Sunday, July 16, 2017


The past week or so, has provided many lessons and insights into myself, my family, my friends, and my purpose.   This beautiful rose I found grows on the edge of the beach near the ocean on the East Coast.  I have chosen it to represent the beauty which can be found on the edge of our awareness--between both worlds, the one of Spirit and the one of being Incarnate--if we keep our eyes open and trust in our lessons.

I will share more of the Spiritual discoveries, as the personal ones are still 'mulling around' and not quite done coming to the surface.

I flew into New York on my birthday. It was a wonderful flight. Our purpose was to be present for a one hundredth birthday party for an Aunt. There was a family reunion. The head flight attendant was delighted I would spend my birthday going to celebrate my Aunt...and gave me a bottle of champagne to celebrate as it was time to deplane. I felt very special.

I also had been delighted the seat next to me was empty--I enjoyed the extra space and lack of having to deal with another's energy for the flight.

There were challenges. The rental car company didn't have our car ready and waiting. After the long line, I had to wait with Anthony for over an hour for the car to be washed and driven to the curb.

We just barely made our destination.

It was fascinating. There was a free upgrade from a Holiday Inn Express to a connecting hotel --it wasn't fancy, but it was filled with orthodox Jewish people. They had chosen to have their Sabbath together at the hotel. That way they worship, they don't drive, and don't cook. I had never seen anything like it.  On some level I knew they were screen/cover for our presence and our Spiritual work.

Someone very dear to me, is extremely successful at work out here. If you watch on YouTube, you will know their sports brand has serious ties to Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. 

I was concerned.

The relationship is close, and I've never been sure whether they were 'involved' or not, or how much.

What I realized is, it doesn't matter.

People --whatever their level of 'involvement'--aren't doing THAT all the time, there is another part of them that is 'day to day'--and no matter what, EVERYTHING responds to Unconditional Love. Technically, those deeply involved don't understand that vibration or welcome it--but the less deeply involved perhaps will and it is best to give it the benefit of the doubt. Unconditional Love combined with Conscious Awareness is also the best protection we could have for ourselves, too.

So we had fun.

We are two very busy families and we greatly enjoyed spending time with each other. And in everything we did, I was an endless supply of unconditional love, appreciation, and kindness. California and the East Coast are two different worlds enough already, and it is always good to appreciate the differences.

I called this 'planting seeds' and no matter who you are with, and what their innermost beliefs are--planting the seeds of lovingkindness and unconditional loving acceptance go a long way in helping people to wake up.

I highly recommend it.

Spiritual overwhelm!

I went to Boston, a town--there's heavy influence in the area from certain 'brotherhoods'--including on the road there a HOSPITAL for this group!--and I don't know how it happened but my 'antennas' turned 'off' or at least to 'very quiet'.

This is unusual for me.

The imprints from the history were so thick that Anthony and I could hardly sleep.

We called Ross to help us. He made an entry to The Other Side that didn't look like a vortex. It had three perpendicular arches, there were flowers on the edge of the arches, and souls went up through that for five days he said.

Anthony has a strong liking to JFK. We spent the day in the library, including the 100 years JFK exhibits. 

I found a book on Rosemary that slid down on the shelf as I walked by, there was nobody near there who had set it down. It was spirit, touching it, getting my attention.

I also bought Profiles in Courage, a book I've always wanted to read, but never have.

Rosemary Kennedy was the hidden one, the oldest girl, who suffered a delayed birth--the OB couldn't get there for two hours and the OB nurse pushed the child back UP the birth canal.  She was profoundly delayed in both her physical and intellectual milestones, but otherwise a beautiful girl.

As she got older, she noticed how her siblings success far exceeded her own.

And as she got older, her parents, who at that time didn't understand her condition--or inability to find a 'cure'-- were at the same time climbing their social ladder. They didn't let her 'secret' out, and everything was carefully orchestrated for her not to 'spoil the appearances' at these social events.

The only boarding school for her where she found confidence and a sense of value was a convent in England where Montessori techniques were used to help her find her potential. She helped teach a preschool class there. Due to the war, she had to leave, and a chain of new schools followed.

At the last one, she was leaving the school in the middle of the night...

It was a school with techniques funded by the Rockefellers.

It's my opinion what happened next was how the 'two worlds'--the one of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart--and the one for the rest of us--sometimes don't mix.

If Rosemary had 'seen anything'--it would make sense she would 'run'--and that the family would take steps to ensure 'she didn't talk'.

Secrecy is of the utmost importance to these secret societies.

Her parents took her for a lobotomy, and it failed. Within minutes she was barely able to move or speak. The description of the procedure is horrifying, and the writer is medically accurate as she describes what most likely took place. 

Here are some links which may be of interest to you:

Family is important. I am enjoying listening to the voices of my loved ones I haven't seen in a long time. Aunt Mercedes was very close to my paternal grandmother as they were close in age. 

I just listen.

I soak in the natural beauty of this region, and marvel at what my father gave up when his parents moved them out to California.

They are good people.

Aunt Mercedes is one of the most positive people you will ever meet, and she never complains.

I also saw Aunt Ellie, who has Alzheimer's. She didn't remember me, but she was happy, and very kind and loving. She repeated often how she had three boys, no girls, and they never fought. They always got along.

Grandmother Lucille always expressed the importance of family. In this she was entirely correct.

It isn't easy to be contemplative on a vacation like this.

However, during some down time, I went to a local tourist site which has monoliths arranged in such a way they align with the solstices and other calendar events.

Ross came through loud and clear.

I did what I was asked to do, I did it to the best of my abilities, and this 'thing' is now online and flowing energy through our new grids.

If you felt a change in the energies, or a sudden increase around July 14, 2017, it was because of this work. There was only a short time window available for us to do it, and we completed it.

I also gave the Reiki Transition Symbol to my loved ones who are older like Aunt Merce, and got Ross' promise to help them when it's their time to cross. I asked him to see to it personally, and he said yes he would help.

I can sense the reception party building on The Other Side to welcome Aunt Merce--and all our deceased loved ones there building with their excitement to welcome her Home. She has stage four lung cancer...and we weren't sure she would make it to her party but she did.

Lessons and struggles...there are always lessons and struggles.

The first one was that John Smallman is only an hour and a half away from where I am. Should I contact him and try to make peace? He didn't like my sharing about Ross. I didn't get the warm fuzzy 'howya doin?' after all this time from our past incarnations together. 

So I let it go about a year ago. 

I decided to pay attention to the work at hand, and I let it be.

Then this article came out.

I'm still struggling with it.

Essentially, it implies I am an avatar of 'something vast' sent here like a data probe who has a terrible memory problem. 

It hurt.  It hurt when I first thought of it, and it hurts now.

The article makes me sound like I am at the mercy of my own ego.

My reaction and response is 'what's the point?' as in, 'what is the point of my entire existence, in ALL of my incarnations, and even this work to help wake everybody up?'

Usually when I have a 'problem' like this, The Council hears it, and they send a message in the next few days which clarify things up.

I greatly anticipate this.

If you take the John Smallman channeled message, at face value, it's all hearts and flowers and rainbows.

I never take anything at face value; I read between the lines. And THAT is the hidden message that makes me entirely upset.

I would do anything to get good grades or to do a job well. I can deal with that.  I can comprehend it. We are here for 'Lessons' and it's a 'school'.

But to be a little 'sliver' of 'me' that's here to 'experience separation' and 'what you think is you isn't YOU'...well, the reaction is so visceral I almost want to vomit. 

I can't shake it and it's been with me for days.

And last night as I was falling asleep, Ross was turning on the charm and also that energy that makes me calm down and forget.

So...I'm onto something. He wouldn't do this if I wasn't close to a truth, and not taking it well.

I hope it will resolve in the next few days, if I pay attention.

Avatar or not, each of us displays remarkable courage to just get out of bed and face the day each morning. Our lives are crazy busy and convoluted down here. 

I'm almost ready to just praise everything--no matter how disturbing it is--'let me be an avatar sliver of something I can't comprehend and later melt into some collective of souls in a blaze of glory'--just to get OUT of the current situation--both in my immediate life (doctor, mom, soul-searcher)--to something where I get a little MORE of the nurturing, warmth, love and compassion (not to mention SLEEP!) consistently...

Do I meditate?


Do I feel the 'love'?

Not really. Not all the time, not every day. It comes from out of the blue. 

Would I like to meditate more?

Oh yes!

That's about all I have for now.


Carla is learning her lessons.

I didn't mean to frighten her with the 'sliver' and I will take steps to clarify this with her.

You will always know what Carla wants is nothing more than time with me, time which she didn't have in any of our past lives together.

A reasonable girl expects this in the afterlife...not one but TWO slivers who are very happy and content to spend time together.

Carla isn't buying it, not for one second, that she can go from 'this' to 'back home' without a 'reward' of some kind.

(he's rubbing his hands together like he's planning something--ed)  I'm looking forward to my woman coming back home. Not that's she's dying or anything! But for 'what is to come'.

Those monoliths are really working and the energy is ramping up.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins