Monday, July 24, 2017

The Last Test

This is an odd week.

Anthony is away at summer camp.

It's just my 'mommy-moon' again. A time for getting to know myself, and what I want, outside of being a mother. I did this once with a trip to Hawaii for a conference, when Anthony was seven. It was terribly hard on him. He didn't go to school. This time, he is the one who is out of the home. And I get a taste of the road ahead when this house is an empty nest, and what I'm going to do about it.

Yesterday morning I was washing the dishes. I was washing them from all week that had piled up form breakfast. I can manage breakfast and lunches, but dinner we had to eat out all last week we were so busy.

I had finished breakfast, coffee and the other half of a chestnut pastry I had gotten from Tous Les Jours at the Korean grocery store. My stomach was content.

Ross invited me to lie on the couch when I was finished.

I did. I snuggled close to him in spirit.

I relaxed.

I asked him, 'how do we talk up there? (since we don't have bodies)'

He said it's like we were talking telepathy that sounds like our voices.

Then I asked, 'With the telepathy so good, do we still get to talk about our feelings or are they just understood?'

He said we talk.

Then I paused.

I asked, 'Can what happened to you ever happen again?' and I started to cry.

Ross showed me his healed wounds, up close, in my face.

I kept crying.

He said, 'Look! I have no body! I can't die!!!' and I understood and the crying slowed down.

What happened, but I didn't mention, is when I asked about him dying on me again, he was concerned and turned us offline. There are ways to click off the monitoring that is always on us, and theres like a funny black umbrella that pops up around us and lets us be totally alone.

As I stopped crying, Ross must have turned it off.

Instantly, I was lying in the middle of an operating theater--on a stainless steel table--in front of many watching eyes. Ross was up by the window at the top, and he couldn't say anything to coach me but I've been in situations like this before.

There was some tall being, a man like thing, not from Earth, questioning me.

I turned to lay on my side and the whole audience murmured.

I asked for a blanket because it was cold and it was not allowed.

Do you know who you are?!

Yes. I'm Gaia. I don't know how I can be in a physical body and more at the same time, but I am. I speak for name is Lady Gaia Sophia...I'm an archangel too.

Then he asked questions. I answered them to the best of my ability.

Then I asked, 'are you with uncles Wawa, Belu, Marty and Sid? With mom and dad?' and instantly I knew he was from the dark ones, looking for one last loophole.

I told him I felt bad for all that was done to me.

He asked me to clarify.

I showed him my poor people and animals, and all the suffering! I offered to talk it over with him over cookies and tea.

In one burst of fury, he swept all my tea and cookies and dishes and teapot off the table across the room, shattering everything and making a mess.

I looked at him and said, 'you might not like the cookies I chose but you could just say so instead of this.' as I picked everything up, put it back together, and placed it on the table, this time with different cookies.

Then he turned into a monster, very tall, very dark, something like a dragon.

I said, 'two can play that game!' and turned myself into a bigger, stronger, healthier dragon.

Then he turned back into a man, and I turned back into the girl I am when I am in these situations, since I was on the table after taking to Ross as his wife and Twin. It has to do with my soul age, my real age as soul is Little Girl.

We sat and ate the cookies.

I said, 'didn't you enjoy some of the things here while you were on this planet?' and I showed him beaches and mountains, and cozy cabins in mountains. 'Wasn't it pretty?'

I confessed, 'I like to grow things and you didn't let me GROW...them as I would have liked.'

Then I hugged him and told him I liked him. (His soul age is teenager, about eighteen. Almost done. and 'should know better.')

I showed him he has to make a choice. If he doesn't change, he and his people go to Pan (I showed him toddlers in diapers playing games where they can't get hurt)...and he gets to play with the babies instead of the big kid souls like us.

He said he was supposed to babysit me and he did a terrible job. Could I forgive him?

I said of course if he would change and not continue with the terrible I could forgive him. He wasn't going to watch me any more. But I didn't want him to keep treating me bad. If he stopped we could be friends. He has many good qualities and I told him so.

We hugged and then the men came and took him away. He is going to get very close monitoring from here on out, and any little slip up, and everything goes back to Pan.

Then I wasn't in the room any more. I was back.

Divine Father said this was one last test, and I passed.

The others--Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart--their non-incarnate spiritual counterparts--many with sources back to Orion--all of these beings--are extremely opportunistic. They are wanting to shirk their responsibility for the harm they have caused countless souls. They keep looking for a loophole, a way to disqualify everything...even stooping so low at to calling me and Ross on the carpet after we had about two minutes 'offline' where they couldn't be monitoring us. They wanted to prove some deception.

On the contrary, it only showed me how healed I am, and how my one and ONLY response is love.

Not self-sacrificing, depreciating love.

But healthy, balanced, unconditional love for myself, my family, and everyone around me.

How do I feel about being monitored by both sides? I don't know. I don't know what it's like to NOT be monitored. Basically, in the higher realms, everyone knows everything anyways--they can read the vibration--and it's cool.

I just hope we move closer and closer to eventually being permanently in Higher Dimensions, and perhaps these interrogations will stop. They aren't often, but they are disruptive and unpleasant when they do happen.

I was told by our team that everything was recorded, and I didn't have to share it. But I thought perhaps for your growth I would.

clap! clap!
(That was from Ross--it's a late start but I still have to get ready for work)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple