Sunday, March 25, 2018

You Will Have Happiness Which Is Beyond What You May Imagine

Yesterday we walked in a fundraiser for Stroke and Heart disease. I was overwhelmed with the outpouring of love. Both in the walkers, who wore shirts in memory of and honoring their loved ones.
And in the people who gave us high fives and cheered us on!

This to me, represents more of our role as Ground Crew...and the Spiritual beings who cheer us on from the sidelines...and I was delighted to see this, all the way to my core.

I was honored because the woman who organized our team from work IS a stroke survivor who had to teach herself how to do everything over again. 

I also was thrilled to see this:

I saw this RIGHT when I was praying to my beloved, to join us in our three mile, five kilometer walk.

We finished and we went to Dizknee resort. The walk site and the resort are on the same street. 

It was very crowded but a beautiful weather day. We tired and left early before dinner. 

Good things are happening in the awakening department.

I can watch a little from he sidelines here to see what the Galactics are up to. It looks good.

It is our hope that some of the 'truth' community will be experiencing more wind of the changes and disseminating this information to us all.

I have been reading about things, looking for ways to assist Ross and his teams as they tackle head-on the cancer which has invaded our Spiritual Realms here on surface Gaia.

I learned that the Cabahlah (spelling so under the radar)...IS Hermetic magic.  They are one and the same.

For those of you who follow things, do know that all ties to Saturn have been untied by Saturn herself.  A powerful source of energy for dark magic has been cut off at the source. Saturn has consciousness and Free Will, same as everything else which is sentient. And Saturn said 'no!' to this siphoning off of her energy for nefarious purposes.

Furthermore, Hermetic magic is deeply tied in to the Cahh-bahhhl-ah, however, Hermes himself has said, 'no' and severed all ties with this entire framework of negative energy and corruption.

There are three legs to the sitting stool, and two of them have been removed. There is no balance. It is an unsustainable situation.

For those of you who are wondering, how did it ever happened that dark forces could exist? And never mind, exert as much apparent control as they have in our reality of the third dimension?

How could angels fall?

I asked this of Ross last night as I was falling asleep. Because in Heaven, there are no dark aliens, no dark entities, no demonic anything.  Why are they here when they are not anywhere else in the Cosmos? Or this quadrant of the Universe?

Basically, although it seems like forever to us who are incarnate, according to Ross, all of this is like one huge Cosmic Burp--which is coming up to be released once and forever, and it is to be of no further effects than a burp.

We will feel better.

I asked him about the layers and layers of demonic entities which are trapped into hidden cahbawhlas inside victims of mind control who are bloodline?  I've been reading, and I know. And it seems to me that someone somewhere figured out how to hotwire a human and to steal the vehicle for their own sick and twisted means. What about all that? It's horrifying!

He said to remember the stories of Near Death Experiences, as THIS is the Truth.  This is what to anticipate. And to know there, in those realities, demonic anything does not exist.  And that is where we are heading.

(I will add, as a side note, that our vibration can be adjusted by us, by choosing our habitual thinking which in turn creates our character. There is a lot 'out there' to sway us to the negative. example written by a Christian mom. Remember to acknowledge your feelings--they are important--but when they are of a darker, lower vibration, to simply acknowledge them and move on, to return to your natural state of equilibrium.  Some individuals might not like our vibration. Our natural state of looking at the good, of being content with what we have, and working our spiritual life experience and lessons...this is because there is a gap between vibrational levels which can become uncomfortable. At this point, one senses the energy of separation, which itself is a good emotion/energy to pick up and act upon. Sometimes it is better to listen to it than to force something which is not meant to be.)

Peace and freedom of the spiritual realms are ours for the taking, even here in this earthly environment.

Be sure to choose them.

Life is a gift, a blessing, in all ways, even the lessons. 

Love is the only thing that exists. 

Love opens doors.

Love opens hearts.

Love is the way of the future.

Where there is Love, nothing can falter.

Everything and everyone shall thrive with Divine Intention!

clap! clap!

Ross is waving, and asking if you liked his 'sign?'. He is teasing as he knows it wasn't for 'him' but he was grateful.

He also reminds me to talk about how little the 'resort' of the 'Land' I visited yesterday is decorated for Easter. For Christmas and Halloween it's over the top. Here they just had large eggs with character faces on them 'hidden' through the park. That and balloons with a certain character bunny on them. 

It was kind of a data point, what was 'missing'.

I actually made the sign of the cross on Main Street, on myself, and asked for all which is Divine--the correct order of 'things'--to be here in this place too. And Easter is a nod to All That Is and Divine matter how distorted the story may have been passed along to us over the ages since none of us were there at the time in this incarnation anyhow...

I asked for the Spiritual 'norm' to be spread across the globe, whatever it is back it is for the people who have the near death experiences....where nobody needs glasses and joy is palpable and health is everywhere...<3

Aloha and Mahalos,
Peace, (Ross is smiling and nodding 'yes' slowly)

Ross and Carla
The Founders of Doctors With Reiki