Friday, June 30, 2017

Experiencing Forgiveness

Today I had the opportunity to experience the role of the prodigal son in a multidimensional way.

Remember how I said I traded my old job for my new one, only to be working three times more hours, plus nights and weekends?

I'm short on TIME.

Some people are short on money.

I'm always short on Time.

I don't know how it happened? I had a late start. Anthony dragged his feet. He does this on his weekends away, because he likes to stretch out the time he has with me.

We had a little drama. It turns out our rabbit has a 'friend'--a wild rat that was coming to share the atrium with her. They were laying in the cage side by side.  We would look out there, and the rat would climb to the top and just watch us. We learned this while we were on vacation. Anthony was horrified. When he saw it alive, he thought it was cute. Well, almost.

It was dead outside from the traps. I had put the bunny inside and the plan worked. I had to make sure it was dead and take it to the garbage.

We had a little MORE drama. Anthony had diarrhea and was on the toilet for thirty minutes.

You just can't DO anything more when that happens. My surgeon texted me, 'I'm almost here!' and I was like, 'OMG I haven't even left the house!'

I was so agitated and upset, not in an angry way, but in an 'I'm gonna get it this time!' way. My boss always confronts me on it. I'm hardly ever this late, but I was.

On the way to work, I saw signs from spirit. There was an orange smiley face painted on the back of a large work truck, tiny, about the size of a license plate, and I smiled.

I also saw a golden dragon on the side of another truck, Cambria--was the company.

I knew I was being protected.

Even the slow people in front of me. I sensed the end of the month had the speed traps in their spots, and the drivers KNEW. I was right. Someone was getting a ticket in the speed trap. I watched for the double speed trap--fortunately it wasn't there.

I got a call from a nurse in pre-op who was worried about me. 

I told her I was near tears, I don't know how this happened, Anthony had the diarrhea...

She told me they weren't chomping at the bit yet, to take a deep breath, drive safely, and how long would it be? Realistically?

I said twenty minutes...but my boss is so--MEAN!...and I thanked her for her kindness to me.


I felt it.

I was on the receiving end of the same kind of mercy shown to the prodigal son--only for me--it was for my being short on time.


It made everything better, everything, all the way around.

And now I 'get it'.

I heard that when my boss asked about me, the Egyptian--who used to steal cases but actually gave me one two nights ago because he said, 'you hardly ever work'--asked my boss, 'is SHE okay???' implying for my safety, not my lateness, to be the concern.

He's starting to open up his heart!  And it shows!

My surgeon is cool.

She's always late too.

She's a gorgeous blonde who has three sons. Her husband is an eye doctor.

I made her a bracelet once. She asked, 'is it for anger management? I could sure use it.'  It was rose quartz with red coral and clear crystal beads.   It was, I guess, actually, although I hadn't thought of it that way. That was two years ago.

Today she let me in on a secret.

It's her mantra.

When she wakes up in the morning, she KNOWS she is going to make somebody mad by the end of her day.  She's not going to escape it. It will be a kid, or a boss, or a coworker, or her some way, she's going to fall short, and someone is going to talk to her about it.

And it's true.

With three sons, no school, and her nanny out with appendicitis surgery (which my friend didn't do--she went to the wrong hospital where my friend doesn't work and was too sick to transfer)--she is totally trying to get by with all the soccer practices and work and running the house!

She understands she is spread too thin, that's she has to juggle, and dropping the ball every now and then is part of her life and she accepts it.

MY boss has even talked to her too!, she confided. She doesn't take it to heart like I always do...because to's just another in her quota of people getting mad.

That's cool, isn't it?

Anthony was horrified this morning.

We both know he was why I lost my last job.

They wanted me AT the BEDSIDE in pre-op holding at six-thirty a.m.

I wanted to take him to preschool myself. I didn't want a nanny to raise him. My work told me to get a nanny.

He told me today HE didn't want a nanny either.

We made the best of it.  All these years, with breakfast nearly every day, has been the only structure in his childhood he's ever had with me in our home!

I told him if I lost this job, I would be okay, I don't know where I would get the money but I would work a lot harder on my Doctors With Reiki.

He apologized again and again.

I could SEE how my lateness impacted so many people--patients and surgeons--and I truly felt sorry about it.

I also could see his heart, and I made sure to smile at him as he went to the summer daycare.

You know how sometimes there are those horrible accidents where people were running late and just missed it?

There was a plane crash on the freeway where I drive to and from work.

It was an hour after I would have been there, but it was too close! The energies in the area were for a crash of some kind.

Because I was late I had taken an alternate route.

I thanked Anthony for saving my life.

I thanked Creator too. And Ross. <3

Jared chose his son.

They aren't staying in the condo this weekend because of his breakup--it's too hard on Anthony.  (he got his own bed, and will keep his own bed, he says ...but the girlfriend didn't talk to him, and just stayed in her room. He was puzzled why she would act that way. He said her dog knows them and is friendly, but now it's the ex's job to take care of the dog, not theirs.)

His dad took him to San Diego for the weekend.

They are going to have fun.

Anthony confided that while the ex was in the picture, nothing they did was really 'fun'. They did things and he enjoyed them, but it wasn't 'fun'-- relaxed and carefree.

Jared broke my heart into a million pieces when I was pregnant with his son.

His ex thought she was above me--it couldn't happen to her--but it did. I have compassion for her, as now she sees we have a lot in common.

Now it's Jared's turn for the heartbreak.

Fortunately he has a son who loves him no matter what.

Those two souls were my Nannu Filippo (Anthony) and his father, Benedetto (Jared) their last incarnation. And they had a VERY hard time of it.

I believe this weekend is the first time they are truly patching things up from their old unfinished business.

It's a beautiful thing.

I use this photo on purpose.

It represents a paradigm shift.

Those of you who read this are on the train with me.

Many are going to be left behind--perhaps not on a different planet or dimension--but left behind in their Spiritual Awareness and Consciousness.

They are going to struggle.

Some of you are going to be teachers for them, I feel it. You are here for them and have done your 'inner work'.

But they are going to notice the gap and want to fill it, just like this woman here wants to be on that train and can't get on.

I am starting to notice that people are nicer and in general are more willing to help me out than they were even six weeks ago--at work. 

I'm starting to SEE how we are made to help everyone, it's out true nature.

A scrub tech was sharing how he lived in Black Hills North Dakota. A friend who was from here set him straight, as he was another California transplant, and told him what to do.  He said, 'wave to everyone, smile and say hello. People are friendly here. And you never know who is going to be needed to help you when you car is stuck in the snow.'

You see?

Here's another thing--the YouTube community is really got good stuff on it.  I'll just put links here for you to click:

  • Limo drivers at Bohemian Grove speak:
  • Shelly Duvall on Dr. Phil--pay close attention to the 0.45 second mark and what she reveals about shapeshifting:  There is no way she is crazy. She's telling the truth.'s a real 'nugget' because it's on an entertainment channel. NOT a 'truther' one. It's a real find!
  • This frankly, is a masterpiece of Truth:

Okay...I'm going to enjoy a little reading on my own now. I wanted to write this for you. I'm going to read a little more of my book about the history of Alaska.

Don't worry too much about the three videos.

I had the dream dragon wins.

The snake had to retreat. ALL of them will. The people who are helping us find our freedom as souls know EXACTLY what to do so they can't hurt us any more.

It is our hope you enjoy your seats in the first class cabin on the train...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins