Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Looking Past The Veil

I've been working with Ross to re-write my life to something more 'doable'...without the long crazy hours, without the commute, without the politics...

He told me to think of what I CAN do, what I enjoy...not what I can't do.

So the whole drive home--it was late, I had been stuck by my boss into the one hour free watching the patient in the recovery room--I was thinking how I like to wake up after a good night's rest...etc, etc.

My drive home wasn't to home. It was to my  babysitter's house. Her husband picked Anthony up from school. She's in the valley at her mom's house getting it ready for sale. It turned out her husband just had been alone too long, and needed to talk. He's an amazing man. I started it because I didn't understand what he did for his work. It's actually fascinating. Something to do with electronics and airplanes and the FAA.  He's had a serious eye injury, and suffers from double vision. Both eyes see, but in one the image is distorted.

He had been so kind, and taken Anthony to El Pollo Loco for dinner.

I didn't have dinner.

But I knew sometimes God works 'in mysterious ways', and I know for sure Ross helped him. He and my friend were not in a good place. The eye problem was really getting him down. He enjoys sports like motorcycles that are fast and dirt bike riding. He just had to stop his favorite things to do. Depression set in. It was really hard on the couple. He kept threatening suicide  and crying for days. This went on for a year...and I knew it wasn't sustainable and begged Ross to intervene...Ross never answered me on this...ever...but I knew he heard.

One day in the fall, our friend's boyfriend had a heart attack at work. He had pain, he sweated all over, and then he felt super cold. Where he works there are eight buildings, and he knew the ambulance drivers always get lost. He would have died had he called 911.

He grabbed his keys, he hopped in his car, and he drove to the hospital. When there was a red light, he looked both ways and ran it, one after the next. The hospital was nearby. He actually parked the car! He knew it would be towed if he didn't. He walked into the ER and said, 'I think I am having a heart attack'.

They took him right in. Their hospital was full in the cath lab. They put him in the ambulance to the next nearest hospital. There he coded. He was down for ten minutes.

The doctors weren't sure if there was neurological damage. Most people don't come back after being down that long.

He did.

It bothered him how people were watching him to see if he had neurological deficits. He knew he was okay. But their concern scared HIM.

Now he calls himself the 2.0 upgrade version. And he is. He's kinder. He proposed. They married.

I'm his wife's closest and longest friend, he said. And it's true. I shared how she has been wonderful with Anthony, how even at times she would choose Anthony's side over her own son's, and how I'm grateful.

He smiled and confessed, 'yes, she's really good with kids'.

She is.

That's not the first time Ross has helped.  This one, I asked him to 'DO SOMETHING' and it worked out beautifully in only ways Ross can help.

The first time was when we met in the pool, my friend and her son--who is five years older than Anthony--and me and Anthony.  We were neighbors. And I had this feeling in my heart, 'I'd love for her to watch Anthony' because she's so nice and we really became friends.

A few months later, she was offered a position in Texas as her company was moving. Either that or quit one year before retirement (actually she was laid off). Immediately I offered to help in exchange for babysitting. I always felt an angel helped me with that.  I'm sure it was Ross...

This part isn't so easy to write.

It's that higher-dimensional, place without words thing I am translating to words.

When I left for Hawaii, I had a realization of a room, much like this, where I was sitting. Divine Father was there. I was there. And there was a soul there--I don't know who.

The soul stood before us.

It was quiet. Not somber. But serious more than anything I've ever 'sensed' and there was no joking around.

It was fascinating.

The soul was shown a life review.

And they couldn't face me.

They couldn't look me in the eye.

They were being held accountable for how they treated the resources on Gaia.

Apparently every one of us is sent to be Her caretaker.

Every soul who is on the way out--completed their assignment and lessons here on Gaia--has to decide for themselves how well they completed their project. Did they achieve what they were sent here to do? Were they distracted?

These souls EXPECT to see Creator. They KNOW they will be evaluated as a good person. In a way they have prepared for this their whole lives.

Every single one of them is totally and completely blindsided to meet me.

