Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Heaven and Earth

I see two worlds.

I suppose I could call myself a medium and make some money by charging a fee?

Rather, I choose instead to talk about it with you, in the hopes of your seeing it is perfectly normal and healthy, and perhaps, one day your ability to see things of a higher frequency than ours here and now, will reawaken.

Everyone on the Other Side has the ability to see both them and us. It's only us who can't see them, over where they are...and as the surrounding vibrations increase... <3 : ) <3

Let me tell you a story about Aunt Mercedes.

I spent a lot of time with her, telling her how precious she was, and how she is the tie between all of us here are her party to celebrate her turning one hundred years old.

What I didn't tell anyone, was that at her party--the backyard barbecue with the rented tent and all the music and the fun--was that I could see UP above our party, that all of her relatives were getting ready to welcome her home, and they were preparing her a second party!

She was going to go from one party to the next.

At the end of the day, at her nephew's back yard, she looked tired. I sat with her as they made arrangements for her to go home. It was five o'clock, and she'd had a long day.

Poor Aunt Merce wanted to go home but she 'didn't want to be rude!'...

I put on my best bedside manner, looker her in the eye, then off into the distance and said casually, 'you know, sometimes when people get to be a certain age, they get to do what they want, and everyone is okay with it...'

She looked me in the eye, rapt attention, and asked, 'yes?'

I said, simply, 'I think it might be possible you are getting close to that age.'

She laughed her beautiful laugh, clear as a bell, and smiled.

We both realized one hundred years old is plenty old enough!

My cousins gave me report that she began to decline the next day. She had told my cousin Dickie that all she had wanted to do was to go out on the lake one last time, on his boat. He had mentioned he knew there wasn't much time--with her lung cancer--and he hoped the weather would be good to take her the next day.

Then I didn't hear much.

I had heard from Aunt Merce's soul--while it was still coming and going--that she thought five days would be appropriate so as not to seem 'rude' after everyone went to the trouble to go to her party, for it to seem 'fun' and not 'like a funeral'.

I was told on Tuesday morning, at six a.m., Aunt Mercedes passed away.

It was precisely ten days.

On the drive to work, I could see the party. I could hear the music too. It was very happy and I recognized many of my relatives there. I knew that her mom was the one to welcome her once she walked up. And I had Ross' word he would see to it he took Aunt Mercedes up.  What I didn't know, or recall, was that at three in the morning California time, I was in a very deep sleep. My soul could have been anywhere! I don't know.

Uncle Bob came up to me, and invited me to dance. I took his hand, and we danced. He was happy Aunt Mercedes was home. He said it had been a long time they had been apart--more 'earth talk' than 'Heaven talk' because in Heaven time does not exist. I told him it was a wonderful party and I was glad Aunt Mercedes was with her family now, though I would miss her.

Aunt Merce came by and let me know they would always be looking after Anthony and me, and said, 'you have two more angels now looking after you in Heaven.'

Then someone came and cut in.

It was Ross!

He wanted to dance with me. I enjoyed his presence very much.

I'm not sure how I got there, but I was with Aunt Merce, just the two of us after the dance. She explained to me she knew she would see someone special when she died, perhaps Bob, or my father. She had no idea she would meet Ross and he was so nice!  I talked like a schoolgirl with her, saying things like, 'isn't he just dreamy? who would have thought it?!'  She emphasized to me 'you are a very Lucky Girl' the way only New England family could say it--simple, honest, and like music to the heart.

On the way home, I saw the following license plate:  MRS BOB2

I sensed quite clearly Aunt Mercedes was delighted she was able to send it--and she was tickled at her new abilities to communicate with us still here on earth!

By the way, Aunt Mercedes and Uncle Bob look like they are in their late forties or fifties...healthy, and dressed very well.

I need to spend some time with Ross, now. He's waited for me to exercise and finish my chores.

I had a good day. A wonderful day, the kind I could only dream of having!

I had the day off. I slept in just a little. And I wrote. Then I went for a walk, about two miles!

I had seen two beautiful hawk-like birds--large--circling in the sky on my walk. They rode the air currents masterfully, like nothing I had ever seen! It was like dancing, their flight, so ethereal!

On my walk back, I had dandelions for the rabbit under one arm, my cell phone on Pokemon in the hand on the other side, and my bottle of water under my arm. Off in the distance, I saw a curious bird on the ground.

It was big. Larger than anything I had ever seen in the neighborhood.

It was looking at something on the ground I couldn't see. A crow was near, also interested in the thing on the ground and cawing loudly.

The bird ignored the crow.

I sat on the grass behind a tree, and used my camera to zoom in, like a binocular.

It was a vulture! A buzzard! That's what those two birds high in the sky had been! The big red bald head and hooked beak is unmistakable!

But why was it just patiently waiting on the grass?

Then I saw it.

A tail, a long hairless tail of a rat, circling as the rat spun violently on the ground, round and round, then it would stop.

I know this spinning. It's from encephalitis. The brain of the rodent swells, it can't walk or right itself. All it can do is spin.  It doesn't take long at this point. The vulture was ready to try something fresh.

So I watched.

The patience and the confidence of the vulture was incredible. It would go near the rat, see it move, and it would back away. It did this several times. It thought at one point the rat was dead, and it put its head near it. Then the rat REALLY flipped a lot, and scooted some distance away.

All this time, the crow was watching, calling out, and basically, powerless.

I said the Reiki Transition symbol just in case--to help with everyone--and not long after the rat passed.

I saw the vulture eat. It made quick work of the rat in a few bites, entrails first, then muscles, and the entire carcass in a big gulp. It checked to make sure it didn't leave anything behind. Then it flew away.

For signs, in Native American lore, as I know it, there is only crow--for the Law.

Vulture and rat? Rat is for me, always, a warning that there is someone in my life who is taking advantage of me, and I don't know it. Vulture? I hate to say it, but it reminds me of our teams, our guides--totally built for the job, and extremely effective at what they do. Rather 'otherworldly'.

The message to me, is that 'Rat' (those who do not have our best interest at heart) is in the death spiral. Crow--would like to get a piece of it--and is completely shut out by vulture--Nature's expert for the job.

On a second walk, after dinner, I saw another dead rat. This one had it's head exposed to the bone.

Wow--look what just got sent to me just this second now:


I'm going to have to sleep on this one to figure it out.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc couple