Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Creator Provides

I think one of the most offensive things I have ever experienced in the Lightworker Community was at my first Cobra conference.  It was in 2012, I had followed a lead from Kauilapele, and gone to the Laguna Beach conference. I was having trouble finding parking, I pulled up in my BMW Z4, and about five people drooled over my car and said, 'you are a REALLY good manifester, huh?'

I was like, WTF?

What does my car have to do with THEM and my ability to manifest?!

There are a lot of people in the Lightworker Community who feel Successful Lightwork = Successful Manifesting = Successful Material Objects in 3D.

I challenge this.

I challenge this beginning with, the reason I bought that car was SORROW--I thought I would never have children, I was childless, approaching forty, and I thought, 'well, if God won't give me the family I desire with all my heart and don't understand why I cannot have children, then I will buy this to say F-You to everyone and everything because it will NEVER be a mini-van!'

I got it because I had just finished residency, and I like to drive a stick shift. I've had only three new cars in my life. The first was a Honda Civix LX in 1988, the second was this, and the third is my current ride which I bought because a Christmas Tree could fit in the back and we could take it home.

Manifesting is so much MORE than Material Objects!!!

For example, on Sunday night I had dread. I let my worries go down the creek Daddy told me to send them, and let them get carried away. But I had some serious pain in the butt from my health insurance. They denied Anthony's dental check up flat out. (it's under Obamacare--yes, I'm on it too). They denied his ambulance ride saying it was out of network and I challenged it and said, 'he had a spinal injury--what am I supposed to do, make him walk to the car to get it checked out? How am I supposed to know if my ambulance is in network or not?'  They also deny my eye exams for my borderline glaucoma, and they deny his physical therapy.

I had a lot of phone calls to make!

And all this for seven hundred dollars a month, insurance, right? Fight for your rights...etc...

Well, yesterday I got a huge stack of mail from the health insurance.

I opened it with dread, but full acceptance of What Is.

Dental work--paid in full by insurance.

Ambulance--insurance paid half, I paid rest.

Physical therapy--we are in co-payments now, as the deductible was met. Each visit THEY pay fifty dollars, and I pay twenty-two. Wow!

Eye exam?  Not the five hundred dollars like before. They accepted the service as 'covered', and the discounted rate of one hundred eighty dollars applies. So I have to pay (my deductible is not met) but a whole lot less.

Wow! Thank you! A whole lot less stress for me. It's like the situations resolved themselves, and they are in my lap.

For those of you who know my ways, I'm a little late today. Why?

I have an eight-thirty start.

Not sure how, but I manifested it.

And I'm grateful.

Yesterday I was in a bind. I could have stressed. I needed to get off work to take Anthony to his physical therapy.  I wasn't sure how, given my schedule, I could leave.

Spirit told me to stay calm.

I did ask the friend who is call nine, if it's okay with him, that if I finish before him as call eight, I can go home first because of Anthony's appointment? He said okay.

Well...at three, I was relieved!

I didn't panic, or make plans and backup plans. I told myself, 'it is what it is and I'll go along with whatever happens.'

It was easy.

We were early, too.

My neighbor is a dog-walker. When we travel she takes care of the pets. I was able to pay her, and the medical bills--slowly--but making progress last night.  I went downstairs and down the hill to her house because it's a shortcut. I was happy to see her.

Her husband is retiring at the end of June, and he wants her to retire too, she says.

I could have panicked. Instead I accepted what is, I shared their joy, and as I was leaving (Anthony worries if I'm gone too long) she said just to me, 'let me know in the future, and I'll ask his--my husband's-- okay if you need my help.'

I also realized I have options. My old babysitter once helped us a long time ago. And if push comes to shove, I can board the pets at the vet.   Or hire someone else.

Life is changing and it's not the end of the world. I can figure it out.

Part of me wanted to panic because Tim Braun said my house doesn't support my energy and I have five years to move and it's looking like things are changing...but I thought to myself, 'Tim doesn't know everything, I have Spirit here with me now, and things will work out.'

Manifestation is a general desire for something, an acceptance of What Is, and faith that Things Will Work Out.

Focusing on money as a means to provide material gains isn't in alignment with the Universe.

Focusing on the end result IS in alignment with the Universe.

If you need a car, and you focus on money for the car, that's not allowing the Universe to use any possibility to get that car to you. It's only one way. The conventional way. The three D way.

If you need a car (in our case, a car to be able to take a Christmas tree home)--and you explain to the Universe the need you have--if it's in your Life Script and compatible with you lessons--the Universe will get that car to you.

You might win it.

Someone might need to sell one and you can get a good deal.

Your work might give you one for your job if you have that kind of job.

There are OTHER ways besides the 3D way to fill your need for a vehicle.

By accepting the situation and letting go, the Universe can work with you in ways you couldn't imagine.

And like with my mail and my bills, sometimes it just falls into you lap and the Universe is FAST!

I'm going to share something special to me from my trip. It's the Ten Universal Values from the Native People (the Alaska Native Knowledge Network).

The Ten Universal Values

  1. Show Respect to Others  each person has a special gift
  2. Share What You Have  Giving makes you richer
  3. Know Who You Are  You are a reflection on your family
  4. Accept What Life Brings  you cannot control many things
  5.  Have Patience  Some things Cannot Be Rushed
  6. Live Carefully  What you do will come back to you
  7. Take Care of Others  You cannot live without them
  8. Honor Your Elders  They show you the way in Life
  9. Pray for Guidance  Many things are not known
  10. See Connections   All things are Related

Anthony was having trouble in school earlier this year. He was failing science. Math wasn't so hot either.

I rolled up my sleeves and tutored him, because I didn't want him to have a bad experience and become one of those 'I hate science and math' people. 

There's a lot of them.

From my own experience, science and math are a lot of fun.

I confided to my friend the MBA and Chemical Engineer who was my maid of honor in my first wedding. I didn't know what to do. She said her boss hated school, it's okay, perhaps Anthony was meant for business like her boss? and we both hoped for the best.

Yesterday the grades came in. Science, A plus.  Math, B plus.

I was delighted!

I was delighted that Anthony didn't give up, and he met his challenges head on, and after a while didn't even need me to tutor him. He turned the corner. 

My friend was excited too.

This too is another example of manifesting.

I'm going to share one last thing, before Ross, who is patiently waiting.

Our tour guide Yvette had her father take a turn for the worse in his nursing home during our trip.  He couldn't swallow any more, the dementia was so bad. He stopped eating. 

She was concerned, and yet accepting, because he had done that once before and then turned around and was okay. All the end-of-life plans were set. So this was the second time he'd been put on hospice.

I explained to her how my grandmother died that way too, it's end-stage dementia, and it's not a bad way to go. You just fade out. It's sad for the family, but not so bad on the patient.

On our last day, we weren't sure if we would see Yvette. We had a trip to Martin Buser's Happy Trails Kennel. But the bus driver Maggie and I agreed puppies would be good for her at a time like this, and hoped she would go.

She went with us.

They-Yvette and Maggie-- worked all day, but she had spent the morning hours with her dad.

What nobody knew is I coordinated with Ross and gave the Transition Symbol for the easiest Transition for both her dad and the loved ones. It helps those who leave and those left behind.

I also knew Yvette is an incarnate angel from my star family, and she has no clue, and never needed to know, but that's why I was sent to HER bus tour, as support.

She let me know her father passed yesterday, and thanked me for my knowledge and support. 

I had seen his photo she posted of her parents, as it was their fifty-fifth wedding anniversary on June 9.   She looked very much like her father. Same eyes. 

I wrote her words of condolence.

Then I got a 'nudge'.

I told her I don't tell everyone, but I am a certified psychic and medium. And I always work between both the sender (transitioned loved one) and the receiver (incarnate loved one) to make sure if a message is given it will be accepted. Would she accept a message?


And at 7:15 am, yesterday, a person at the nursing home rang the nurse and asked her, 'where did all the angels go? Why did they leave?'

The nurse checked, and her father had passed.  One of the other patients saw the team coming to get him.

I counseled Yvette that most souls who Transition need three to six months to figure things out and be able to communicate with their loved ones through a medium.  Spirit told me her father would be at the funeral and would send messages/signs as angels would be present and assisting him as is customary. Not everyone would notice the signs, but someone would, and they would be REAL.

But as I was falling asleep and talking to Ross, I saw him. Yvette's dad. He smiled, and was a little--I don't know the word for it?--perhaps 'star struck' in a little way? to meet me. I never understand this response I get from people on the Other Side...I don't see why they act like that or the reason. I'm just me! But back to Yvette's dad... He shook my hand and said, 'pleased to meet you'.  Ross had brought him to say hello and let me know he was okay.  I smiled big and said, 'The Pleasure is all mine!' and shook his hand.

Then I fell asleep and can't recall any more.


Everything happens for the best.


Even your suffering has a cause to it that is highly blessed (holds one finger up to make a point--ed).

Everything bears gifts (and that wasn't a pun intended!)  (he chuckles--ed)

Now for the fish, it seems it's not a very good life, based on the pictures.  It was born, it goes to the ocean, it lives a life, now it must swim UPSTREAM to spawn, and will die.

Now, that's a LOT of dead fish going to rot and go to waste in the waters, possibly contaminating the drinking water for all of life in the area, due to the fish and their life cycle, right?

Enter bear.

Bear will eat anything--dead, half-dead, or alive.

The food comes right to Bear, that's how Bear manifests it.

Bear goes through the motions of catching fish, as it is his custom.

But Bear knowing he has to eat, is always supplied...and...just in time to store up for a long winter!

(he interlaces his fingers--and rocks them back and forth a little--ed)

Everything is connected.

Everything in time.

Everything in space.

Everything in spirit with the heart (he points out Yvette's dad's transition--ed)...

There are no gaps in space or time or the heart, even though at times it might appear like it.

And when I left my Carla the last time, it was the most awful gap of all for us both (puts the fingers interlaced--ed) and now nothing can separate us.

For nothing ever can separate Love, our hearts, as Twin Souls.

And nothing can ever separate my love from you, our students and family.

Not through any incarnation either one of us might have.

I am like Great Spirit in the sense that I, too, am always present.

Your loved ones up here are too. They adore you and cheer you on as you go through your life lessons and discover your purpose.

Carla has been typing for an hour, and she needs to start her day.

I will continue tomorrow or the next day with this lesson.

I want you to digest it until the next time.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple