Thursday, June 1, 2017

My Dream

Yesterday I had the day off. I completed many tasks, but not all of them on my list. I work a long day that starts early, at the special request of a friend and colleague at work.

I can't write much.

I will share with you the most important thing:  my lesson from Ross.

France has been CALLING me for weeks.

I feel it.

My family is there.

Last year I went, now I want to go back, but I can't.

Everything is planned.

Ross had me look at real estate in France.

It's affordable.

I don't know how I could support myself, but if I sold everything I had, I could move there--not sure how all the citizenship and stuff would work.

Then I started to look at the not-so-affordable homes.

The castles. Yes! You can buy a castle!

The vineyards.

It would be starting completely anew, because I haven't lived in cold weather ever...

Yet I had dreams of a castle, or at least a home with a stable, and a bunch of horses and being able to ride, something I adore and haven't done since I was fourteen and pretty much figured I won't do the rest of my life because I didn't grow up around horses.

No matter what, in my dream home, I would have one of these:

A structure built into the rock, or a 'cave'...I adore them.

The pull was so strong I couldn't understand it.

Then I read this article and I started to cry.

I started bawling and talking with Ross and I couldn't believe my cage is going to be opened and I can go live my dreams!

Who was I kidding with this life here in Southern California?

It was posters of France I had on my walls growing up, to inspire me to study.

It was my father's first language he spoke growing up.

I want to go and see my family there, and see them EVERY soul tie there is so strong!

I want a house, a garden, a town where I can walk to the bakery or ride my bike...and a cave.

If Ross was there, horses too.

I asked Ross WHY am I so connected to France? And the Loire Valley?

He said it was an old past life coming through.

He said it was his favorite one I ever did.

I was pretty confident and basically roused up an army and gave my life for France.  He says I would do it again, too, given the opportunity.

I suppose in one life France saved me and in another I saved France, yes?

Then came the sad news.

I am so grateful Joelle doesn't hide anything from me.

Her sister Jeannine is full of cancer everywhere in her body. It's very serious. It was a total surprise. She also had a pulmonary embolus that morning.

Their mother Jacqueline is so depressed--she's been in poor health--she won't get up and out of bed at her nursing home.

I cried and I cried.

I want to be THERE, to help her.

I feel so far away.

I think in my past life perhaps Joelle was my mother, the bond is very close, very strong.

She asked me to write to Jeannine.

I did.

I will every day, to cheer her up, to give her hope.

I offered Reiki and Reiki request but I'm still awaiting her permission.

I'm also talking to Ross, but I'm not hearing him clearly on this--I'm so emotional.

All I know is I really need Ross, with all this Ascension stuff, and I lean on him now more than ever. Yesterday was the first time in a long time he sent that soothing energy he sends when I'm really worked up. It just calms me down, and I get the sense everything is going to be okay...

No matter what.


(He clears this throat and looks plaintively at you--ed)

Carla is going on assignment.

The photo is a sneak preview for those of you who follow us.

I am going to excuse her for about a week from her duties on the blogging.

Carla is going to be responsible as a chaperone for Anthony's class on a 'large field trip'.

At least, that is her 'cover'.

The daily healings will be sent, I can assure you of this (he rubs his hands together).

It all will be depending on the amount of free time and the wifi internet access which will be available, that you hear from us.

I have something special for her, which I have arranged.

You will be the first to find out about it.

I love you very much (holds one finger up--ed)  Not to worry!

It is all for the good.

In the coming weeks Carla has a lot of activity and if you are waiting for a healing or a bracelet Carla will contact you the next opportunity she gets. She hasn't forgotten.

(clap! clap!)

On to more things!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc couple