Saturday, March 17, 2018

Great Gladness and Joy!

Good morning!


Please note we are abstaining from any commercial 'holiday' because simply, we do not like to be told to celebrate on cue.

Furthermore, we do not like to spend our money on green beer on a certain day, no matter how fun it is.

Besides, Carla is on call and she can't drink.

Yesterday we worked in the garden. I planted EVERY SEED I have! I've been storing them for years, concerned I didn't have enough space in the garden.

The only ones I didn't sow were the ones I knew were not in season--broccoli, and cabbage.

Seeds get old. So we will see what happens.

I picked a beautiful red bell pepper from the yard.

I enjoyed very much the sounds of the birds, the smell and feel of the earth and the breeze, the exercise of using the shovel, and the creation of putting little posts with the seed packets on them.

I put the little cages on the baby 'volunteer' tomato plants to support them as they grow.

I never wanted the day to end!

These types of joyful activities are what is needed at this time to heal.

If you are jettisoning old unpleasant memories, or coming to grips with the enormous lies being told to us by those who do not have our best interest at heart, stick with the joy.

When an unpleasant truth disrupts you from your simple tasks like gardening or building puzzles that brings you joy, acknowledge them for what they are, grieve if you must, but also at the same time, realize they are going to dissolve the minute you truly accept and acknowledge what is. Spirit is helping you get rid of what won't serve or help you in the Higher Realms. You don't have to 'own it' for eternity.

Let it go.

My sister brought up an excellent point in our conversation about our mom.

Mom was living in a bubble that wasn't reality--my sister taking care of everything and basically keeping her from harming herself.

Mom wants to die. She's told everyone.

She's both fiercely independent (wanting her home, her garden, to control her schedule), and needy (an extrovert who feeds on attention and doesn't realize her social 'balance' with others, due to the effects of her stroke).

She's diabetic, eats lots of sugar, gets sick, and we rescue her and take her to the hospital.

Her children can only do so much.

So getting her back into the home with a caregiver is a start. It's what she wants, to live at home, to die at home, to enjoy her freedom.

She's at risk for financial abuse and fraud, so we don't let her manage her money, again, this is from her stroke. And fortunately, she has no interest in giving herself her medicines, so we lay them out for her dose by dose and she takes them.

I explained to my sister that some patients are alive with me in the O.R. and my expert skills in resuscitation. But they can't stay in the O.R. forever. At some point they need to go to the ICU, with the nurses who are better than the others in the hospital at resuscitation--but who aren't anesthesiologists.  The patients go to the combination of intensivist and nurse. And there's no guarantee that they are going to make it by stepping down this one level of care.

I also explained to her how letting Nature take its course with a loved one who is at end of life is acceptable. For example, someone has the right to reject dialysis, and then in four or five days, that's it. Nature takes its course. 

It takes a lot of love and maturity to accept that mom, with her combination of critical aortic stenosis, and a transplanted kidney, and a stroke with exceedingly fragile and frail.

And it would take herculean effort to save mom from herself!

Even with the plates of food prepared for her to warm up, she doesn't eat the protein. My sister used to have to trick her and say 'the rice wasn't ready yet' to get her to eat as her doctors recommend for the sugar.

It is what it is.

There's a thing out there on youtube with scary music and an alien, saying there's something 'not human' at the Congo.

This isn't real.

It's designed to scare people and manipulate them.

I tried to show you the scene from the man who fell to earth where he takes off his contact lenses and shows a cat eye. 

I ended up with a koala.

There are 'humans' --people who claim to be human but aren't--already on earth. The only way to tell is the eyes and how they blink --there's an extra lid that goes sideways, and the pupils look like this for a second. 

There's a film where Britney does it.

There's more people than I care to admit who are on Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart who are like this.

And they laugh when things die. I've seen that too in all of them. 

They don't understand the concept of Love. Unconditional love. The only love they have is for money and power.

So know the score, and don't fret over the 'Congo'. They once blasted a wormhole there to get dark beings from other places 'in'. It's been long since closed. 

Don't worry.

And if you are interested in things that 'are not human', know that end times is a scare where reverse-engineered flying machines and fake aliens are used against humans to traumatize them into agreeing with whatever freedom reduction the controllers want us to accept. 

Like cattle.

Fortunately, Creator of All That Is loves us for who we are--Divine Children.

And help is on the way.

I have a fun story from work. A patient going to sleep was talkative, and pointed at the nurse. 'you, you remind me...of...'

long pause

'That waitress from Sizzler'.

We've enjoyed that story very much. So human. So real. So sweet.

And yes, that waitress WAS the manager too!

We are in good hands.

Always remember this.

We are infinitely loved and cherished.

We are here for a short time to do the work to keep TWDNHOBIAH from taking over.

Please do your part to become slippery to them and un-'controllable' (research, heal, and keep your vibration UP). You know, beat them at their own game by 'playing stupid' like smart country folk do.

But be wise to their game.

Don't let them play it.

It's all in your head, their lies and control system.

You can escape it.


Doing what you love to do.

Going back to nature.

Praying a lot.

And remembering who you ARE!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc couple