Wednesday, March 14, 2018


There are those 'out there' who would like to think that what is currently happening, isn't happening. 

I have been anticipating a little 'push back' and am maintaining a positive mental attitude, with harmony, as I observe this 'push' because I know it isn't going to work.

Children have a right to be free from SRA, MK Ultra, Monarch, and a toxic environment.

Children are Divine Beings of the Universe, and Universal Law applies to all beings in the cosmos, including the little ones who are completely vulnerable and defenseless.

Wouldn't you agree?

Now it is time to wash the pig, and at the same time, to give you an opportunity to practice your Discernment with this article by James Gilliland.

Rule number one--good 'disinformation' contains just enough 'facts' to be 'palatable'.  There can be ninety percent facts and ten percent 'twist' and if the twist is in the right place people will be easier to control.

I heard yesterday that there is a sure-fire way to control people and that's to give them 'bread and circus'--food and entertainment. (Source video technically it's not about any 'bloodline' but has good information on SRA).

I also know that the boy being tossed in the air would have been conceived in ritual, planned according to star alignments, been through a 'moon mother' ritual in utero and stuck with needles to traumatize it, birthed premature on purpose to traumatize it further, and then 'love bombed' by it's controllers until around the age of the two girls on the couch. This is to create a core that can be fractured and built up later for the mind control, if he was born into SRA. (Fortunately , this is a stock photo, and this boy himself is only in a photo). I want you to know how heinous the crimes are before you read the article for the discernment.

I want you to know for the girls in the photo, about age four, that is the age where the 'fracture' takes place, the breaking of the core personality to split it into multiples. There is a plan for each child to have trauma take place, usually around things that are annual to increase the trauma like a birthday or holiday, and there is a lot of science into how much trauma a child can take. The scars from the abuse are not easy to see but they would show up under black lights.  The initial split is typically a brutal rape by the controller who has been 'love bombing' the child since birth--with praise and admiration and kindness--which wasn't real, but was there laying it on thick so at the first abuse from them the child would shatter. When faced with the dilemma that this person who loves me hurt me so bad and is enjoying hurting me--the mind can't wrap around this dichotomy--so it splits.

The victims then are massaged and soothed and comforted after the trauma, again, according to the Science which began with the occultists in the days of Baal worship, back in Afghanistan by people who claim to be 'muslim' but weren't. They were actually SRA. Then Mengele and the rest perfected it with the addition of medical science.

THIS is why we are at war.

THIS is why all the Lightworkers are here on earth to liberate those who are asleep.

THIS is the terrible abomination against Creator of All That Is, and against Divine Feminine upon the earth...which is why we are working every day to heal from our past wounds, and to raise our vibration as high as we possibly smoke them out...these dark ones. For happiness and joy are their worst torture. And your Divine Right as a being alive on Earth IS to experience happiness and joy!

Here is my 'take' on the article, once you have read it.

  • That the war is 'unseen' and the players are who they are is correct.
  • That the control system is 'Draconian' grid, I'm not so sure. This is because those deep into the occult HATE dragons. Dragons are real. And from what I know, they are benevolent. As a matter of fact, I have liberated several who have been trapped by the Dark Ones to milk their magical powers from them. 
  • The war is already won. It has been won ever since it was first thought up. And the possibility for outcome other than this does not exist. The 'twist' in the article to me, is that the war might not be 'won' yet. It is. It absolutely is. Keep your intentions on the up and up, and it's a shoe-in for the war to be 'won' quickly...while keeping in mind that everything in spirit does not have 'time' or experience it the same way we do.

Remember, those who are the high adepts practice a form of magic that will make people think something is 'okay' when it is not okay. Illusion is everything to them, to the point of making people worship THEM as Gods. This way they can't worship Divine Creator and direct their worship in the wrong direction. High Adepts think this is cool. They also think that getting someone to eat their babies--even if it just looks that way--is cool. 

That's why we are at war.

And that's why you are important here on Earth--to hold the vibration really high so that the things that have been going on in the shadows for a long time are exposed once and for all.

clap! clap!

Ross reminds me I was late to work yesterday. I must get ready and make breakfast for us now. And lunch too. 

Thank you Ross, I love you.

P.S. here is a reference on the emotions and the vibrations assigned to them. Hawkins wasn't the first to do this, Margaret gave me a copy of the original scale. But this was the best I could find.