Monday, May 9, 2016

A Few Moments Checking In -- Gaia News Brief 10 May 2016

All is well.

Operation 'Kill them with Kindness' is in effect at my work. The response is between 'caught off guard' to 'agitated'. This is what happens in a situation where there is opposition to the Light Worker and their naturally high vibration energy.

Strongest vibrations wins.

Every single time.

It is in fact painless to engage in this kind of 'anti-conflict' because it is in alignment with the will of the Divine and also with my true nature.

I notified nine individuals in our group of fourteen of open charts they were not being paid for. I offered to help. And for a fifteenth, I just closed it for her so she would get paid.

I was challenged on it by the mean one. 'How do you know it's there? How do you know it's right? There can be changes.'  I smiled. I literally backed away and said, 'I don't have to do it if you don't want me to for yours. Some people don't like it but most people do.'  She was like, 'If you want to give me money I'll take it.'

Strongest vibration wins.

That being said, in it's own way, today was rough.  I felt detached and not 'present' at work. It's as if part of me is 'somewhere else' but I'm not sure exactly what part, or where it is.  All I can say is after all this time, the third dimension seems even LESS attractive, and it's not really worth my energy.

It's also difficult to maintain the energy of 5D when people you care about are very sick.

At the moment, my niece has a fever of 103.7F, and is en route to an E.R.

And my friend and patient Stephanie isn't turning around in her critical illness. Archangel Raphael made no promises when I was with her in the O.R.  He said it was very complex and difficult to predict how things would turn out, but after my procedure where I helped, 'she would live'.  I just feel like she doesn't want to come back. The last thing she said as she was going to sleep was--for her first surgery--'I want to wake up with no breathing tube and no foley'.

If worst comes to worst, she will wake up like that but not here with us. It will be on the Other Side.

I spent a lot of time with her mom today, being present, and delicately planting the seed that when a loved one is critically ill, their chances of recovery depend on how many organ systems are impaired by the disease. For example, you can live without kidneys because if everything else is okay you go to dialysis. It is very slow, and gentle work, to guide a loved one with caring to realize this is it. And it's not good.  Love for both the family and the patient is of utmost importance when working with delicate lives.

My sister took my niece to an urgent care. She said it looked pretty, but you could tell they were only there for the money, and it was creepy.

THIS is a total example of 5D perception in action.

And THIS is how we are going to awaken as a collective. More and more of us are going to start 'picking up' information and react on it, whether we are aware of it or not.

So to turn things around--let us imagine our current society as a human being, with healthy physiology.  There is the nervous system (news and entertainment), there is the circulation (the economy), there is the digestion (food industry), the kidneys and waste (trash and sewage function), the liver (chemicals and industry in general), and I don't know what else? Reproduction (families, children, school)...Endocrine system? (our physical bodies and general health? health care?)...

Either way, watch for the health of these systems. And when one major part stops working, everything is in delicate balance.   When more than three are out, it's inevitable the outcome as poor.

As it stands, almost every system has been tinkered with by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

Globally, things are in delicate balance.

And when you see some things limping along, and then stop, you can watch for the next ones to 'fail'.

Fortunately, the Galactics with their advanced technology are standing by with the defibrillator (the paddles) and a full crash cart to administer Code Blue.   It's just a question of bringing the whole to a stable state, and adding new replacements or alternatives into each 'systems'.

There are rumors about the banking system. We are never going to 'see' it as long as the media is controlled.

But while we are here, we might as well watch for signs like my sister, whose intuition tipped her off that the 'really pretty place' was 'all about the money'.  Yelp is like our own 'nervous system'--websites like this are make or break for businesses.

So keep watching and at some point I hope it gets fun.

(This is a quick note--Anthony has a project due--and I don't want to write while I am with him. Dinner will be 'quick and easy' and everything else 'must wait'...the housework, the laundry...everything.)

I also spent a few moments with Ross.  I was like, 'Ross, this is SCARY! I am here and even though I know you are there, I can't SEE you!'  On some days I can barely feel him.  So he flashed a picture of himself to me. And I kissed him. Then he moved a little and pointed to his mouth, where I could see, and like target practice I aimed for his lips as best I could--blind as I am sometimes. And I felt it. Then it was time to wake up from my nap.

There also is a neighbor who is sawing something, and it's maddening the noise. It won't stop. That I was able to write anything at all is a miracle.


My beautiful Gaia.

She is my world.

I take care of her lovingly.

In all that I do.

Clap! Clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple