Tuesday, March 20, 2018

You Will Have Great JOY!

Things are moving along with Ascension. There was a great shift in the energies around six-thirty PDT. Both Anthony and I felt it.

He said it was as if there were a bunch of rats hiding in a box then the box disappeared, and they were all being taken away because they couldn't hide anymore.

That about covers it!

This is the goal for all beings on surface Gaia. For life to be worthwhile. To be a quality experience.

With much joy.

Yesterday was fascinating. It was one of the extra days off that I seem to be getting often. And my day was full.

I dropped off Anthony to school early, for they are having their standardized tests. Then I went straight to mom's. I had expected terrible traffic, and fortunately it was light. I arrived early and stopped by a shopping mall.

Ross guided me to go to the Ul-ta (under the radar) beauty supply store. It didn't open until ten and I had agreed to meet mom at nine-thirty.

Staples was next door. And I was able to buy things I needed. There were also two 'flip up' shelving units that don't acquire assembly for fifteen dollars apiece on clearance.

Then I stopped by Sprouts to get flowers for mom. I got olive leave extract (supplement). They didn't have indigo. I love my oregano oil and colloidal silver readers have recommended. Tea tree oil is very helpful too.   (as an aside, it's amazing how the anti-vaxxers are standing up to those defending them on my regular FB page. People truly are waking up. And if you are the one making those comments, thank you. Balanced. Respectful. Resolute. The perfect combination. I threw in this article from the developer of the cervical cancer vaccine about the risks for good measure.)

By the way, if you are able to read this quickly--because it might be taken down any time--https://ellacruz.org/2018/03/07/cuaght-hold-your-breath/ is fascinating because it has documents to prove what everyone has suspected all along about mainstream media.

Here is one more article http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-opioid-painkiller-hospitals-20180316-story.html--the things we don't tell you when you are having surgery. I've had to switch to fentanyl and demerol at the surgery center--now there's no fentanyl--and we haven't had dilaudid for six months. And they don't carry morphine on formulary there. The main hospital our pharmacy is diluting up dilaudid into one milligram syringes. It's not good for our patients. Deep down I get the feeling this is no accident either, it's a way to increase suffering worldwide...then again, I may have the 'They Live' sunglasses on you know?

My goal for mom was to go and change her stoma, and teach her caregiver how to do it. The caregiver, naturally, was freaked out. She's a mother of three boys, a recent divorcee, looking to support herself. She has no medical training.  I told her I would always have responsibility for changing it. And only if I get sick or it leaks does she need to her able to step in. We have lots of time! She looked visibly relieved, and as I've come to experience with many people who watch me work, fascinated with the medical stuff when witnessed first hand with a skilled practitioner.

Then I went through mom's junk mail. It filled two chairs. At first mom ordered the caregiver to dump the trash into the recycling, and she went and did it.

My mom is very strange in her old age. No compassion/concept of social graces. She thinks it, she says it. There is no filter. So her lifetime of manipulative behavior is not changed. There's simply no veil or veneer over it like in the past that kept you guessing what her motives were.  She asks for 'favors' still but it's less obvious about the favor and more obvious about her wanting it NOW. I made it a point to dump it the next two times it was full, and the caregiver understood I 'get it'. I also made it a point to stay while the caregiver ate her lunch. I was glad she brought her own.

Anyhow, you would not believe how many people ask mom for money. No wonder why she would say she was 'important in politics'. They word things to trick her. Judicial league, Sierra club, animal rights, Native American rights (I don't think that money helped anyone, sadly), lots from her political party...It's evil, plain and simple. The only good thing I can think about it, is that it keeps our stamps prices lower because it gives the post office something to do. Plus, I got two dollars and twenty cents, fifty cents in stamps, and a cool light up magnifier from the blind charity.  You know how some charities send you money hoping you will send them more back? Well, we kept it.

I came home, and did some business. I'm working on a project, it's fun, and you will see the results probably in a month. I love the rep who I am working with.

To pick Anthony up, Ross suggested we get a snack at Chik-fillet...I had a free coupon for March. And that's all we had. Two eight piece nuggets--one of them free--and two ice creams. And water. This was a good thing because we had many chores/errands for the boy. Bank to cash his birthday checks. New dress shoes for his school play. He got other clothes to go with it too. And then the orthodontist.

We are traveling with the school for a field trip to a country where you need a visa. I filled out the application. I also had to provide his original birth certificate. Yikes! I'm a little nervous because we had to submit our passports to the consulate. But in less than two weeks, we will need the passports to travel! Ross says to trust him on it. So I am. But it's a little too close for my sense of wellbeing. I'm going on lots of faith at the moment.

Yesterday morning was a blur. I made breakfast, packed a lunch, and threw dinner in our slow cooker.  When we came home from our errands it was worth it.

Jared stopped by after work. There had been a deal to buy meat at discount, grass-fed, wild caught, and I had said I would buy ten pounds of sirloin just to help with the group purchase. It came frozen. I'm not used to meat coming frozen. Usually it's fresh and I freeze it. So we will see how it goes. It's wrapped in paper, and who knows what quality it is. There's no stamp on it. I saw a little freezer frost on one paper, it might be freezer burned. And it might be an excellent deal. Who knows? Anthony is thrilled, both to have it, and that it's from his dad.

Ironically, his dad was excited about the basketball game on Sunday. He asked him questions on how it went.

The Creator KNOWS what we need. Even when we don't. And those two are close! I smiled, inwardly. Anthony is a mini-me of Jared! There's no denying who the father of that baby is.

Speaking of babies, here is one of our favorite songs. I hope you enjoy it.

Ross doesn't have anything to say, except 'all is well'. He's been working a lot lately, and I pick up that he is resting.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
Founders of Doctors With Reiki