Saturday, June 17, 2017


Yesterday on the drive home I got a message from Great Spirit.

I saw a red-tail hawk soaring in the sky.

It was holding a long object of prey. I am not sure if it was snake or a long tail. 

It made me happy.

Hawk tells us to look for a message.

Red tail hawk also lets me know Divine Mother is lending me support.

There is much conflict in the world, my world, right now.

At work someone is leaving because he is unhappy with the way things are, and that there is no future in our workplace. It's true. The partners will never let anyone else be partner, plus, they take the lion's share of the best cases. This was a kind and gentle person who is leaving. He actually used to baby-sit for my boss' kids back in the day. He's relocating to Arizona to make more money and work less time. He says that this work situation where I am isn't good for you, it isn't healthy, and no amount of money is worth it. 

I got that icky feeling that perhaps I should start looking for a new job.

My friend sitting with us, the woman who is the scheduler, says the only way she can stomach going to work is my example. She tells herself, 'if Carla can do this, so can I.' She says you need to put on blinders and ignore all the cheating that is going on, just show up for your assignment, finish it, and come home.

They asked me why I can do this? Well, first of all, I don't have a choice--I'm the sole supporter of the family and need to stay in Southern California due to the coparenting. And second, this is LOTS better than my old job at the university. Less stress, better hours.

A woman friend online just confided that someone she was living with for ten or more years go back to his other partner? --it's confusing--but this change is sudden and it's going to hit her financially.  She was literally blindsided and it reeling and trying to regain her 'balance'.

Even now, I am sick. I caught what my son caught that was going around the school. I have little energy, it's hard to think and concentrate, my throat hurts and I just want to sleep but I can't. There's so much to do. I've spent the last few days nursing him to health and now I need to just relax and let someone take care of me.

Sometimes in the midst of conflict, deep inner healing can take place.

There is another conflict in my life, something sudden, out of the blue.

But this time, I have eyes that see.

And it's freeing.

As Ross puts it, his inner circle was filled with people who are--in his words--'a little rough around the edges'.

I experienced it, back when I was incarnate with Ross before, as 'people with strong personalities'. 

It wasn't pretty.

Everyone had their view on how things were meant to be done.

When Ross was alive, somehow, everything seemed to work.  He could balance it all, take it in stride.

Even in death--a death I saw clearly coming and told him often and with passion how to avoid it--he would shrug as his choice clearly was to love and accept everything that arrived to him no matter what.

When he died you can only imagine what happened to his inner circle of 'those a little rough around the edges' and 'people with strong personalities'...(smile and shrug)...all I can say is that Ross listened to me a whole lot MORE than any of them.

It is what it is.

With the painful interaction which went straight to my core...this time...I chose LOVE, the same as Ross. And I love and accept everything that arrives to me now, no matter what.

Because LOVE is the only thing in the Illusions that isn't Illusion.

And the people who are MAKING the Illusion don't want it to stop.

They are doing everything possible in their power to control--from behind the scenes and this time instead of infiltrators it's with full-spectrum electromagnetic frequencies bombarding us or whatever...but I can see at this time...just like back in the day when Ross was starting to walk into a trap...I can see and I know very well their ways.   They are at full-speed with nothing held back.

And in this I invite you to join me to hold the space...hold your frequency HIGH with Love and only LOVE as your vibration.

Because the strongest vibration wins.

And we have the deepest 'pocket'--both Divine Father and Divine Mother--as our reserves to continue this vibration.

The writing is on the wall, the low-vibration 'side' will tire. Or cease. Why? Because it's totally incompatible with the Higher Realms.

It will happen in our lifetime.

Your most valuable resource in these times--and I wish I knew how long they will last but I don't know--is your inner connection to Source, that feeling on Unconditional Love and Home. 

Nurture it.

And nurture yourselves.


Eat that dessert if it calls to you.

Exercise a little every day.

Enjoy the sunshine.

Be sure to drink plenty of fluids and GROUND.

Only the bravest and strongest warriors--from both sides--are incarnate at this time.

And I know with my heart--Light Wins.

Ross gives me special symbols to use, one every day, more or less.

I am using them to help us go Home.

Day before yesterday I had the day off. 

I was taking a twenty minute nap before I had to go to a school function for Anthony.

I awoke to a strange flopping and splashing noise I had never heard before in my life! What could it have been?

It was crow.

Crow was flopping around inside my water fountain--and it appeared perhaps crow was a little too hot and was enjoying a bath.



It made me smile.

Crow too is message from Great Spirit.

Crow is Law.

All kinds of Law.

Both for Heaven and for Earth.


Carla and my friends on Earth could never mix.

They spent lots of time together, and were the closest to her in life.

But my friends had ideas and didn't always listen.

They were good friends and through us I had given them as much of the training, the Essene training as you call it today, and all were masters.

But they were new to it.

They hadn't grown up in the tradition as little children, like us.

It was rushed, their training, and I didn't have the time to 'smooth out the edges' as I would on a fine piece of cabinetry I would have built with my hands.

Regardless of this, I loved them.

And everyone knew of my love, deeply, unerringly, unsurpassed as both their teacher and friend.

I couldn't say this for my woman.

My woman's highest purpose was for the love and care of ME.

Does this make sense?

So when I would 'give it all' it was my partner and friend and Twin who would 'pull me back' to conserve my health, my strength, my resources (our money and money was a big part of it for I freely gave of our wealth--and both of us were wealthy--to my friends too, I held nothing back.)...Carla's role in my life was to support me, and our mission, although I didn't know it was her mission too at the time...I thought it was mine and therefore I could do anything I wanted with it.

(he folds his hands on his lap, and looks plaintively at you--ed)

There you have it.

The ugly, the bad, and the not-so-good.

I chose to look at it as good.

For in my heart it was 'what is' and 'what was sent' and how can that in any way from God be 'not as good'?

(holds one finger up--ed)  For in the bigger picture, everything has its purpose, and is in the right place, at the right time, for a higher reason than this (he gestures to everything around us--ed)...

I love my Carla and I thank her for all of her hard work for me, living out my legacy, in every incarnation.

And I love my friends in my inner circle and thank them for all of their hard work for me, living out my legacy, in every incarnation for them, too.

It is what it is.

And 'IT' is Divinely Provided for all of us at this time.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple