Friday, July 28, 2017

Our Daily Blessings

This morning when I first woke up, Ross asked me 'what are your favorite miracles?'

I've had so many! I quickly reviewed them in my mind.

My answer was this:

It was right in the next room, and it works...which, at the moment was what I needed more than anything else!

It was a miracle I did not have to experience this:

As I came to more, because I went back to bed and realized it's daylight, I gave thanks because, my default, I had not been called in while I was taking call from home. It was a good night's sleep, a complete one, and there were no demands on me to awaken.

I rolled over, looked at my room, and gave thanks for the many beautiful memories and photos and reminders of Ross' love for me--as well as my family's love for me.  In the warmth of the blankets, I gave thanks for God's love for me, the love of Divine Creator of All That Is--gave me another day with my body, and 'everything works'...and the freedom to decide what to do with it.

I am going to do a favor for a friend who has done many favors for me, and cover for her at work from twelve to two so she can be at an appointment with her daughter's counselor.

Then I get to pick up Anthony from camp--he's been away all week, and enjoying himself thoroughly.

I'm also going to avoid sugar today, as I have blood tests tomorrow mid-morning, and I want to make sure I don't throw off the's a blessing I actually had my first physical examination in over five years, and with the insurance I can have the tests to make sure everything is okay.

My hospital is battling with my insurance--I'm self-insured, I buy a policy on my own because that's how it is with my anesthesia group.  It extended two more weeks past the deadline and I hope I will continue to be able to go to my own hospital as a 'provider' within my insurance network. Another two hospitals closed me out, and don't accept my insurance any more. And even mine, if I choose to keep it, requires I have a primary care.

For seven hundred dollars a month, you'd think Anthony and I deserve better...but even though it's super expensive for me, I am fortunate to have it, sky-high deductibles and out of pockets and all. (when I first bought the policy in 2009, the deductibles were less than half what they are now, and the premiums were only three hundred dollars a month).

My latest pleasure, my inner gratitude and satisfaction, is that my dental insurance (three hundred dollars a month) finally started to pay for Anthony's braces. They gave us the runaround, citing that Anthony's dental is 'covered' under his medical plan. But he didn't need braces for 'medical reasons'. He just had some crowding. The braces went on in October of last year! I had to make phone calls and email a message to the insurance--both the medical and the dental--that this was not cool!

The orthodontist is a personal friend, the husband of my mentor when I was an anesthesia resident. And I was embarrassed about my insurance!

Are they paying that much? Not really. But it helps that they pay 'some'--everything helps. And this is one of the biggest blessings I've had all month! Not to have to keep calling and struggling with the 'system'!

I do so look forward to having Anthony home.

It's been a good experience for me, too. So much less stress with work--I don't need to arrange child care. I don't have to make breakfast.  I'm enjoying the breather.

Like Ross says, we are two thirds done with Anthony's childhood--0-6, then 6-12, now I look forward to 12-18.

He is a good kid, and it's always been an adventure.

I'm so glad I don't have to do laundry like this!

I can do my own, and offer to help Anthony with his (I'm trying not to baby him and to give him life skills) in our laundry room!

I'm also grateful I can go for a walk. It really really helps my outlook to have time in the day to exercise.

My only goals are today--to pay the tax man for his services and finish that 'to do' list, to make plans to visit my mom this weekend (so lucky she is alive!), and to give thanks I'm not on call and Jared is moving and letting me keep Anthony instead of him.

I would love to do something awesome this 'bonus weekend', like go to Disneyland (I always maintain the energy work I have done there) or a ball game or the beach.

Even if I just garden and tend to the house, it's nice to feel like I am getting back into my routine after so much disruption through the year.

This is another huge's multi-factorial.

First of all, I know what a pulse oximeter is, and I know how to use it; Anesthesia is so much safer now because I don't have to wait until a patient turns blue to know they are in trouble and I have extra time to fix whatever is going on.

Second of all, just for today, I am not a patient. It's really hard to be sick, and it's nice to be in a position as a healer to make things better for someone else.

Third, is that I got to do something nice for my friend Dr. Dao. I made matching bracelets for him and his wife--he doesn't know they are healing or anything--but yesterday I worked with him, and the first thing he asked was for me to 'airplane the table' a little bit for him.  He was thankful for the kindness. I told him to open it with his wife at home, not here. I sense his time is soon, and he's just starting to face it by wanting to travel...

Theirs are iolite and tiger eye, in a faceted bead. They always embrace each other. I didn't tell him that, or that at the crystal shop last week spirit told me the stones were for him.

Tiger Eye:  this mineral brings together the vibrations of sand and sunlight, synthesizing the energies of the Sun and the Earth. It combines sharpness and grounding, and is quite practical in its sphere of concern. It resonates to the frequencies of the earth, encouraging stability with dynamic beauty. The vibration is conducive to peacefulness and stimulates the actions required to advance the encounters with others during the meditative state.

It can help one to become practical and of discrete mind, as well as more grounded. It can eliminate the 'blues' and bring brightness and optimism to the user. It also assists in providing insight to those issues which induce internal mental battles, delivering one from the 'horns of a dilemma' and the conflicts associated with willful pride. It further prompts the admiration for the pure and beautiful, allowing one's life, and one's passion for life, to open and blossom.

Iolite:  Iolite is called 'the violet stone'. It is one of the major stones for use in the third eye-crown chakra area during healing, during guided meditations and during astral travel adventures.  This mineral helps one to change 'painlessly', the change being toward spiritual growth and enhanced 'illusion'.   

It produces an electrical charge when in contact with ones auric field and can both strengthen and align this field with the subtle bodies.

It balances male/female aspects of ones character, bringing harmony to within the self and eliminating dissonance and disruption in relationships. The energy of polite helps to release discord from ones life, allowing for progression toward the perfection which may be obtained in this world and the next.

(I use Melody as a reference, her book 'Love is in the Earth a Kaleidoscope of crystals'--it's my favorite source.)

Below are two bracelets I made for a friend of Tim Braun--I think her name was Amanda--who I met by accident in the endoscopy suite where she was my patient. She had on a purple chakra bracelet. She liked purple. The one at the bottom is the poor execution of the one I pictured so beautifully in my mind for her. It's my first one like that. And the top two are matching, one for me (citrine) and one for her (amethyst) because she likes purple.

After she passed, she came through in two of my readings with Tim. She learned a lot while here, she's glad the pain stopped, and she really is a being of Light. She's helped me to open, too.

It gives me great pleasure when I see these bracelets.  I'm glad for the comfort they gave to her.

We are on the 'Home Stretch'. The finish line to Ascension is in sight. We aren't 'super close' but it's time for 'the kick'--where you pour out all your efforts towards the goal.

This article by John Smallman caught my attention.  I too had been feeling somewhat blasé about the whole thing. It's been a long time. And when I read an article like this  I was like 'oh's no great big magical utopia coming out of the sky in a blink of an eye?' and trying to hide my disappointment.

It's a blessing to be able to watch YouTube and write--I don't think in North Korea you have the freedoms I enjoy here, you know?--but this video about being weary helped. I skimmed most of it. I liked the part with the lady and the judge being kind to her. But the energies helped me to 'snap out of it' this funk.

I don't know what to say about the Bible thumpers. I love them. They mean well. I totally understand what is mentioned in the John Smallman, about there not being any place to 'go and burn after you die'...But I appreciated the following videos just to see the magnitude and scope of the problem:

For me, it's a huge huge HUGE blessing to be able to see the news for what it is--brainwashing carefully contrived by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. It's not so much what they show, but it's how they say it, what they wear, how they repeat it over and over--that makes me know it's not for my Highest Good.

I just don't watch TV. Only perhaps a ballgame with Anthony. I saw one Netflix on Alaska that was nice while he was gone, on the first night. 

Everywhere you look, if you look mindfully, you will see a blessing.  

You will see the hands that made it, and the people who brought it to market and sponsored it. 

You will see the inventor who came up with the recipe or patent or idea to make your life better for you now.

And the more you realize how wonderful it is to have your Guardian Angel always with you no matter what your lessons happen to be for the day, the more you realize death isn't the end but a whole new way of life--and that those who have crossed to the other side always are Conscious and that they love you (even some of the meanest ones in life--will LOVE you after they die)...

And the FREEDOM to experience everything! To share with your friends and loved ones!  To see the same people at work every day...the a blessing!

The hopes and dreams you have in your heart are a GIFT to you from Creator of All that IS!  You know, the one who wants you to experience nurturing, warmth, love and compassion???

This is Ascension.

This is knowing that the lies society tells you aren't true.

This is knowing everything is going to be okay, one way or another.

And that, like the near death experiences--there's so much MORE and so much WONDERFUL--'out there'...and it's not really that far away.


You are at 'summer camp' when you are incarnate.

You are away from 'Home' and 'Divine Father and Divine Mother' in order to build some independence and some skills.

Some of you are here to help with Ascension--so you are 'on a mission' --if you will--WHILE you are away at 'summer camp'.

Many of you will learn great things.

Many of you will do the bare minimum, only to endure the great homesickness that no one would have predicted would have befell you, the great warrior you are! Off to summer camp!

And that is okay.

Both extremes and everything in between is okay.

Carla wanted me to talk about the John Smallman article. She had concerns about all of it.  'Ross, is John Smallman coming through? It doesn't sound like the rest of the messages.'

John Smallman is coming through a little bit. It's because like Carla and everyone else, John has been at this for a long time, even longer than Carla, and like her his soul has become a little antsy.

But the MESSAGE in the words he channeled is GOOD! It is just Carla picking up on the energy of John, as she is quite sensitive to these things and able to pick up on it.

And YES we will heal poverty! We will heal pollution! We will heal homelessness!

(he kneels downs and looks me in the eye--ed) We will do it without taking away from hard-working people like you, Carla.  The hard-working ones who master the responsibility of taking care for themselves, and are shouldering the world for others who cannot, for some reason of their own, figure it out for themselves...just like the woman in the court in the video where the judge excuses her. 

That woman, not unlike some others, simply does not know how to manifest anything but tragedy!

She is like a little girl that keeps falling on her skates and can't seem to get the hang of it!

There are MANY of them out there, and they need to be taken by the hand of the 'Expert Manifesters' and shown the way. 

A lot of them are only like kindergarten as souls--when incarnate--but when disincarnate soar the highest realms with ease!

So, Carla, don't get all bent out of shape about those who tried the experiment on earth and 'failed' in the process. It can be changed so everyone can have their basic material needs met.

No one will go hungry.  No one will go without a bed at night. And no one will be ruining the environment in the solutions for number one and number two--the food and shelter.

Just like you are 'putting yourself out of a job' by promoting self-healing and Reiki in the day we will --together--be putting homelessness and hunger and trauma out the door for good. 

It's not going to take anything away from you or make more work, for we know you are working as hard as you possibly can, with lack of sleep and no personal time to exercise or cook or tidy your house. 

That's why I said, 'the technology' honey.  (he taps his chest--ed)  It's me. It's me and my teams are going to be intervening--but through our Ground Crew workers, and the ideas and purpose that is in their souls!  That way it won't be traceable, and the experience on Earth with all the people with many levels of Higher Soul Development--can engage in the process of Healing the Earth--while incarnate.

And  the experience of being incarnate--don't get us wrong by the messages from the Masters!--is an entirely WONDERFUL thing.

Many of us are glad we have experienced it.

And you are right about the flaw in the John Smallman--where it is said, 'pain is an illusion'--those of us who are NOT incarnate can't feel it, and those of us who once did, hardly remember it (just like you mothers out there who have experienced childbirth, with or without anesthesia)...while those of you, our specialists, who ARE currently in a body and living their life--are the best positioned to be of service to those who are really having a hard time and suffering. Because those in a body KNOW what it is like to be both hungry and tired and not able to sleep and having to hold their pee until the next break at work...

The Stockholm effect is real, too. Don't be surprised once the truth comes out how many defend their captors! 

That will go away in time too.

And yes, Carla, the energies are building for the full moon and you can feel it, and it's only going to keep on getting stronger from here on through the rest of the changes.

I love you.

And I love everyone who reads our work here online, and takes the messages to heart.

(he blows us a kiss--ed)

You are special to me.

All of you.

You are my team/Ground Crew.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple