Monday, June 19, 2017

Great Growth

We have now entered a phase of intense growth, great growth, and you will find it carries with it a sense of vulnerability for it involves a stripping away from everything we took for granted as a 'given' or 'real'...

It's not difficult, and it's not painful, but the insights are coming in so hard and fast it's difficult for me to describe it in a way that flows logically from point A to B to C to D...again, these types of experiences are in fact, multi-dimensional...which in a way is reassuring to--for multi-dimensional beings are who we are and what were have always been since before we came to be here in 3D.

To be honest, so much has happened in the last few days since I wrote--it's hard to keep track of it all.

Where I left off, I was still a little thrown off by an unpleasant interaction with someone very close to me. I feel energies. I feel them at a distance just as well as I do when I am close geographically. I felt the tell-tale signs of a separation leading up to this over the course of weeks to months. There was less interaction. Interactions were more distracted, not really 'present' in energy.  I could 'read' that this soul was ready to separate and do it's own thing. What blindsided me was how explosive the separation would be. And it was. Painfully so. Technically, there is no separation on my side, all is Love, and no actions have been taken by me in retaliation or separation steps.

Again, intuition is always right, when the ego takes a back seat, the independent outside observer is doing its thing, and the energies are flowing and being felt through the heart center. And of course, judgement is out of the picture. Discernment--what is this? what is happening? type of reasoning, but not reading more into it than, 'trust in what is because things will eventually work out'.

And they will.

Again there is no judgement, only discernment.

I read energies.

And I don't have words to describe them, at least the proper words from back Home in the Higher Realms. So being on Earth and incarnate, I create my own language for them. Like it or not, the best way I have to describe the energies which are most compatible with those of everyone I ever met back home, and the strongest and most true here incarnate, is that they 'sing'. The energies 'sing'--everything is flowing along, along with the stream of Creation, in the right place, at the right time...

And when something isn't 'singing', it sticks out like a sore thumb the same way someone being off key in a choir or a wrong note in a symphony would stick out.

Long story short, I stick to what 'sings', especially in my healing work.

If it doesn't 'sing', no amount of energy is going to make it 'sing' because everything has it's own Consciousness, and it's own lessons and rate of development, and you can't make it 'sing'.

It has to sing on its own to be True.

And in True I mean energetically compatible as in the right place, the right time, the right presentation for what IS going on in the present Now Moment.

I just can't TEACH this.

With enough experience people are going to have to learn to figure this one out on their own.  It's like its through Trial and Error through one's life lessons. And I write about it to help you recognize it -- to know it exists and to at least have heard what it's like for me.

You might have another word for 'sing', that quality of the energy that is in complete and total alignment with What Is.  Perhaps it is 'float' or 'fly' or 'resonate'...

You will figure it out.

I have felt more of a 'push' to teach you what I know.

The first step is everything is alive (it has energy) and everything has Consciousness (Intelligent energy) and everything is Vibration. This is living things--plants and animals--as well as inanimate things (crystals, rocks, even man-made creations.)

And most of the time, to me, everything is singing.  Not like on the radio singing. Just with the quality of energy I describe as this.

I have one week away from everything, with no obligations.

I am with Anthony.

I can eat, sleep when I want, and do what I wish.

When I arrived, I was on the shuttle bus to the car rental, and I saw Kamehameha smiling with love at me.

I am near his energy and his protection now.

Anthony and I have been having the dreams of people trying to kill us.  I had intense dreams like this in the early 1990's.  I didn't understand them, and they were terrifying. I eventually willed myself to stop dreaming. Although I didn't know of it at the time, we were apparently very close to Ascension, and there was a little setback in the Congo. Somehow my dream state sensed it.

This time, I'm not afraid, although it's disturbing. I've had trouble falling asleep, which is unusual for me too.

There's something with the dream time where I do something, not sure what, but tonight the protection over both of us is in place.

Aside from the dreams, Ross and Divine Intervention have created wonderful experiences for us. We ran into the family of a classmate, very dear friends, who are actually five minutes from us here where we are. We had dinner last night, the boys played. And today, we were at the beach all day together. Watching the boys playing on the paddle board like lumberjacks trying to knock one another off a rolling log was so heartwarming!

We also, too, had the chance to meet actor Ed O'Neill from modern family and married with children. He shook Anthony's hand and asked him his name.

Our place to be is also wonderful.

At breakfast today I wished Ross as Happy Father's Day, and I felt such strong love and pride from him, more intense than anything I've ever felt. It lasted all day.

What have I learned?

Yesterday I realized I deviated from my earlier form of self-love that got me through residency:  get into the nicest housing I could afford, as it's my strength and rejuvenation to come home to a 'WOW!'. I scrimp on everything else, but I pull the stops out for where I live. It keeps me going.

I realized my home is full of junk--too much belongings--and I need emptiness to flourish.

I also realized salt water cures both our sinuses--perhaps the home has some allergen or irritant in it? Alaska and here both had us healthy without symptoms.

It's also uncanny how normally where I am gives me a huge blast of energy--and this time, I don't feel it. I must be vibrating at the same rate as here.

The unicorns told me today through my little cards--FUN and CLOSURE.

I did this. I'm putting all the painful things past (today was my twenty-ninth anniversary of being a bride--the marriage failed--and I'm actually much happier.)

And I had fun being on the water with friends all day, sharing my fun.

There's another thing. I can't recall the last time I had a day of fun in the water. Not even a little short time of fun. Not from home. Perhaps one afternoon I went to the lake. Two months ago.

Today was an even more painful and productive realization:  my son and I don't really TALK. We don't really have time for a life of our own--we are so busy running from one thing to the other!  I can see the need for the pace of our life to slow down dramatically for our own health, our mental health, and our physical health. He wanted to binge watch Friends on Netflix. Today was the first time I just sat and watched it with him. It's important to share activities he enjoys. I don't like it, the binge or the 'programming'--but I got to hear his clue, 'it's the only thing that makes me laugh'--and make a mental note that like all teens and pre-teens approaching surgery, they look calm on the outside and are a raging storm of worries underneath.

I also realized I enjoy my connections. With friends and family. With patients and colleagues. With the beautiful souls I have met online through this work...many of whom are in my star family. (soul family).

I had a quick 'flash' in my head of when I used to practice at the podium to an empty auditorium in medical school...I could hear myself talking about Spirit to conferences of physicians...I think that is one of the many things that lie ahead.

I think the happiest thing was how the staff remembered us. The server at breakfast. She gave us a huge discount, fifteen dollars!  The lady who cleans the room, the housekeeper Melda (she gave me a kiss! She was surprised we were back so soon).

These both helped lots too:

My cousin is a survivor of Spiritual Abuse. He's been having some hard times, with the trust...partly because Doreen Virtue 'converted' (I didn't even know, I'm so out of the loop--she's Anglican now, and doesn't really follow A Course In Miracles until 'she knows who wrote it').  His sister has been struggling too. 

He's also had trouble with Ross...

I think a lot of people are going to be in the same boat as my cousin.

There's lots of know?

I told him, 'cousin? did it ever cross your mind that perhaps the Ross you've been told about, and the Ross who IS, are two totally different persons?  Why not with your heart get to know Ross as he shows himself to you, how he really IS?'

The more we can let go of expectations--our ties and connections to the past and to what we have been socialized to believe is 'normal' and 'safe' and 'not to be feared'--the more we can appreciate what presents itself to us in this Now Moment.

And that is the last of my lesson for today.


I am not going to say a lot, but I wish to celebrate with all the Fathers all over the world, those who celebrate the gift of fatherhood with me...welcome to the Higher Realms.

Today in the bay where Carla was, she noticed something, and I want to mention it to you.

She commented on it to her friend.

She said, 'look at everyone out there, snorkeling and paddling and playing and floating on their mats--all getting along peacefully'...and then she paused...and then she asked, rhetorically, 'why can't we all do this everywhere?'

(he shrugs, and sits with his legs a little apart, his hands folded between them, elbows and forearms resting on his thighs, and leaning forward--ed)

Why not?

What's there to keeping everyone from getting along?  (he taps his heart--ed)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple