Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Love's Bliss

I went to the post office box the other day. There was a birthday card inside, and a key. The key went to another locker, which had a wonderful 'self-care' birthday present from a dear friend. There was also a little orange slip for a package.

I waited in line and picked it up.

It was from 'BART'...

No letter, no invoice, no labels on the candles. My friend who has gone by Bartholomew in a past a candlemaker in this one.

Ross and he were close.

The candles smelled amazing, but they were about as random as can be.

Until Bart told me it was from Ross.

Ross designed the fragrance, himself, the blend, and he named it, too, 'Love's Bliss'

(if you are very nice to Aaron Dass Harris, he might make some for you too, but since it's special it might cost extra from his usual candles in stock.)

Yesterday I came home and actually would have felt like riding my bicycle, like I used to when I was a kid.

Instead Ross wanted me to stop by Costco on the way home. He told me to get gas, and that there was 'a lipstick' there waiting for me.

I was like, 'Ross? NOBODY goes to Costco for the make up! What are you thinking?!'

He was teasing me and shot back, 'That's why EVERYONE goes to Costco--for the cosmetics!'

I got the gasoline, the vitamins, the 'healthy' sunscreen, and too many samples where I bought the items because I was hungry.

Then I came home.

Ross told me to change into my 'play clothes', the ones that don't press much on my stomach.

I did.

I looked online for a while, as for me, that's 'play'--talking with my friends, checking things out.

Then I worked in the garden. I have a shrub that's doing so well it's way taller than me and blocks the path for the lawnmower.

I came in, took care of the pets, and then wondered what's for dinner. I had wanted a big salad, but now it was late.

I lit my new candle.

I don't know how I thought of it, but I turned on Pandora and set it to the Barry White station.

It was so nice. I haven't listened to him in years. They played others too, Marvin Gaye, Al Green...

I actually danced. I used to do that for years and years, dancing by myself to the stereo in my apartment, while I lived in apartments.

Then this song came on, and I sang it to Ross, just because I could, and even though it's supposed to be the other way around--him singing to me--I just felt a little sassy.  Deep in the back of my mind, I wondered if I had found this attitude back in the day when Ross was, um, not the greatest father and husband, perhaps I wouldn't have been as messed up in the subsequent incarnations after that--the ones I worked so hard to heal, you know?

Then I made a salad.

It was wonderful! Artichoke hearts, golden tomato from the garden, oil and vinegar and hemp seed and chia seed, bell pepper and onion. It was just enough, with a BAI tea Anthony seems to really enjoy these days.

I found out I have today off.

I washed the dishes, and I turned in.

It was relatively quiet--here in 3D--but as I was falling asleep I was thanking Ross for taking such good care of me, and loving me so much from where he is.

He smiled that mischief smile of his, and said, 'Carla you have no idea what goes on between us up here!'

I smiled and fell asleep.

Anthony is away to attend something.

He needed some items so I dropped them off at the place.

He called and needed help with the derma bond, how to use it.

I told him to put the alcohol on his cut, then talked him how to crack the little vial inside the plastic tube so the bio-glue would come out, and how to put it on.

It stung, but Anthony did it.

Then I said, 'you know, if in chemistry lab you are using a flame be careful not to put your finger near it because it might catch on fire.'

Anthony looked at me on the video chat, smiled and said, 'I'm not stupid mom.' and we both laughed.

I'm so glad he understood the risks.

A lot of people assume that Earth is a great big ball of stupid and love somehow mixed together. Everything goes, and it's all one big group hug at the end.

I want to put this thought to rest.

Gaia is a shrewd businesswoman.

She gives life to those who promise her--before they are born--to be her caretakers.

That's the deal.

You come here, you learn, but like at schools in Japan--you are also expected to clean the school and keep it tidy, because it builds character and other important lessons.

You love Gaia.

You love each other.

You play 'nice'.

And you help those who are not as well off as you--mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, etc...

A little bird told me there are some pretty bad things going on in the world.

That little bird is everywhere if you wish to look.

It's on YouTube.

It's in Alternative Media.

Some of the birds sing a little more true than others--Alex Jones and Mark Dice have exposed things but I'm not sure how 'close' they are to Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

Many birds have given their lives or their freedom to 'sing' to us the truth.

Look at Kanye now with his glassy stare after his 'outburst' at his concert.

Once I heard of this truth, I wanted to know everything I could, so I could help stop it.

I haven't given a penny to one organization I once belonged to, and used to give two hundred dollars a week--I had forgiven them for covering up pedophile priests because I thought it was 'one and done' but actually it's only the tip of the iceberg, the biggest blackest iceberg second to none on the planet.

I educated my son about the risks in corporate media, and limit both of our exposure to it.

And I blog, to share the message with others.

I recycle everything.

I compost.

And I do my best to be Love in everything I do--to everyone I meet--every single day.

I give Reiki healing free to people all over the globe, Divine Peace Healing too...

This is how I am being a caretaker for the planet--I know enough--even though it's uncomfortable--to make informed decisions for the welfare of the entire population as I make my daily choices as a citizen and consumer.

If you have studied enough and informed yourself enough, you will know which of these two images matches the term, 'China Lake'.

You will know exactly what is happening, and you will pray with every beat of your heart for God to put an end to it.

You will tell God this is not acceptable, you won't stand for it, and you want everything that is hidden to come to the light once and for all and for Gaia and her people and her delicate resources to be free.

Gaia is a smart businesswoman.

At your exit interview, she watches you like a poker player, expressionless.

She listens to your explanation on how well you did as a caretaker for Planet Earth.

She will ask you questions like the one above about China Lake.

She will ask why did you let it continue?  All of it. Not just the China Lake part.

There are some people who just don't want to know--perhaps they are hypnotized--perhaps they are squeamish--and they say, 'I watched enough now I know'.

That's know.

The question is, 'How much is your knowing making you accept responsibility personally, for the entire mess around you that may or not be your own? Furthermore, what are the changes you are bringing here to this Here and Now--to help make things heal?'

It's not an easy question to answer.

But it's important.

And it's important you hear it from me, here, BEFORE you are actually sitting in the 'hot seat' at your 'exit interview'.

There is a reason the meek shall inherit the earth.

Gaia appreciates them.


Because they do what they were sent here to do, what the contract said they were going to do, and they are doing the best they can at it...they kept their word, unlike countless others who got 'distracted'.

For those who have communicated some sort of excuse or 'cop out'--about waking up--really honestly and truly Waking UP--at the moment it's like, 'sure, no problem, and a big thumbs up' because the understanding is at this moment now, the Free Will of the individual saying it is NOT to fully wake up. The hope is that at some point the Awakening will happen and the individual will take personal responsibility for their commitment and their life contract.

Everyone has their lessons.

Some of them are hard.

Gaia 'gets this' that perhaps there might be so much focus on the lessons at hand that the whole 'caretaker part' gets forgotten, it slips the mind.

Just know there are other students out there, who got the question right--on China Lake--and have mounted an incredible attack in the higher realms directed at the problem here on Earth--invoking Archangels and Creator of All That Is--to use their advantage of perspective--to make it end as soon as possible.

These same students are doing everything they can to starve the dark ones who feed on fear...and to starve them of money too.

And even though Life is graded to give everyone the best advantage possible, and to make it a positive experience to be incarnate--some people are going to get C's and others are on their way to an A plus.

If you have it in you, Ross and I encourage you strongly to go for the A.

It is our sincerest hope that everyone--including the little children in cages in the dark who get visits from the 'man who glows' (Ross coming from Heaven to console them until they come home)-- will be returned as soon as possible to a place of nurturing, warmth, love and compassion, for all Eternity, and this 'experiment' here on planet Earth will stop hurting Gaia, her people, her animals, and her delicate ecosystems.

The energies are so close right now that any little change you make in your heart--that is sincere--is going to help us get there even sooner.

Thank you for answering our call.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins