Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Cleaning Up

Yesterday I had the day off. 

I took Anthony 'somewhere'.

Amazing energy work took place.

First I'd like to share this Gaia Portal.

It tracks my 'work' completely.

(the people at Gaia Portal don't know me personally, there is NO connection outside of Spirit--absolutely none.)

New installations and their functions:

  1. Direct link, one-way, from this place to Mount Shasta, energetically. This brings Agarthan energy up to the surface in a second location besides Shasta.
  2. Special blessing from Kamehameha himself to all who visit the place where they serve the pineapple whip and see the show.
  3. A floral, lace, multidimensional network which gently removes all attachments from the guests with the help of the Guides of Compassionate Healing and Divine Father himself. (this is significant as it is taking some of the energy burden safely OFF Divine Mother incarnate in her mission).  Divine Father calls this 'a scrubber'. It was active effective 1344 on 6.27.2017.
  4. A certain attraction will help people to 'shit or get off the pot' if they are people who 'have trouble making commitments'. This includes gambling habits and cheating on partners in relationship. (those who aren't able to heal/willing will be designated to go to Pan, the 'kinder gentler 3D experience).
  5. Another one will open up the third eye and spark interest in the unseen in all the guests who go on the ride.
  6. This last ride addresses those who have 'a little problem with following the rules'--the Galactic ones of Heaven--and furthermore, attaches a 'homing pigeon' to each soul to help it find its way Home to the higher realms. (some who won't heal are also going to go to Pan).
  7. The last was a disruption of the 'pyrotechnics ritual'--I stood in direct line with the 'contraption' and 'interrupted' it, metaphysically. I waited. Eventually, due to safety/winds, it was cancelled. Only a 'light show' was done. I've never seen so many people not paying attention, and leaving! I cleared the land itself in one gesture, actually kneeling down/crouching down to touch the earth/pavement--in a ten second pulse of energy that went from Ross and his teams, down through me who just made the requested connection physical contact...

You know yesterday was my twenty-fifth anniversary of getting messages from Blessed Mother? That's when I started getting written messages from her. (I started talking to/hearing her in March of that same year).

If it looks like a duck, then...

All-seeing eye hidden

Classic pose, almost as classic as the 'okay sign' for Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart

Star two points up

Carefully placed over burning meat to appease Baal (etc., the 'many named God of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart).  This by definition is a 'holocaust'. Furthermore, the 'attention'--all the eyes that innocently see it every day, INCREASES the 'power' of 'the offering'.  This is no accident. There are many more 'hidden symbols' if you know what you are seeing when you look at them. These are just three examples.

I think the new Gaia Portal makes the discovery of these 'hidden things' and the 'new installations' to address them and disrupt them all the more fascinating and welcome!

We are now addressing the masses who AREN'T 'fit to be merged' but are 'asleep' deeply, and have a great deal of 'spiritual inertia' which is 'holding back the group'.

We don't have to wait for the last one to awaken. Only a tipping point.

Divine Father said we are in an energy now where no matter how hard they try, the Dark Ones' magic will not work. They can try and try, but everything they do is only going to get more ridiculous and more 'messed up'. 

The working apparatus at the 'kingdom' where the attention and support of the innocent, unknowing masses had once been harnessed for 'hidden agendas' is now cleared, and working to the opposite team--the victorious--to accelerate the awakening of the masses.

It is working by extension to all similar 'places' on earth, too, and there are a handful of them...we all know where they are. 

I was told this upon awakening this morning.

I was also told I would have 'much joy' and 'much happiness' today.

Ross smiles and waves.

He was extra romantic and close, and delivered to us a fabulous and much-needed fun day for our family.

He gives a smile and a thumbs up.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins