Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Home Stretch

Today I face the pre-dawn that I usually wake up at, with a little anxiety. It is my day off. And my personal life, my tasks with Ross and with this work, are ramping up.

Oddly enough I find somehow that this work feels more 'normal' and 'compelling' than my day to day at the hospital!

I enjoy the creativity and the community I find here, it is deeply fulfilling.

The only concern is how to accomplish what I need to get done in only one day? I sense Spirit is 'nudging' me in the direction of this new work. So when I go to the hospital, I enjoy the rich working relationships with my peers, the nurses, doctors and techs, because it might not last forever. It's so funny because nine years ago, I was brand-new there and I didn't know anybody. And now I am just as close, if not closer, to the people I knew and worked with when I was in training and as an attending at the university.

Life moves on. And no matter how devastating a change may be to you--when I was 'between jobs' I was entirely freaked out as a single mother back in 2009--in every way it was a move for the best.

Things are starting to build energetically. Ross and I do much work together, stuff we don't tell anyone.

He says it's time for me to talk now.

We have new Reiki symbols we use. They are strong. Two days ago it was for Endurance. For all the Light workers running the race to the finish line.

Yesterday we took the opportunity to assist bringing two exes together in their line of work. An OB-Gyn had invited her ex-husband, a General Surgeon, to assist her on a difficult case. They hadn't worked together on anything in years! He had spoken of it, with his apprehension, and confusion that she would ask him for something like that.

Long story short, the patient could have had cancer (we won't know for sure until the pathology is back), and the Gyn-Onc teams were so impacted they couldn't fit the patient into the schedule for two months. The mass was very large. So she decided to proceed. But she couldn't do complete things that needed to be done, because a Gyn-Onc can do things a OB-Gyn can't. But a General Surgeon CAN!

So patient comes first!

Ross and I--he created--the new symbol called 'Love Squeeze'. I applied it during the case. I also trusted in Spirit. I asked the room what to play on the radio? They asked for '80's and 90's music'. So I did. I thought, why play that and bring back the memories they might get mad? But the tech and the RN were wise, it kept the room happy, and the case although awkward proceeded well.

My little 'antennae' are always up.

She still loves him. She's remarried. She's given him a painful divorce. She's the one who got the 'Dear Wife' letter from someone who let her know what her husband was 'up to' -- fooling around behind her back.

What I picked up is he's the same 'bad boy' she always fell in love with, who fathered her children, and lived his life the way he wanted to live. (he is the busiest surgeon in the west coast--seriously).  He had started as my anesthesia resident, and switched, just like I started as a surgeon and switched to anesthesia early in my residency.

He wanted to be a surgical specialty like her.

So on a deep level, she respects and admires him (he's paid so much in child support and alimony, on time, always, no matter how much she asks). And she's sad that things didn't work out. (which I understand).

At the same time, he just doesn't 'get' why she doesn't let him go? He wants to move on and to enjoy his kids. And he has for the most part. But deep deep down, he doesn't understand the heart. How it doesn't make sense. Even when your ex-wife is a doctor...who is supposed to make sense.

Ross and I did a lot of healing in the room, and by extension, throughout the Consciousness--in uniting warring factions and opposites with a common purpose to help those who are suffering.

This is the kind of work we do.

And he does his own kind of work with Anthony too. I'll go into that at another time.

Yesterday Anthony manifested.

He truly did. He didn't want to go to basketball practice. It had been a long day, and all afternoon the drama teacher had been yelling at them.

I was ready to take him. I just took him for a snack, chips and guacamole and horchata. But after we ran our errands, it started to rain, and sure enough the coach had cancelled the practice!

At home I let him have one 'hour' (actually one and fifteen minutes, I was testing him to see if he's self-stop)...then I asked him to help me cook.

We made the Pillsbury pizza dough baked Ruben braided sandwich.

Anthony enjoyed this special time very much. When we cook I do most of the work and make things easy for him. We layered the thousand island dressing, the leftover corned beef cut fine, the swiss cheese and the sauerkraut. When cut little slices on the edges of the dough and started to fold them, he went, 'WOW!' and finished.

As it went into the oven I showed him how to make a vinaigrette from scratch. He washed and spun the lettuce for the salad, and I prepared the cucumber and the strawberry.

It was a good meal.

And afterwards?

We took our vitamins we had skipped in the morning. And then he offered to show me his drawing from school that 'had everything'.  His doodles. I was a terrible guesser. Is this two babies? No mom, it's eyes, see the face? Is this a house? No mom it's this. I told him as long as he wasn't drawing naked things I was okay with it. But I wasn't sure if some things were obscene or not, and he laughed and said, 'no mom that's something else!' and I believed him.

Then I showed him the photo of the woman with the last snow shovel that looked like she's a pole dancer that was going around online. He totally cracked up.

He asked me if I thought it's better to tell someone you like them, or not?

My ears perked up.

I said, in my opinion, it depends on what your goal is. If you goal is to find a good partner and friend, then you want to know the truth where you stand sooner instead of later. But not too soon--saying you are interested too soon can be a little creepy. I shared how I wished I had learned how to have that talk with people before I started dating them too much, instead of after I had been in a relationship a while. The 'I think I like you, we might have something here. How do you feel?' kind of talk.  This way if the person doesn't feel reciprocal you have more time to go out and try again.

Then, remembering the surgeons, I asked him 'do you know what kinds of things make people fall out of love?'

He said, 'how would I know, I've never been in love!'

I said, 'in know...just answer'.

Then we came upon trust. And how trust is important in relationship. Many things can break it. Lack of honesty. Being unfaithful. Spending all the money. Not working and contributing in some way to the household--you know the person who sits around and spends and plays all day while the other works hard to keep things going?

I told him these kinds of talks are important for his future happiness because happiness isn't taught in schools.

I think it should be.  How to have a happy family, a successful career, and a good home environment.

Well, I guess I'll go start my day <3

Ross asks me to mention what else I've been up to.

I've been reading. Reading that book about the mind control. It's deeply troubling to learn what they do and my heart is filled with compassion for the victims. These individuals are given shocks with cattle prods and stun guns every day. Typically right to the brain stem. Like, five to ten seconds of it. I've seen electroshock therapy for depression in the elderly. It's horrifying. The way the author talks about the programming shocks--and how people convulse after it--I know exactly what it looks like because I've done the anesthesia for the ECT. I close my eyes, to be honest. I give the muscle relaxant but they have a tourniquet up on one arm so only that one arm will show the seizure. It's gross to watch. I've heard it helps, and I've asked the patients, they say it helps. I do know the treatment has been outlawed in Berkeley for a long time too, though. It's controversial, the ECT for depression. The programming stuff is worse.

Ross wants me to share with you that at the time of the book being written (my guess is late 90's, early 2000's) the technology was there to use harmonics to do the programming. The thoughts can be embedded into some electromagnetic wave, and driven into the brain. Then the old-fashioned way isn't as needed, with a human programming the victim. They can do trauma based programming in fifteen minutes. In the back of a restaurant. In a room in a casino. Anyplace because the equipment is portable. So someone could be taken away, traumatized and given new alters, and come back none the wiser in a social setting!!!  And that 'neurolyzer' thing in the movie Men In Black? They do something like that to people too, with the stun gun, at the end to make people forget it ever happened to them.

Apparently the fractures of the personality aren't 'clean'. And some 'front' personalities have a 'family' of similar 'personalities' even though they are labeled as 'one' alter. And one holds the anger, the other holds the painful memories...He says that human brains are better than computers, and computers can wall off sections and have different parts--so the old-fashioned idea that one brain one personality isn't necessarily true--if you carry out the logic that the human brain-computer can behave like a regular computer.

The author also says that most people who go through therapy for multiple personality disorder only treat the front personalities. Then the deeper stuff in the back is untouched. So everyone is happy, the patient, the therapist, and the programmers!

It's so sad.

I think this means the technology to influence thought from a distance may be close to implementation?

The way Ross said my situation is, is like I'm being bombarded with a soup of frequencies from everything living here on surface Gaia, and it can be brought to a boil.

But he said not to fear, everything is going in the right direction. It's going to be okay.

Here's two more videos along these lines if you are interested:

In this context the sudden placement of 5G makes sense, right? Damage control? Or worse? 

I've noticed the funny fat 'flagpoles' and the like in our area, too. You might want to look around where you work and live.


We are good.

Try not to take it to heart about the programming.  You need to know there is a layer of what is known that is very thin, and beneath it is much much thicker layers of deception.

For example, consider the possibility this film raises-- there be switching around of people in various roles of who we know?

This is more than Justin Bieber originally being a 'Justine' as some videos allege. 

This is the deliberate misinformation and lying to the public about a 'great leader'.

All of the truth will come out in the end. Truth is stranger than fiction. And I'm NOT saying that the information in this video is true, I may add.

I am just 'opening up the realms of possibility' to the open mind.

Anything can happen.

I and my teams--including YOU, our noble Ground Crew--are prepared to handle anything which might arise!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple