Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Arc of Silence

This morning, Ross woke me up to the title of this blog post. Divine Mother incarnate had further clarified with me the last ten percent of what there is to know.

Here it is in her own words:

The Oneness of all, it is that all the souls carry a part of the same consciousness, maybe a bit mixed, a part of this and a part of that and in this all is unique but all from the same stuff, the same love that is Creator. The ocean is one ocean and one mass of water and each drop of ocean water is unique but a part of the same ocean.

This might explain why some people really believe they are Divine Mother or Divine Father or this archangel or that archangel as in all truth, the origin of all is the same energy.

Some are more unique as the Archangels and Angels who exist in all eternity and from one cycle to the next and so on like Michael who is several cycles 'old'. And then the Prime souls who divide into these huge numbers of normal souls that through their growth and evolution reconnect one after another until the original Prime Soul is formed again that then one day merges back with me and when the last of these souls has merged with me a cycle is finished and the next will begin.

All of you are a part of me, unique in itself as soul and incarnation but in essence you are all a part of the same essence, the same energy.

I explain it always as one soup of energy all over that is and in some places this soul soup gets a bit thicker as energy is connecting in a more special way and forming like an energy ball and this energy ball is a soul, it is still a part of the soup but individualized as it took a piece of this soup in this place and a piece of the soup in that place but still a part of the same soup.

Because all is still in the same soup/ocean the connection can't be lost, the Oneness is still intact.

You ARE Gaia Sophia but the same time also Carla, maybe your soul or HS has sponsored some of her energy to other souls to help reach a higher energy and vibe on Earth as there might also be some memory and experiences accompanying this process so that that certain soul really believes it is 'this' soul that has sponsored this energy to it. (I was told by AA Michael's second incarnation some of my energy was in Diana, Princess of Wales--ed). But you as Carla and Gaia Sophia you are the same soul and your memories and experiences/lesson learned will stay, hopefully only the positive memories.

The energy that is sponsored to other souls for a better result of this Ascension process should afterwards go back to the original soul.

Maybe for you it might be like it will be for me, living my life as Goldenstar simultaneously to my life as EnnKa at SaLuSa's side;

EnnKa and Goldenstar are One but in two bodies living and independent life but knowing they are One.

Raphael and SaLuSa are One but two independent beings.

I don't think duplication is possible as truly everyone is unique and even the first incarnation while being one has their own life; it is a kind of dichotomy, they are one but despite this they are unique, not a copy but each one with memories and experiences and a life of their own, being still One soul.

Silverstar and my HS say I described it right...

I have some troubles too in some things and don't understand yet all but I think I am near in most of it.

I saw Kamehameha smiling at Anthony and me while I was on the shuttle bus to the rental car place at the airport. He is very tall, and I know him well. Our souls go back together. I was his favorite daughter from his favorite wife, I believe Queen Kahu'umanu.

Last time we were here, in November (around Hawaiian New Year)--I took Anthony to a place that is special for those who love Kamehameha, and he gave his blessing to the boy. He will always watch over him.

This time, I didn't know the surprises planned.

We have a very special room, a suite, right on the beach, for much less than the going rate. I couldn't imagine a nicer suite in the entire hotel...

And I've been working...

This land here is Kalahuipua'a...old stomping grounds for Kamehameha and the ali'i. The name means 'pig gathering place'. There is a fish out a little deep from here. It has shape of pig. It has snout like pig. And when you catch it, and haul it onshore, it grunts like pig.  There are lots of them here, the only place on the island. That's how it got the name, this land.

It was sold in 1936 to Francis Hyde I'i Brown, a descendant of Papa I'i, a general in Kamehameha's army. He bought it from John Palmer Parker of Parker Ranch.

It has many fish ponds and petroglyphs here (more than anywhere in Polynesia). It was a place to relax and enjoy ho'okopia (hospitality).  But if you were not ali'i, you could be invited for the day, but you wouldn't spend the night, back in the old times.

There are five mountains visible from here--Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa, Hualalaii, Kohala, and across the waters, Haleakala on Maui.

In 1972 this property was sold and renamed Mauna Lani (as Pig Place isn't very good for real estate, right?).

It was the Rockefellers who built up this place in the 1970's!!!

We are near the Heiau, Pu'ohokola (spelling, sorry). This was where the final unification of the Islands took place. There was a human chain for forty miles to bring the rocks to the heiau to build it. There is rumor many deaths happened and the bodies were buried into the temple. Kamehameha's cousin, who was ruler of Maui, was invited there. He knew he would be sacrificed, but to save honor, and to honor prophecy of Kamehameha, he willingly came to his death.

The Mauna Lani hotel is in many ways with its distinctive architecture reminiscent to me of a heiau...and the feelings and energies with is are a heiau. Down below the structure is where I feel it.

In 2012, I helped set many souls free who were trapped in both heiau areas. I helped them cross to the light.

On this trip, I discovered that Kamehameha had been aware of something the 'builders' (yes, they were here, unfortunately) wanted to 'harness' of the energy of the region. 

He booby trapped it.

He booby trapped their plans--the 'builders' will plan things over many generations--so what the Rockefellers (who are linked to Agenda 21, NWO, and more--ed) were trying to do, had been booby-trapped generations before Kamehameha.

On the canoe ride we learned of early Hawaii on the Big Island. Kamehameha was born in Hawi, on the tip of the island nearest to Maui. The island was ruled peacefully by six kings. A king was taken away as a keiki, and treated to hardships. As part of their education to lead they were beaten, starved, and exposed to all the things people can suffer from a bad king. That way, as ruler for the people, it is the responsibility of the king to make sure his people never suffer under him.

People were free to move from one king to another, if they were not happy.

If one king overfished his region, or did too much agriculture--then they did not have right to take from the next region.

This started many wars...mismanagement by the kings...

When Kamehameha was born, there was a vision by a huna (kahuna) of his future. The kings sent to look for this baby, and to kill it

He was taken up into a valley region, where there were actually eight valleys to confuse those who sought after him, and he was raised in one of them. He didn't come out until he was an adolescent, and he was very smart and won all the Hawaiian sport games they had on the island.

Captain Cook came at that time. People honored him and gave him gifts. He went away for three years, and he came back. The people honored him again. He went away. When he came back the last time, he tried a trick that works in Polynesia/Tahiti. He stole/kidnapped a king's daughter. Back there, the people would give him whatever he wanted.

That didn't work here.

Kamehameha and his army killed him.

People think that Kamehameha was power-hungry, and this is what drove him to conquer the islands.

He actually did it to protect his people.

He thought to himself, 'if Captain Cook can find this place, who is going to come here next? What will we do?'

So he knew the British navy was the strongest in the world. He surrendered the Big Island to Britain. But when you surrender, you get something.

He got cannons and modern weapons and supplies.

He took the cannons up the chain of islands, conquering them one by one.  With one exception.  He knew the ali'i of Kauai was old and sick and feeble. He told him, if you sign a treaty with us, we will leave you in peace.  The treaty was signed.

At the time, Maui had French occupation, Oahu was from the United States occupation, and Kauai had ties to Germany! (I don't remember who had Kahoolawe, but our guide this morning mentioned it).

Much change was taking place on the islands when Kamehameha united them all.

I personally 'sense' that Kamehameha was a pawn in the hands of the 'builders', and at some point, due to his own deep spiritual training--as was normal for Hawaiians at the time to work with spirit--he figured it out and took matters into his own hands...

On this trip, the first morning, he woke me up, and asked me to go to the bead I could do work for him. That morning, at the 'office', I found a perfect white shell with a hole in the middle.  I was frustrated because I couldn't get to the bead shop before it closed. I drove far, but was too late (I should have gone to Target afterwards).  

I realized at some point, the beads were 'mountains'...and energetically I connected them...I can't tell you how but it was a stretch for me, I'll give you that...and the energy started to flow harmoniously in this area as never before. 

The 'beads' weren't our 'beads' after all, and Kamehameha was so pleased he sent me one more of the very rare 'bead shells' ...where I snorkel.

This morning, I asked Kamehameha to bless us on our canoe ride to greet the sunrise. 

We paddled out with Elijah, who remembered us from last time. Anthony and I were the only ones there. It was a 'private tour' because the two others who had signed up never showed.

We heard the conch blow in the four directions. A conch can be heard from two miles away.  A conch means for the people to be alert and to gather. 

We heard the chant--the sun is here, and it brings life to this new day, yesterday is gone, all things today are Hawaiian which was translated for us.

Then --it was a stormy morning with many clouds, yet, calm, clear oceans where you could see the bottom easily thirty feet below, and all the fish--Elijah confided something.

He had never seen the oceans so clear and calm before.

And we were surrounded by honu.

When he first blew the conch, the turtles (honu) came up, and looked at us.

There were five, and we were in the middle.

It was a sign.

I knew who it was from. 

We had three times longer time out there at sea, than the usual tour. We spoke of many important things. How the 'outsiders' come to expect a Hawaii that is 'scripted' for them. How many disregard the sacred things, and also, try to go to beaches where just locals go. His friend asks them to leave, when they invade it.

I spoke how I hate the name, Captain Cook, the name for a town near Kona, and I supposed the only good thing about it is that it proves he's dead. Captain Cook brought nothing but sorrow to the islands...and Elijah had never thought about it, how the name sticks out like a sore thumb, because everything else on the island is true Hawaiian name.

Elijah has been to the heiau many times--up on it--only locals who are of that faith may go.

When I told him it found me--I went there because I was going someplace else, I got lost, ended up there when I tried to turn around, and figured maybe I should go--he was thoughtful. Then it was time to paddle back.

I shared with him about the First Nations in Alaska, who lack the confidence of their brothers and sisters here. How I saw their singing and dancing at the cultural center and I KNEW the wealth of spirit the songs contained and had passed on--even though the dancers weren't aware of it what they had. I shared my vision how these are the leaders of the new world, the world where Spirit and Science are One--how the unseen is just as important as the seen and measured....and I wished how the Kingdom of Hawaii (natives here) would go help First Nations in Alaska and Canada to get their confidence up.

I shared how kahuna lapaulau (healers) spoke with plants to find cures, how native Hawaiians often died of bowel obstruction, and how elaborate gourds were tools of the trade, to open things up as enemas. How kahunas demanded payment up front (elaborate banquets) and how sometimes healing took a village, as the emotional imbalances were often tied to the physical, and a healer needed to heal both for everyone involved (for example, a mother and son had a feud/separation, that caused the mother pain in her stomach) emotional release and crying and support was very healing for the whole village...when the kahuna chose to heal the sick...

It was a wonderful morning...

Now I must pack.

P.S. Yesterday Anthony and I were in the ocean while it was raining hard. It was beautiful, to see the raindrops on the surface of the water. Some made little splashes where drops came back up. Some made circles that were beautiful.

Kamehameha came to me. He was in good spirits. He told me to come back.  I said of course, in 2018, for my next conference.

He told me it's sooner. He will call to me, and let me know when it is time for me to come.

It made me glad.

I slept wonderfully all night.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple