Monday, July 17, 2017


Today we are going to talk about the hidden spirituality of Family.

Our families are chosen by us in our pre-birth contracts. In fact, many souls are in a group who reincarnate over and over together again, each to help the other with their soul lessons.

Family has changed a lot since I was a small child.  Back then, mothers used to stay at home. Now many young families count on the help of the grandparents with child care. With today's older parents I'm not sure how that one is going to go in the next generation...

But when I was little, I thought it was going to be FOREVER...always being the youngest, always having the older, more established relatives where they were in the family...everything being the same.

Then I grew up, so did my cousins, my siblings, even my cousin's kids...

Now my father isn't here any more.

When I visited Aunt Mercedes, and we had some time to reminisce, she kept remembering our loved ones with a smile, and then she would pause and say, 'and they are gone!'...

She has had eight god children and four are already deceased--some were from accidents--and they are people I wouldn't know.

I know with my own excitement to see my cousins and second cousins family really IS important. It helps us to anchor our own Life Experiences in love...and it helps us to gain perspective on what is on the road ahead for us too.

My cousin with the curly dark hair now has straight white hair and is in his sixties. The smile is the same, the voice is the same...

I spent a great deal of time on our family reunion back East just listening to the voices and soaking them in...


That's what I hear when people cross over.

The voices sound the same to me. I'm not sure how it is for others. I see them, just barely with my mind's eye, but the voice is absolutely how I know and recognize them.

And the voices -- in the living and those who have passed -- give me great pleasure.

Aunt Claire turned ninety this year. She is blind from macular degeneration. I shared with her how my grandmother got that too. She went to the blind school, and they helped to modify her house so she could compensate and continue to live independently.

Uncle Ralph turned ninety too. Apparently the service had said he was too 'short' to fly a plane, so after the war, he said, 'screw you!' and bought a plane and flew it for many years. He was president of the flying club, and when he couldn't fly any more, switched to model airplanes and still works part time in a model airplane store. He loves building models.

Aunt Mercedes didn't want to go to assisted living. She wanted to stay in her home. Two relatives stay and watch her. One left her home in the west coast and her husband to watch her Aunt. The other is another niece, a widow too. My mother says they are doing it 'for the inheritance' but I see genuine love and caring...I really don't know for sure and I wouldn't venture a guess. Twenty-four hour live-in help is needed just to make sure she doesn't fall down the stairs.  What her caregivers might not recall, is that when the older family members--the Aunts for Aunt Merce and her mom too--got to that point it was Mercedes who did all the caregiving and had them live in her house back in the day...

I think our families are important to our soul development--and more time needs to be available to visit and reconnect. Our modern pace isn't good for us.

In so many ways.

I also think there is something healthy, psychologically, about living where there is close contact with Nature, like in New England--and living through the seasons.  Southern California really is packed to the hilt with residents. This is to the point where people don't have the luxury of a front and back yard in many cases. Nature is important to our health. Even at our local VA hospital there is a patient garden for the psychiatric patients to connect to Nature and heal...

It is my hope that in the future, scientists and leaders will ferret this out, this 'hidden truth'--about the importance of Nature and Family and leisure time to our well-being. Healthy people create healthy societies.

And lastly, after the delight of being with 'earth family'--especially people on my Father's side who love and remember him...after a brief memory of him I will continue this thought...

Beau told Anthony and me if Anthony every needed a place to crash he would help him, out of respect and a debt to my father. Beau is forty years old...

Beau, mom explained, had taken the bus out here to start a new life when he was in his early twenties. A man had told Beau if he needed a place to stay he could stay with him...someone kind on the bus.

In his sleep, the man took everything, and stood poised with a knife to stab Beau in the heart!

Beau awoke to his danger, there was a scuffle, and he was badly cut in his abdomen.

He called my father in the middle of the night, and told him what street intersection he was on. It was by the bus station in the bad part of town.

My father helped him, and took him to the nearest hospital.

He let him stay at the house for a week after that. I know my dad probably gave him money to get back home too...and for incidentals. That's the kind of person he was, daddy...

Beau remembered....

Anyhow, there's a whole lot more to 'life' than eating nutrition, getting sleep and exercise.

It's the connections and how we honor them and keep them alive. Both to nature and to one another.

When our Star Family reconnects with us--in dream time or at some point in the future when everything is figured out--we will be able to enjoy the strength and support of these wonderful relationships too.

clap! clap! (I have to get ready for work, Ross is reminding me)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc couple

P.S. When I was asleep my first night in my dad's hometown, Uncle Bob came to me. He's the husband of Aunt Mercedes.  He looked the same, he sounded the same, but his energy was different. It was almost like he was embarrassed because he KNEW. Because of Ross, he wasn't sure what to say to me. He hesitated, and stammered, and repeated himself. He felt awful (I'm an empath) because he would have liked to have acted different in life if he had KNOWN then what he knows now. I kept reassuring him, and reassuring him, and thanking him for all the fun and the love and support he gave me as my Uncle.

It wasn't good enough for him. He still had expected more of himself given the situation. So we kind of stopped talking, and he went away.

Know that YOU are sent on highly prized assignments and missions. You are most likely high-ranking members of an elite 'strike force' from some kind of 'army' for lack of a better word. You are here undercover and your cover is those who are Living. When you meet again, with those who have crossed, they will KNOW more about your credentials and assignments than YOU.

Just roll with it. I'm not sure how they will act, but just do your best and love like you do, unconditionally, from your heart...