Friday, June 30, 2017


I just had the strangest dream.  I was with Anthony. There was some change, it's hard to explain it.  Before the change, in my current role, I had been given a budget to buy myself jewelry, and I had bought a gold chain with a small sapphire on it. The chain was an S-link, a serpentine chain.

I was supposed to give it to the next person, who was the wife of a colleague of mine who is Egyptian and his birthday is July 4.  She was in the same organization.

But I couldn't part with my necklace! It was a part of me. I decided to buy a substitute instead.

I went downstairs to a vintage store and looked at their jewelry. It wasn't right.

I went upstairs to a different place that had a mix of old and new.

I couldn't decide what to get.

The owner went into the back, turned off the lights, and gave me a staff to hold. It was black and like a scythe shape at the top, but covered in felt.

I knew it was magical but there wasn't anything special about it.

Then he gave me pendants to feel in the dark to find the right one.

THAT was easy to select!  There was a stone of londonite, a single round bead, in a setting, but it looked more like Howlite with the white and little grey stripes.  That was the one. And I got a chain.

He had the lights on for the chain. He also said that the staff had 'come alive' while I was holding it, and did I know?

I think I did.

It wasn't scary or dark in the dream, as far as negativity and low vibration go.

Next thing I knew I was in a bus or limo. I was on the left side and looking out the window at the street.

There had been a dragon type of creature who spoke and had sent us to the jewelry store.

A snake was attacking it.

It really was no match. Even though the snake was a rattler that was like a timber kind (dark diamond design on the back) and chasing the dragon/lunging at it so I could see the full size of the snake (big as a cantaloupe in circumference, and twenty feet long stretching all the way across the street)...I commented to the driver--'take a look at THAT!'...somehow the dragon was never frightened and always seemed to know what to do. Sure it bared its fangs/teeth and did defensive and fighting posture and movements. But it was way bigger than the snake, and golden in color, and once the battle was decided the snake retreated and the street was clear.

I went to sleep last night asking for the answer to a concern that weighed heavy on my heart.

It was about ants and grasshoppers.

I am an ant.

When I was a child, my parents played for me the story of the grasshopper and the ant. The grasshopper would sing, 'oh the world owes me a living! da da da da da da da da da, oh, the world owes me a living...'

He was all happy and made fun of ant who worked all day and all night.

Then winter came.

Grasshopper wasn't singing any more.

He was starving.

He ended up going to ant's cozy warm home, and begging for food. 

I decided long ago, to always be an ant.

My parent's money problems further encouraged me in this determination. We had serious money problems growing up. I never knew for sure if we would eat or what we would eat at the end of the month. At the beginning mom and dad were all happy, and fed us steak and acted like life was good. But by the end? They had to decide which bills to pay, which to skip, and did the balance transfers on the credit cards to get by. They sweated it out, and were very angry and mopey and wished for a million dollars to take away all of their problems. Dad always lamented about how poor they were growing up. He had to buy his own clothes since age ten, with a newspaper route or shining shoes. They lived in Roxbury, near Boston, Massachusetts in the 'projects'. Apparently grandmother and grandfather on dad's side were stuffing money into a mattress for their retirement and not sharing it with the talked about this wrong he suffered as much as grandmother talked about being put into an orphanage as a kid.

On a very deep level, I knew mom and dad weren't right in their views about money.

By contrast, my mother's parent's had been just as poor, with my grandfather making even less money than dad--a teacher--and grandfather a construction worker--yet their house was warm, clean, and always had good food on the table. They didn't have fancy anything. They never went on vacation. They didn't care about 'the Joneses' and keeping up.  They SAVED. 

They were in the same situation, and were ants, not grasshoppers like my parents. 

So...what's with this FUTURA thing, that's been going around the Lightworker websites/lore for years? With all this money from St. Germain, which will solve everyone's problems?!

Sound's like mom and dad's greatest dream come true.

Mom and dad? I'm skeptical.

Mom and dad made a lot of bad choices in their investments when it came to money.

Mom was always trying to 'get rich quick'.

Dad was jealous of his sisters and brother-in-laws who were doing better financially than him. He would always compare himself.

I don't think those personality traits are going to go away with a little money.

Look at MC Hammer and his millions. Where did it go? Up his nose? To 'women of ill repute?'



Something in me deep deep down simply doesn't like it.

This brings me to my least favorite parable Jesus ever taught:  The Lesson of the Prodigal Son.

I used to boil with rage as that story was told at mass.

How can that son be such a total loser, and the father welcomes him back?! How can the father ignore the first born's good deeds and helpfulness and obedience he has done his whole life?

What kind of father is that?!


Not the 'Godfather' but 'Our Father In Heaven'.

Look at the parable of the workers in the field. Everyone got a full day's pay. Even the one who came to work for only two hours instead of eight.

That's the same kind of craziness as the father of the prodigal son!


Simply put, working hard to take care of yourself is a lie.

I fell for it.

I worked hard, put off partying and dating, and paid my way through medical school.

I did it so I could always eat.

My 'reward' is a higher income than I had when I was an engineer/scientist.

My hours I work have tripled, and I have interrupted sleep for this 'reward'.

Society teaches us to make the ants hate the we all are 'everything is AWESOME' like in the Lego movie...hoards of happy 'worker ants'!

Where is the lie?

Those who have the one percent of the population who control most of the wealth on the world are NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS going to let go of that wealth and share it with the rest.

Instead, they set up the ants (people who work hard to support themselves and make lots of sacrifices like not playing in the summer like grasshoppers) as 'proxy' for THEM--Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart--so all the grasshoppers will HATE them and demand the ANTS to 'pay their fair share'.

Meanwhile the people who control everything laugh and watch the show, remaining invisible to the grasshoppers and ants...

THAT is the LIE.

We are in an Illusion.

Nothing exists except love.

We are nothing more than souls--pure Consciousness--driving around little bodies.

Why get worked up about ants and grasshoppers and the hidden one percent?

As souls we don't eat food.

Sure it's miserable when our bodies are cold and hungry.

It's really hard when you go to the store and can't buy what you want or need. It hurts--in so many ways. I've seen my parents suffer the agony of poverty. Even now mom hates Christmas. She wishes she could buy us more.

My parents signed up for the Money Lesson in their Life Script. 


What about me?

I signed up for the 'Lack of Romantic Love' one. And also 'Lack of Children'.

I used to be dying a thousand deaths int he labor and delivery room as an anesthesiologist ...couples in love having babies!

But I got over it.

With one gentle nudge from my heart, I realized MY sorrow doesn't keep me from sharing in the parent's joy as it really IS a miracle! Who am I to dampen it? Who am I to judge why THEY had the baby and I did not?

It was embarrassing like crazy to see myself for how I had acted all those years.  It wasn't going to bring me a kid all my internal tantrums. It just made me miserable when I didn't have to be, that's all.

Then at a conference in Oahu, as I woke up one morning in my hotel on Diamond Head (The W), Blessed Mother came to me with some guy I never knew, who asked me if I wanted to have a baby?

I said, 'if it's God's will, and for the highest good, yes.'

They clarified and asked me if I wanted it?

I started bawling and shared humbly it was the deepest wish of my heart.

Two weeks later, I had throat surgery for my snoring--and had to lie in bed for a week.

Something happened. I had twice lost 'something' as 'funny periods' before, the sore breasts and late period. But this time, the sore breasts and fullness never went away.  By the time I realized I WAS pregnant, the boyfriend went away. But I called him to let him know, he had a right to know. We tried for four months, and it didn't work. But he's been a good father, and I hope I've been a good mother, at least a more stable one than mine were when they were young and had me.

 I passed my lesson.

That's how I got the kid.

I opened my heart and saw the situation as Creator Sees It. 

I've been grateful and teaching others and growing spiritually ever since.

Creator LOVES you.

Whether or not you pass your lessons.

Not everyone who comes to Earth is going to get an A.

Creator LOVES you because you had the audacity and the balls to incarnate on Earth--whether as a student, a teacher, a teacher's aide--to learn more about yourself and become a better ball of light/orb/soul that does whatever you do 'out there' when you are not here being incarnate.

Creator LOVES my parents--in their youth and in their old age--even though their lessons were REALLY hard on them. My mom STILL believes money = love = success = power = the be all end all---on some level, and now she makes a point of paying us back when we help her's like, in her bones this belief and she won't shake it. But she's really a lot nicer person and more grounded and made HUGE advances in her lessons over time.

Creatore LOVES me--who listens to Spirit and works really hard in everything I do--from picking up my first pencil to getting ready for call today--fourth call, I have no idea how late I'm going to work, but at least it's not overnight---and is gently guiding me in setting boundaries, and making plans and dreams when I'm honestly to tired to even daydream at times. Always gently coaxing...

Creator LOVES 'the Snorlax'--my friend's husband's cousin who in her forties came to live with them (he felt sorry for her as she threatened suicide)--who created hell on earth for the family with her romances and her taking and never giving and would hide in her room all day so much that the kids nicknamed her the 'Snorlax'--This woman is not doing well on her Lessons--and although the family sent her home to New Jersey because they couldn't take it any more--Creator is STILL with her, as well as her teams of angels, gently encouraging her to wake up, wake up, wake up...

Creator LOVES 'the cousins kid'---my friend's cousin's kid who came to California at nineteen to 'help with the children in exchange for a place to stay while she was starting a career in the movie industry and could get on her feet'.  This kid never once helped with the children. Instead she would give lists to the husband of items she wanted to eat from Trader Joe's.  She never once helped to clean up around the house. She would spend the night in Los Angeles and nobody would know where she was. She brought her friends around the house. Once she got a job she started spending money like crazy on fashion and never once made an attempt to find her own place.  The child had juvenile arthritis, and the mother abandoned her at two--so the FATHER had to work with her to rehab her and succeeded enough she could play on college sports--but he never expected anything from her, he babied her.  The family had to ask the girl to move out, and she was totally bawling because nobody ever taught her to help out around the house, she didn't know...BUT lost and alone as she is, and totally adrift in her 'lessons', Creator is STILL with her, as well as her teams of angels, always coaxing her to 'wake up and smell the coffee' long as she is incarnate...and to finish what she set out to do when she was born find her Purpose and do it with all her might.


If people get it will they be happy to have something that is affordable?

Will they go out and spend it all on fashion without a second thought?

I don't know.

On Earth we follow the energy balance.  Each pulls their weight. No one takes from another.

That is because in Spirit, there is energy balance. Each pulls their weight. No one takes from another.

In our afterlife we are held accountable for all we do. We would never take advantage of others!

Is the FUTURA about ants and grasshoppers?

Or is it about the one percent who really screwed everyone over?

I think it's about the one percent and making it right.

Even if it IS 'made right', it doesn't matter.

Everything is Illusion, including the chairs upon which we sit, me as I type, you as you read.

Whether we are hungry and homeless or clothed and fed, everything is Illusion.

Does everyone need to ace their Lessons?

Creator would like it and be overwhelmed with joy if everyone got an A.

Creator is  a good parent.

Creator loves the C students just as much as the A.

And sometimes Creator loves the D student who works twice as hard as the A student just to raise their grade to a C--loves them MORE.

Creator ISN'T like us.

Creator wasn't socialized by the one percent.

Creator has never been told lies and been at the mercy of psychopaths like the ninety-nine percent of us here who have been incarnate have!

Creator is taking out the psychopaths.

The snakes.

Creator knows what to do, and is doing it.

However it comes down, I don't know.

I will do my best to love the C students and the D students just as must as the A students, no matter how their mistakes impact my life and take away the harmony and peace.

FUTURA isn't the answer.

MANY Lightworkers look to it as the be all, end all reward for their 'hard work'.

I look beyond it.

I look towards the Heaven Dollars--in which I have always worked my hardest to earn.

Yesterday I spent twenty minutes with a patient who was ready to kill himself over his 'prognosis'--diabetes, hypertension, dialysis, amputation. Yes it wasn't going to get better, diseases get worse over time. And yet, BAD can take on whole new dimensions this patient haven't even imagined. This Bad was Bad as it ever has been for him. So I was encouraging and listened with my heart and gave hope. Fortunately the nephrologist came in, and I could go.

That's how you earn Heaven Dollars. By doing your Purpose. And THOSE you can take with you after you die. As well as your report card. <3

I learned a lot about myself, and about the lies that have been told to me by the one percent--with the parables of the grasshopper and the ant, with the prodigal son, with the orchard/farmer who paid everyone the same story...and the context of FUTURA (nesara where everyone gets lots of money for free).

clap! clap! (that was Ross--it's seven a.m. and time for me to get ready for our day)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple