Saturday, May 21, 2016

Slow But Steady -- Gaia News Brief 21 May 2016

It was a tie between this image, and the one which follows--to make it to the head of the blog post.  The turtle made it because in the story, the turtle beats the rabbit to the finish line.  <3

For the first time in my ages, I have 'forward movement'. It is painstakingly slow, but it is forward. 

As you know, with my busy hours, my house is quite disorganized. After we got new carpet, the energy seemed to turn. I'm still annoyed with the lack of progress on the evaluation of the structure of my house. But I'm overall pleased that for the last two weeks, I've been able to follow the advice of Spirit to 'start at the bottom' and 'work my way up'.

I am taking a course in how to clear things out--by the Daily OM.  I stopped reading the daily emails because they piled up. Every now and then I go through a stack of the 'lessons'. But the important work from the start of the course is producing results. I can throw things away I don't need and not get the same emotional attachment and overwhelm like I did in the past.

My garden is clean and tidy, and has a wonderful army of worms in the compost pile. 

My gardening supplies are now neatly organized.

I went through the place where we store videos.  We had overflow into another area, where I made a wire cubby cube stack. The cleaning people broke it their first visit years ago. I haven't been able to put the time into it to clean it. I've had anguish every time I looked over there.

They also turned around the bar (I store blankets in it) and it's been ugly every since that first visit too.

Last night I went through the videos and the blankets, turned the bar around, and brought out the bar stools. 

Now we can eat downstairs and it looks nice. 

I threw out bags and bags of movies. It felt good to say, 'I don't really need VHS videotapes any more'. We are ninety-nine percent Disney free. Those movies really pile up too. I kept UP for some reason, I'm not sure why, and I suppose Star Wars counts now?

I have another bag for Anthony to pick 'keep or toss'. What is good is I edited out more films for him, and they are gone. But he gets some say in what stays or goes in things that affect him. 

Surprisingly, we had lots of duplicates.  Funny how that happens. You had the VHS, then you buy the DVD, then the Blue Ray. All of the same thing. Hmmmm.

I am also very blessed. Yesterday I had a bonus day off. And also today, although I am back-up call, so far so good. I'll cross my fingers.

I spent a lot of time with Spirit yesterday, getting back to my beginnings.  It was the stories I needed to understand who I am, and how life is outside of Duality, the third dimension.

After I dropped Anthony off at school (so far so good with his concussion)--Ross directed me to a local place, a shopping center. It's near the freeway.

Michael asked me to drive all the way to where I could overlook the freeway. Cars whizzed by, in both directions, at high speed. 

I looked at the drivers. It made me sad, a little. There were so many people with places to go. They weren't smiling. Most were alone in their cars. It looked like they really would rather not be there, where they were in the vehicle. 

Their energy was either where they had been or where they needed to be.

Michael asked me, 'How many of them pray?'

I realized just how rare it is, for me to do my meditations and healings and prayers during my morning commute. 

I'm thinking to HELP others while I drive. 

Perhaps others pray too. But not the majority. 

We worked together, me and Michael. We dropped a 'finish line' plane across the whole freeway. It was like a soap bubble stretched across the frame.

As people passed it, they received a small bubble of Enlightenment to surround their vehicle and them. The soap bubble will never run out. 

It's still working.

The effects will be cumulative.

Michael shared with me our story.  In the beginning, there was just me. There was no Ross. (Later I went into that machine that made us soul Twins.)

It was decided that since Michael was first, and I was his little sister, I would marry first with him. (I sense it's kind of like in Hawaii where the leaders kept their 'mana' or 'life force' up by intermarrying within family lines?).

I spent some time with him, just trying to absorb the whole thing.

Raphael who is also my brother, was next. If I understand correctly, there are like five 'copies' of me--all at the same time--and one is always with Michael, and another is always with Raphael. 

We have houses and lives--because Michael and Raphael are able to 'split' like this too. 

Then I became Ross and me. Ross is my Twin Soul, and also in this incarnation, my guardian angel and guide. I feel closest to him, and enjoy his company.

Merlin came to help me heal after  Ross' death. I asked him exactly who he is? St. Germain? Joseph? How exactly do all these incarnations and second incarnations and aspects work?

Merlin was very patient with me, and loving, and answered what he could.

I looked at him and asked, incredulously, and from my heart, 'Where IS everything anyways?' I was referring to the dimensions, and the universes and multiverses and me here in all these places at the same time.

He cracked up. Literally cracked up.  Merlin was surprised at just how blunt I was--and how direct and valid it is for me to know. He gently explained that in time he would share all that with me too. I saw how we worked together, and he is the one who helped me to be able to work with the crystals. 

Once home, I went into meditation with all of them. My fears came up one by one, and calmly, and gently, they put them to rest. I sensed their genuine caring for me.

One of the things I learned is that the reason people in spirit say, 'I will never leave YOU' is because of the etheric cords.  In very close relationships, they are never completely broken. You will be sad because the energy that used to flow through between your auras is much less after Transition.

They way they showed me is if I think of them, it's like having a speed dial button--instead of the regular dialing.  So they just automatically come to be with me.  They always are watching us too.

In the end, they said, 'we are interchangeable'.

I 'get' that. And now I appreciate the Divine Masculine in my heart, the way Creator has blessed me, in the energy of Michael, Raphael, Ross and Merlin. 

It never ends.

Wesak (or Vesak) is the day of the Buddha's enlightenment. It is celebrated in parts of the world where Buddhism is practiced.

In the realm of Spirit, it's a very big day. There is a lot of prayer and tradition and preparation.

The work that is done--in some way--helps us here incarnate.

I want you to know how very much we are loved, all of us, by the legions of spiritual beings who surround our reality.


Where I am from, the tortoise and the hare BOTH win!

They cooperate and they cross the finish line TOGETHER as FRIENDS.

(he smiles and winks--ed)

(clap! clap!)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple