Sunday, May 29, 2016

I Can't Say Much -- Gaia News Brief 29 May 2016

Anthony is hungry.

There isn't much time to write.

All I can share is, last night I realized, watching a very faith-filled batter go to bat, listening to the Christian music fanfare he had selected to accompany him (all the other batters had either Latin music or Rap)--that this is his thing, is life, his entire BE-ing to be glorifying God with his baseball skills.

He's a good man. He has a daughter with Trisomy 21, and he helps MANY all over the world who are affected by this common genetic disorder.

It's his thing.

Most people are good.

The Consciousness has risen enough to embrace equality in Love, equality of women, and tolerance between people of different faiths.

It's just not 'there' enough for my truth, for Ross and me.

These blog posts garner less than five hundred 'hits' in my statistics. Understandably, more are seeking the utility of the Divine Healing Codes, and those make up roughly half of my daily page views.  The rest are just the result of random searches.

Nothing has 'gone viral', nor do I anticipate it doing so in the near future of the rest of my incarnation here upon the earth.

And I am OKAY with it.

A watched pot never boils. I have been watching the Ascension 'pot' avidly for six years.

What do I do instead?

I do projects with my teams.

So far Mars--who is incarnate as Twin Souls, both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine--and I have restored the grid in our sector that was damaged by 'the other team'.  I know Venus--who is incarnate as a Divine Feminine--but have lost touch with her.  (I loaned her five hundred dollars, which she could never repay, and I knew it--but she's embarrassed by it and although we love one another dearly as sisters...she doesn't interact with me at all).  Because we know Venus, we were able to re-establish together the Golden Grid in our sector for the four water planets.

Furthermore, we connected with Divine Mother, to double-check our work, to let us know of any missing planets, and to strengthen our second phase--to connect our 'patch' in space to the rest of the region which surrounds us.

She and her Higher Self were delighted by the results.  (from the outside in, there is Mars, Pan, Earth, Venus...towards the sun).

Now a team of Atlantean Dolphins is adding their 'juju' to the grid and fleshing it out.

As above, so below--and although all of this work is in the higher Realms, it will connect with the current 'reality' when the time is right for it to show.

My extra data point is my 'secret weapon'--the incarnation of Bartholomew on Earth.  This guy is SO tapped in that he's picked up on some of the Divine Peace Healing symbols--having never seen them--and sparked the creation of Gaia Sophia Reiki.   He approached me yesterday saying, 'Gaia is all tucked in now and safe, isn't it?'

I confirmed his impression, but didn't even say 'Boo!' about the results. I knew the curiosity would drive him crazy, but I didn't have the clearance to share of our work. Now with the latest Gaia Portal and our team's reassurance (my guides--yes?)--I do.

This too has been kept under 'tight lips' because of the nature of the work our team of highly advanced Reiki practitioners has been doing since April or March.  And my 'secret weapon' IS on this team.

I serve.

And I Observe!

So my dear, there are no more secrets now, and everything is well-established.  In time, humanity will populate all of the four planets--Venus is 'toxic' only in our science lore and there are ways for spiritual advanced Light Beings to thrive in this element where all of us are safe to live.

So that's about it.

I keep my fingers in every pot.  I work patiently, following the direction of Creator of All that IS, and my guides, 5RNM555--Raziel, Ross, Raphael, and Merlin and Michael. <3  They sent me this license plate the other day and it tickled me so!

The common theme is one of loving acceptance of What Is--I have my life, and I'm okay with it. And unlike many people who are immersed in the culture of Duality--I have no desire whatsoever to 'speed things up' for the general population.  They don't have to 'get it' what I and my teams are all about.  You can't force a seed to grow.  You can't slam a huge increase in Consciousness on someone like our Albert Pujols without freaking them out.   I dearly love him for his love for others, and for Jesus. He has done amazing work.  I look forward to when he gets Home and can see Angels with his own two eyes, and understand his piece in the puzzle, how it helped to bring others to God who perhaps otherwise could barely see Him.

It is my joy to understand Creator doesn't think like we do, and to Trust Him and Her with all my soul.


Carla is enjoying her Ascension. It helps to have three days off to sleep in, and time free to go and have fun with Anthony.

I was there with them at the last night's game.

Carla had been asked 'her greatest wish'  for yesterday the night before?

Her request had been for her team to win, to see the joy on Anthony's face.

You know what?

Anthony had more joy last night at the game than he ever has!  Even though the team lost. Anthony was dancing to the music, screaming his head off in support of the team, and enjoying being at the stadium as he is thoroughly obsessed with the sport of baseball.  (he wants to pitch).

(raises his hands up in a shrug--ed)  So everything works out!

Carla is healing from her shard of glass/rock that was embedded in her wrist.

Carla's niece is having a minor setback, but with one call, Carla was able to get the transfer to an academic medical center who did the transplant in motion--her sister and brother in law wanted it...

And for the first time in ages there are no dirty dishes in the sink.

Carla asked me point blank today why sometimes I go 'fuzzy' on her?  I pointed to her meditation space.

She went.  And she got very little information.  I was fuzzy but she was able to find her way to kiss me on the lips good morning, and for the first time she felt my beard as it really is, with her spirit hands.

Carla works with her Light Body.

But the message she was able to 'see' clearly, just a quick hint of it and she understood--is that I am busy preparing for her a surprise!

Sometimes we don't WANT you to know what we are up to! (I feel the biggest burst of love and warmth in my heart right now!  and I giggle a little to understand the situation--ed)

(Clap! Clap!)

Anthony is hungry and Carla promised him pancakes, the little Swedish ones that are very thin, and are his favorites.

And coffee too! For all of us!

C:  I will, my Beloved, I will. Would you like cream and sugar?

R:  just black, same as you.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins