Friday, June 16, 2017

Birds of a Feather

Ross is asking me to write this one. Again, it's one of our conversations we had last night while I was falling asleep.

In English, we have the saying, 'birds of a feather stick together' other words, 'like attracts like'.

According to Ross this is a very accurate concept when it comes to vibration.

Anthony has been having some social shifts in his class at the school. He is competitive, he likes to be 'on top' or 'the popular one'. Starting several years ago, he explained how basically he puts on a social mask to be perceived in a certain way by his peers.

With the trip to Alaska, one of the girls he's been sweet on for the longest time made a meteoric jump to the highest ranks of their class social scene.

Anthony, on the other hand, moved 'down' as he describes it.

So last night we talked.

We talked over dinner about so many things.

He kept saying how the popular ones have everyone follow them around and ask them what their opinion is on everything.  How if you are in 'that group' you 'get to text and hang out with them and have fun'...

Earlier we had been talking about TRUE friends, the kind you can tell your innermost feelings and who will keep them to themselves.

Before he had talked about the popularity, I mentioned to him my observations from the same crowd--they will tell your secrets to whoever they like if it will make them MORE popular.

He agreed. He said that if it's their best friend or someone they know and you say it they might tell that person because that person is basically 'closer to them than you'.

I laughed inwardly.

I asked him, point blank, 'what's the use of being with people who wouldn't respect your true feelings and would turn on you in a heartbeat?'

To be honest, I think what we are seeing here is the superimposed combination of the Nickelodeon and Disney channel storylines on top of the normal teenage human development--creating EXPECTATIONS on the part of the children for them to reenact these roles just like they see on TV.

I could go further with this point, citing 'role models' such as Miley Cyrus and Lindsay Lohan and Selena Gomez but I will stop.  This is enough mention for those who are awake to understand the connection.

I watched those kid's interactions on the motor coach on the trip.

I saw their interest in each other, their complete and total disregard for the financial sacrifice their parents made for in paying for their trip and for participating in all the fundraisers, and their hatred for the authority of the tour guide.

I saw how my son cried, due to their actions.

I FELT how they ignored their own parents, and completely gave a cold shoulder to me (the girls in the 'clique')...the chaperones on the trip.

These are the hallmarks of people with extremely low vibration who are asleep and who have no inkling of what it is like to open their heart to all 24/7, 365.

In other words, they are impaired because life is going on to 5D without them...or their approval...and right under their noses the meek are taking over the earth!

I shared with Anthony I read the essays.  Each child was asked by the tour guide to write one at the end. They took a test of their knowledge about the state, and they wrote about what they learned.

Anthony scored a tie for second place on the test.

The best one got only one more right, and even then, it's like, only around fifty percent.

But the essays!

Anthony was hurt I didn't like his best.

I explained to him I didn't feel he gave his best effort. He only did half a page, not a full one as asked. And if he took the paragraph about the gold panning, and added more in that same way--it would have been the best for sure.   I mentioned how he rations out and decides when he is going to give his best effort, and when he isn't, kind of like his father, and how that trait doesn't help him come across as his best in situations like this (it's not 'school', it's not 'on the test', it's not 'graded').

I explained how even though the handwriting wasn't good, and the story wasn't clear, Paul 'got the point of the trip' and said he was 'amazed at how everywhere you look in Alaska there is something beautiful to see'.

I explained how Isaac, wrote from the heart, even though it was a short essay, it was from the heart the whole way through.

I mentioned how some of the other's were pure garbage--nothing from their heart, nothing shared, only just going through the motions and not really making the effort. Some were unreadable. There was one who only was able to make a list, a numbered list of five items--which were barely readable. And the vibration, the energy of each writer, their mental state--flowed out from their handwriting too.

My neighbor is a high school teacher and I saw her come home last night. I said hello.

We got to talking since it was the last day of school.

She asked if Anthony reads?

I shook my head, and said, sadly, 'no. He watches TV and plays the video games'.

She looked at me, and paused.  She said, 'if they like it they read it.'

She suggested Riordan.

I think the first name is Rick. She's going to leave me a copy of one of the books at the door.

She says that when the kids read, their vocabulary improves  and their skills go UP.

It's important.

This left me with two thoughts--1) who is influencing the minds of our children, either when they choose to read, or they don't? (as in who is deciding what is printed/published/shown)  and 2)Why are these people influencing our young, and what is their goal besides 'more dollars?'

This is a soft feather, the kind that is between the skin and the down, and the outer feathers and flight feathers.

Feathers are amazing.

If you have a bird, they grow in new each year. They start with a pin shape, and have a cover on them that comes off when the feather is complete.

Not every feather comes off at the same time, but they renew through a molt over the course of a few weeks.

A bird who is trimmed and can't fly WILL regain the ability to fly in a year.

It's fantastic.

It's on the books now.

Officially Doctors With Reiki on my income tax return. I filed it as a schedule.

Yesterday I met with my tax man, who is very busy and successful, and even though I've been with him for twenty years now, I've yet to make it to the exclusive circle of those who have appointments before April 15. So we extend.

It's always stressful, and something I struggle to do, keeping track of my records. Somehow, I don't 'trust' Quicken, I'm sure everyone knows everything about me already with some big computer somewhere, but I don't like to make it easy for them by putting it in the program which I am sure is legit and helpful. I'm just cautious to a fault in that way.

Last year I had a terrible shock. I've switched from sole proprietor (for me, with anesthesia) to a different way due to my work. It's taken me time to learn how to pay my taxes the new way, and I paid dearly with heavy fines and more owed in 2016.

This year was progress.

Next year will be better.

The point I bring up is PayPal and eBay keep track of things. And if you are over a certain threshold, you are at risk to be audited. The number I was told yesterday was five thousand dollars. I just barely hit it, and to be honest the business took a huge loss. It was actually upside down but I didn't declare it because it would have looked funny on my tax return. Just know that at a certain point, when your healing work is taking in anything besides cash-checks it's traceable.

It feels WONDERFUL to be on the books as a healer.

I don't feel like I'm hiding anything any more. What comes may come, I don't know, perhaps more teaching in addition to the usual mix of bracelets, shields, healings.

It's like I have another foot in the door, with my weight just now shifted on it, and either direction I go is just fine with me.

16 June Gaia Portal  is new. Watch please for the ads when you click on the link for today. They were intrusive. You can't watch the Gaia Portal--the screen forces you to see two 'movies' --the frame on your computer shifts to put the focus on them.

I dream of a world free from advertising.

Do know that the people who ran the propaganda machines from WW2 Germany are the forefather's of today's advertising industry here in the United States.

Did they ever stop?

Now that's a good question!


Carla is blooming at an incredible rate.

And so are you.

(He taps the back of the seat in the middle of the motor coach bus--ed)

Which seat are you?

Are you in the popular section?  The nerds at the front of the bus? With the dweebs in the back? (he is quoting from the Breakfast Club on that one, he wants you to know)...

I want you to think about it.

You can change where you sit anytime you wish.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc couple