It's the little things that add up, that count. The recycling. The helping the hungry animals. The not going through remodels and new cars and the rest to 'keep up with the latest'. The being humble and taking what you need, not more (think like the First Nations with their subsistence living).  The being conscious and mindful in every daily activity of living--so as not to impose as a guest in someone else's home--Nature--and living in Harmony as best as one can with All There Is alive on the planet, not just the humans.

I wish I knew where Ross and Divine Mother are. I didn't see them in the room.

But I do know that many who choose to merge after their Life Review do so because of the horrible abominations they have done and it is too painful for them to be discovered. Their secret atrocities were okay as long as they were secret. The easy way out is not to heal, to just 'go'...

Incarnate Archangel Michael sent me this link recently:  https://www.miaterramar.com/blog/2017/6/10/how-one-man-got-to-the-other-side-of-the-veil-and-witnessed-the-coming-shift

It's close to my visions.

The intense emotions, were similar.

The concept that souls are energy balls--basically, orbs--makes sense too.

I ran this one by Divine Mother Incarnate. She says some of it is true, perhaps some not...so...take it with a grain of salt.

It deeply resonated with me, I'm grateful for it.

And if Higher Selves talk like this to the hypnosis people--QHHT--perhaps this information from sessions should be made available to more people.

It really helped me.

On to a different subject!

I am torn in my career options/choices because it keeps coming back to me that I'm in the right place at the right time during my day.

This reminds me of the 'those who were sent to sacrifice themselves' in the article in the last section. In all three cases I was present to support and assist the persons involved.

Case 1:  Lady Surgeon. She is very perceptive. She is struggling and healing after a split from her group four years ago. She came out of fellowship with a guarantee salary. She has excellent credentials and skills and training. But the abuse! You really couldn't make it on your own, because the patients come to me for my name.  Then there was the stealing--there is no money in the checking account, so you aren't going to get paid--that went on for months and months. She had over seven hundred thousand dollars she brought to the group in her services given to the patients--and saw only a tiny fraction of it. The partners took their salaries first, then the office payroll and expenses, and then what was left they gave to her and the other 'new guy'.  She struggles to 'get' how to run a business on her own. She says, 'I never learned how to do it'--and that's right. Medical school has a glaring paucity of instruction on how to run a successful practice. Even hiring personnel is difficult. She had trouble with one worker. She calls the process of being a boss, 'babysitting adults'...for example, she had to tell her employee not to call the others in the front office 'bitches'. She says, 'it's things they should have learned at home a long time ago...how to be professional.'  She takes call for free. Sometimes if she gets a sick patient she's up for days, and has to delay her office and scheduled patients. At other hospitals in the area, you aren't expected to take call. But at ours, you have to to be on staff. She doesn't want to give of her free time to take call, to lose money, and to be exposed to risk of being sued. She's spoken to the high ranking administrators of the hospital how it's not fair how the schedule is made--she was put on four days in a row for a long weekend--that was too much! She has a point and I'm sure what once worked in the past isn't going to work for the incoming new doctors who value personal time.

Case 2:  Wife of Surgeon. This one had an emergency. I stayed late. I was told the daughter 'will ask questions'. That was an understatement. The daughter refused to take the mom home until SHE thought her mom was ready.  It needed delicate management, which the nursing staff and I did well. The daughter essentially STOLE thirty minutes from my life by refusing to go when medical experts said it was time to go. Anxiety, neurosis, and fear have absolutely NO PLACE in the higher realms!  So I worked--being in the 'right place at the right time'--sending unconditional love, neutralizing the fear, and being the 'bigger person'...being very sad I had no spend not just sixty minutes for free for the routine post-op which went very well, but for the extra thirty because the family demanded it. Life isn't what you get, it's what you NEGOTIATE.  I wish my negotiating skills were a little better when it comes to situations like this.

Case 3:  Disneyland and Anthony. Anthony looked SAD. Deeply sad. I had only a small bite of yogurt, and I had to put my needs aside and check out my son. The roller skating had gone well, someone had taught him, and he didn't get hurt. He looked dead inside. Like the typical teenager, he didn't get his feelings out when I offered support. He paused a  long time. It was drama. And then, 'someone insinuated he is a stalker' on their group chat. It was Isaac, the one who shared a room with us, the one who had once made him want to end it all and I had to take him to therapy. And a therapy where 'he never really told the counselor how he feels because he didn't trust her'...I could see her working a difference, and I met with her too, and he DID make progress. But Anthony is one who keeps things IN. So I told him, this is a rough patch. I had a rough patch to go through after my training and to pass my boards. I knew it was rough, it would take a lot of studying and time. And when I asked my friends if I could join their study group, they said, 'NO!'.  'Four is enough, go find someone else!'. I was devastated. I decided I would study with Niels Jensen, the best, the one who had the blue and the red books to help you pass your boards. I bought everything. I attended the conferences. And I WORKED really hard. At the boards, guess who sat next to me? The one who said no. And she didn't pass. I did.   So I explained to Anthony how adolescence is a rough patch, one that gets MUCH better once you've graduated--and somehow together we will find our way through. But keeping things in isn't helping.  (a colleague had offered me a day off, so I used the pendulum, and I took it. Anthony wants to go to Disney today, I'm still not sure if we will go. He's asleep. There's traffic. And he has basketball practice tonight. Anthony doesn't do well in the heat, and it's going to be a scorcher at the park today.)

I'm going to add an aside to Case 3:  Friends episodes on Netflix. Anthony can't get enough of them. It basically ruined our vacation. His sunburn, and his addiction to this show. I watched enough to agree with him, it's cute. But now?  As I was waking up I realized the theme fits the Disney model--Phoebe's mom is dead. Rachel's is mean/picky/selfish. Her dad isn't much better. Monica's mom is really passive aggressive with her. Chandler's parent's divorced. Joey's dad is fooling around on his mom, and she's okay with it.   I think the format is FRIENDS = SOMETHING SUPERIOR TO FAMILY in the programming.  Family is selected by you before you are born--it's important. Yes, some people pick families with huge opportunities for 'lessons'--souls have their reasons. But family is important to the soul, for it to heal. Back to the show--however--there are also lots of predictive programmings thrown in there. Phoebe is the New Ager who is always made to look stupid. In the last one, she somehow gets a mink coat, and likes it, although she's a vegetarian and animal rights activist. Yes, it's entertainment. But also, it has HUGE outreach, not just live but in syndicate...and influences many without their realizing it, including my son. Shows like this give him the expectation to be popular. Once at the trampoline park, he had been watching lots of Zach and Cody, and thought since it was spring break he would make friends. He ditched me. He acted like he didn't know me. And he never made a single friend! This makes sense because people go to places like this WITH their friends! It's not a place to form friendships. He apologized to me in the car, and yes, I told him this is unacceptable to ignore me, especially when I pay!  In the future anything like this will be grounds for immediate discipline!


(he clears his throat--ed)

It has been a while since you heard from me.

From where I am things are busy, there are lots of preparations to attend, but I am well.

Carla always worries about my well-being, and just in case some of you were wondering why I had 'gone off the deep end'--all is well. I am always okay. I am in excellent health, get enough rest, get enough meditation (which is more important than food to you on earth), and I am in good spirits. I am highly content.

Now about you. (taps the blog post--ed)

I don't want you to worry about your 'Life Review with Gaia'...if you are on this page with us it is a Big Plus!

I DO want you to know there is something like it for everyone, and to prepare. This advance notice is blessing enough. And it doesn't matter how you treated Carla who is incarnate. It's the Earth. That's the only part that is evaluated and judged by you and you alone. The rest, 'how you played along with others'? That's the other room where there is Divine Mother and me.  I am the one who takes you to that room first, most of you who cross over. Angels may guide you up but it is always I who escorts you to that room.  Then after that you are walked over to Divine Father and Carla.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple/Twins