 our time, I SAW Divine Father open the door!

I was puzzled, and with my spirit body, I asked him if this was it? He was smiling very wide, and like a kind host, ushered me inside.

Just to my right, was Ross, dressed in his finest, and he asked me if I would like a drink? There were a lot of people present--Ross' people and crew--all dressed up and I could hear the hubbub of conversation.

I looked at the glass, and asked him, sincerely, 'will this make me feel silly and I might say stupid things if I drink it? (It was Galactic, I didn't recognize it, but it looked like our champagne in a champagne glass from the sixties).

He smiled, understood, and said, 'yes, drink it slowly so you won't have that effect; it's very strong.'

So I took it and had a baby sip...

I noticed I could breathe again, ever since the door opened, and new energies were flooding me.

The energies were exactly like the realm where Ross had taken me UP when I couldn't breathe the last time. Some super high dimension.

Only right now, those energies are here, and here to stay.

Divine Father told me they pre-empted the eclipse by about twelve hours. That way nobody would know what happened, and the only cause they could attribute it to, was the eclipse, when clearly, it wasn't, it was the door.

I was surprised at his cleverness!

The rest, since we have co-creation here, are loose ends to tie up. I'm not sure how this realm is going to eventually look as it's supposed to look. I'm sure Heaven doesn't want to confuse anybody. But right now, energetically, Heaven is officially on Earth.

Here is the secondary confirmation:

And for reference,



Welcome to the higher realms.

(He smiles and nods yes when I ask him 'is this real?'--ed)

(He offers me his arm, I take it, and we walk--ed)

(He had showed me, twenty something years ago, the land of the future--he's showing me it again now--low ivory/white houses, simple, dirt paths, lots of nature. I don't see any people, but the city is shining with invisible light. There is peace, there is order, there is activity, I can feel it. The people are busy and they are whole again.--ed)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple