Monday, May 30, 2016

Thank You Unicorns! -- Gaia News Brief 31 May 2016

I enjoy looking at this

Tonight's card was this: 

Be considerate towards the feelings and integrity of both yourself and others by saying "No" to anything that does not feel instinctively right.
The Unicorns say you will know what they mean! 

It was the respect card.

It was a confirmation.

I am going to be oblique and change the subject, just a little, not to be a tease but not to offend anyone.

I have reached a level where I can see the future.

Just like my mom who can see a plane crash several hours or days ahead of the actual event.  It happened while I grew up, and these feelings and images would really bother her because she knew and there was nothing she could do about it to save the people from tragedy. She new enough to sense there was impending disaster, but couldn't see clearly to know what plane, what airline, what location, or what time the crash would happen. She would get so upset by it sometimes she would just sit on the sofa and cry.

I know when people are going to die. I sense it. I say to myself 'I can smell it' but it isn't my nose. I find this helpful because I can say my goodbyes, and make sure the person is calm and content in the interim.

I can also see energy mismatch leading to disastrous choices by others close to me.

I was sitting today across from my mother-in-law, at her home. We brought them KFC to celebrate Memorial Day, and also, her two-week recovery from her huge neck surgery. She had on her neck brace, and needed to have her plate raised up on a computer stand because she couldn't really look down at it. 

She was talking to Anthony and me about their plans to sell their house and move because 'they want a good retirement'. They want to go where they can buy a house and not have a mortgage payment. 

They have looked at places out of state where their friends are, or counties that are inland.

I was looking at her in her neck brace, knowing we just went to see her in the hospital three times, and we brought her food for support--as she isn't in good health with her back problems--and they are having a totally on the level discussion about moving away from family as if their good health would last forever!

What the couple doesn't like is the stairs. And the taking care of the home. But it's paid for, and in a nice neighborhood, and close to her only grandson, and her two sons.

I couldn't believe my eyes and my ears!

For MONEY--a 'good retirement'--they are going to give up the only support they have?

Fortunately, Anthony's father is the only one who is vocal about it. He has good sense--he's spiritual and intuitive. He knows it's not a good idea. He senses it. And as their oldest son, he is speaking up about it. 

I'm different. 

Let me explain.

There is a Consciousness Gap between Anthony's grandparents and me. There is also one between them and their son.

I can't overcome it for them.  They need to learn and grow. 

There is no convincing someone of a way out of an important Life Lesson--and it's most likely not for their highest good. 

You save them from one disaster, only to be followed quick on the heels by another. 

Just like in school, you can't do someone else's homework for them, or take their examinations.

So in the grand scheme of things, it's best left at 'you learn your lessons, and I'll learn mine' with a feeling of mutual love and appreciation...then you go on your way.

What I did do in this situation, was bring up an important fact that my 'in laws' might have overlooked. In parts of Arizona, the primary care physicians do not accept Medicare patients. Some seniors in Arizona must drive three hours to Las Vegas to see their primary care doctor. Were they aware of this? They might want to double-check their insurance to make sure they will have access to the healthcare they will need in their own town wherever they move.

What this couple shared with us--and I love them as my own parents, I do--is how in the nineties when they moved away to Florida, they never realized how it hurt their parents to have the grandsons move across the country. They said, 'here we are now, moving like this too, away from our grandson!'  

For them, independence is key. And they are counting on one another, where some people would count on their extended family.

It is what it is, and there is no right or wrong, only lessons. I know mine are difficult enough for me while I am in them. 

Ross spoke to me today while I was doing the dishes or gardening or something. He said, 'You are my gift.'

I was like, 'I am your gift to you?' and gave him a funny look.

He explained that I am 'his gift to everyone'.

I understood.

I stopped in my tracks.

I shot back, 'Ross if I am your spiritual gift to the masses, then they are going to not like it and take me right back to the store to exchange your gift!'

Ross was surprised by my candor, and lack of guile. He tried his best to stifle a laugh but I saw it.

He is serious.  

(whispering) I don't know how I can help ANYBODY--just between us--and 'gift' is the last word I would have in mind of ANYTHING to ever describe me.  The only thing I know is people respond to my smile more than anything, and the rest I haven't got an inkling of what my dear Beloved is talking about. I'm just thankful for my house getting nicer and less messy. That's about it...sigh...


I am with Carla.

And that is my gift to all of humanity.

I have come to bring what is special to me, to all of you.

Just as my Father gave what is special to him, myself,  to humanity first.

Carla could be right here with me (taps his seat next to him).  But she isn't.

Carla is right there with all of you.

Happy Awakening! (he waves and smiles --ed)

Clap! Clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twin Souls who are incarnate through Carla who walks upon the earth