Friday, July 21, 2017

Mas Loco

Recently I was in the O.R. working with one of my best friends who is a surgeon. It makes work seem like fun when I am in the O.R. with them.

Both of us actually talk to our patients.

My friend goes so far as to say, 'I'm the one who's going to operate on you, I want to be the one to talk to you. That's why I don't have Physician Assistants.'

My friends always has the nicest patients.


One of our 'super nice' patients had a secret, and it was fear-based...if the primary relationship went south, well, why not have a 'back up' ready and enjoy that, too, 'just in case?'...


My heart filled with love for this person.

I gave Reiki to ease away the fear, and to create clarity and focus on Universal Truth--so that not too much time would be wasted in believing the half-truths that they were telling themselves.

As this happened, Divine Father came and assisted me by protecting the space. I added a small shining jewel much like the one you see here, only it was a shiny ball, not a faceted shape, in the forehead but a little deeper than the third eye. It went into the Light Body--the soul.

With this gesture I also set the intent for all who receive my daily healings, especially my students.

Once the jewel was in place, it started to spin very fast on a vertical axis, and throw out large sweeping beams of unseen Light.

It cleans everything.

No only does it reach IN to the wearer/person who has it--it extends OUT and activates/creates similar 'jewels' in others who are within reach of the individual's aura.

Much to Divine Father's delight, with all humility, I even placed one in myself, even though I didn't have to, just in case it might help with the Ascension project for us all.

I called this a 'healing' where you receive it by drinking a cup of coffee or tea, to help insure there's free will involved, in case anyone is watching who would point fingers at me for the free will part.

Again, with the patient, I am a healer and this individual was seeking my healing care--there was a definite imbalance in the perceptions and I treated it with Divine Father's help.

Then it started to work...right then and there, in the O.R.

Within minutes the topic was the rotten Dean of the USC school of medicine being exposed by the L.A. Times  (article here).

My friend's spouse knew this Dean. It was the boss. The spouse had a 'funny feeling' and my friend always got a 'dark vibe' from the Dean. That's why the spouse took a risk and changed jobs.

Furthermore the REPLACEMENT Dean was a colleague of the spouse, and the spouse had 'three things that were big' on the in 'Big Dirt'.

One was that a resident/fellow was at clinic and the Dean/physician wasn't there to see the patients. The spouse went to the office and found the new replacement dean--back then before he was dean--on the computer looking at Brazilian porn.

It actually became a family joke for my friend and the spouse--the spouse likes antique watches and spends hours on the iPad looking at and researching them. Now when the spouse exhibits the behavior, my friend says, 'it could always be worse--you could be looking at Brazilian porn.' And they laugh.

On the next case, the next sales rep even brought up the same thing in the news to discuss...

The truth is coming out.

Here's more:

In summary--the cleansing/awakening is happening.  

And here's confirmation of what healing I did:


I must leave for work very soon.

Ross has been 'living' in my dream home in my mind.  The one he told me to keep in my mind's eye. Last night, he cooked me dinner.  Well, also, there were many abrupt changes in my day-to-day plans.  A case cancelled, I came home early, and the sitter still wanted to pick up Anthony. Anthony wanted Indian food for dinner. Boom, boom, boom faster than I could think. And THAT was how Ross cooked me 'dinner' here in the physical. And he also told me not to worry about paying for it. 

He's taking care of me now.

Again, very fast changes. At dinner, I got a call--seven a.m. start at the surgery center. I wanted the day off. I'd been on the phone with another parent regarding summer camp our boys would soon go to as roommates. I texted her, and asked if I can drop off Anthony in the morning, and he can go to school with their son. Well, then it was an invitation for Anthony to spend the night. Next I knew, he was gone and I won't see him till Sunday (his Dad's weekend). 

I think this is 'living in the now'.

While we were waiting for the mom to come pick Anthony up, I paid most of my bills--some due like today--and it was good I got it done.

It's funny, I would love for downtime, making bracelets, tending to garden...but I'm needed now at work--going sooo fast.

I just have time now to feed the pets and feed me.

I send you love from us both.

I SEE the End of the End Times in sight.

I SEE the 'finish line'.

I don't see past it.

And my intention is clear and strong to reach the 'finish line'...not to escape the 'mas loco' (Ross' title, not mine)...but to win the prize we all were sent here to do, together, our project, our assignment, our mission...the End of the End Times.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc couple