Thursday, June 8, 2017

Wish You Were Here

I've finally found a place where the wifi is adequate to blog, and there's about ten minutes for me to write.

On the physical, I am in the Kenai rainforest and have been touring with the middle school as a chaperone.  The trip has been physically demanding, with long days, many activities, and sharing a room with energetic students who don't want to go to sleep at night.

On the mental, I am working through living my father's dream, seeing Alaska, something he always wanted to do and never had a chance to accomplish while he was incarnate.

On the Spiritual, I have helped spirits cross over in both Fairbanks and Anchorage.  I enjoyed very much the legacy of Spirit today's First Nations have preserved in their song and dance and artistry...they don't quite 'get' the importance yet of their mission to keep this alive for ALL of us, not just for 'their culture'.

It's who we are...

One said that 'legend says' once 'everything was warm and it was easy to live' but 'it got cold and only those who learned how to adapt were able to survive'.

I smiled at the tour guide on the bus in Denali, who was talking about 'science'--how wonderful it is, how many studies are going on there, counting this animal and examining the poop of another (and also how much human waste is up on Denali and what's going to happen to the waters of the park if it melts enough for the e coli to come out.)...

She had no clue of the spiritual importance, the sacredness of where we were, where she works...and how humble she would be if she could only grasp it.

'She' (the mountain), doesn't show herself to everyone.

Only thirty percent of all tourists ever get to see her.

I saw her briefly from one point on the bus, but at the Elison (can't spell sorry) 'camp' at sixty-six miles (yup, no kidding. )  'She' was clouded.

I basked in Her presence, and when it was time to go, I waved goodbye, with love and gratitude.

I couldn't believe my eyes at what happened next! 'She' cleared, and I got a wonderful vision!!  I took pictures for about ten minutes. I was thrilled!

And on the bus ride back, Great Spirit had a message for me, just for me, and I was grateful for this too.

Ross is delighting in my happiness and joy.

He is very close.

I don't know how to say it but somehow I sense in some way he wants me to himself right now.  On another level we are bonding. It feels very warm and nurturing and I am enjoying it very much.

For our Ascension, at least on my end, it feels like the energy of the goal/endpoint/next steps is incredibly close.  I am enjoying being where I am (wherever you go, there you are!) and difficult as it has been for me to 'unplug' (my phone carrier isn't up here, and wifi is abysmal), it has been productive overall.

Until next time, I send you love, and mooses, and eagles, and reindeer, and wolves, and ravens and other incredible creatures of the subarctic and the rainforests...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc couple