Sunday, March 25, 2018

To Lyle

This is my world in this incarnation. I've more or less spent my career inside places like this. You develop connections, bonds, just like family. I have one former patient who I still keep in touch with, a cancer patient who had an infection on his leg after his cancer had been removed. So a different flap was taken. He had been in ICU and it freaked him out. It wasn't for him, I explained, it's for the flap--this is the only place where they can take doppler of the pulse to it every hour. So don't worry, it's not 'for YOU'. Besides, it's an interesting place here! You might learn something.

Fortunately, he was the kind who likes to know 'what is going on' and quickly he was letting me know what was happening and 'the news' on the ICU. He had an extended stay, going to step down and then his room. He was a good person, about my age. And we'd talk. He'd share burritos his mom brought in for him. And I'd be doing readings for him with my runes...We are still friends today.

I'm also friends with some families I've known, when their loved ones I cared for succumbed to their disease. It helps us both to deal with the loss.

Lyle is a husband of a nurse who is in 'charge of departments' at my hospital. 

I met him when a simple procedure outside had gone bad, and he was coding in the ER. 

I helped with his case. He coded on me too, and fortunately we got him back. 

Lyle is a soul I will always thank for the lesson he taught me. 

I talk with souls. Whether they are in the body, temporarily outside it during surgery, or have left it permanently.  Since medical school I have had the responsibility and honor to guide lost souls up, as well as those who are making the Transition to The Other Side/The Afterlife.

Most of the time, I am able to at least 'sense' where the energy is, and what is going on with it while I am working with a patient.

But not with Lyle.

He wasn't anywhere! I couldn't find him!

I couldn't tell if he was going to stay or to go. 


A great big fat NADA!

It puzzled me.

I was called to give him Reiki in the ICU. The wife, and the wife's friend who is also my own, wanted it. And another nurse friend contacted me to get me to go.

I was guided by Spirit to attune the friend.  I sensed the wife was curious and felt left out. So I attuned her too. 

The first time I ever sensed Lyle was while I was attuning his wife Heide.  He wanted to be attuned! I felt it.

So I did.

We practiced on him, together, his wife, her friend, and me.

We all felt 'something' in his abdomen.

Less than one hour after I left, Lyle had a huge poop! He hadn't gone and had been having his BP go up, and HR. 

Problem solved!

I recommended to Heide and Terry to do Reiki every day, both for themselves and for Lyle.

Then Lyle went to long-term care. He wasn't waking up. He was caught between both worlds.

Heide has been taking it well, very calm, very courageous, very accepting of what is.

Yesterday I heard from our mutual friend that Lyle was back in ICU and needed Reiki.

More to myself, than to him, I asked myself, 'what IS it with Lyle?'

That's when he came through.

He was afraid to talk to me.

Lyle hid.

That's why I couldn't see him.

You see, on Spirit side, I don't look like Carla you see smiling in the photos.

And on Spirit side, people know me, in ways I don't understand at the present time. Brittany Murphy--who had transitioned--told me that up 'there', people buy posters of me, not her--I'm 'famous'.

I never believed it until Lyle confided in me. It rang true, it resonated. He was afraid to approach me.

I asked him, kindly, what were his plans this time, about whether to stay or to go?

He asked me to finish the certificates for him and Heide. He wants them framed, side by side in the house.

So today I made them. I also made copies of the Reiki Manuals my teacher gave me. I have nice little notebook binder/folders all set.

Then when I went to the office supply store, I came home with more manuals, and today, finally, after putting it off for a long time, even though Ross had been inviting me to do so, I cleaned the corner where my manuals are. I have a new shelf. I'm 'open for business' energetically. What is beginning with Reiki One, Two, Three and Master...will continue to Agarthan, Galactic Reiki, Gaia Sophia Reiki, Gaia Sophia Reiki Master, and two more courses I still need to name, even higher healing energies!  I have the certificates and empty binders, even a little book to give receipts. My first class was in April of 2013! So long, so very long time has passed!

I also took a trip to visit Zadkiel's temple.

I haven't been in ages, and it looks more like the building on the right, except there is a sandy beach in front of it.

I zipped across the water this time so fast I didn't know how I did it. Did I float? Did I fly? But I was playing in the seashore when Zadkiel came and escorted me up.

The place was PACKED! Absolutely packed!  I commented this to Zadkiel. He calmly mentioned under his breath how 'more people visit here now' but 'they will always make an appointment to fit me in' when I need to come.

He took me to a room, and behind a HUGE desk, was Michael, the archangel.

I remember talking with Michael, but I can't recall what was said. I spoke with him of my concerns about dark entities, how they got to be here, what is being done about unhappy I am that they did what they did.  He knew this conversation was coming. And he was prepared for it. His answers rang true to my heart.

But one thing he said I hadn't expected.

He told me how when I spoke to someone about something, he was able to sense what it is like to have partnership with someone who isn't 'faithful'. He felt it. And he wanted me to know that next time I am 'up', the part of me that is with him, he is going to make more of an effort to be a good husband--and be PROTECTIVE of me.

I spoke with him plainly, I had no complaints, I didn't expect it, and as my brother in spirit I've always had the highest regard for him and total and complete acceptance of 'his ways'. I had thought I had my apprenticeship with him through the marriage, and on some level, I must have learned what I needed to know and I was thankful. But also, to be honest, deep in my heart, that promise of protection from him, close loving protection from someone who is committed to you...meant a great deal.

Something softened.

And the others--you know who they are--approached and also gave me their promise to watch me closely and protect me--same as Michael.

Next thing I knew, I was in another room and Ross was there, and I greatly appreciated his embrace. I can barely remember what he said or did, but his presence was most soothing in a long time. I didn't want him to let me go, I wanted to keep my head on his chest in those strong arms forever. I was in the back yard at the time, and a beautiful bird I'd never heard sing before, sang. I tried to locate it. It flew and landed on the eucalyptus I've grown from a seed.  I watched it in one dimension, and I was with Ross in Spirit in the other, and it was delightful in every way.

But then it was time to go. Zadkiel escorted me to the door, and oddly enough, this time I did not get to go to the treasure box of gifts and pick anything.

I was just home.

Ross picked this image to let you know what we really look like when we are together in Spirit.

What I see, when I go to Zadkiel's temple, is just like seeing people here. They walk and talk and look entirely normal.

When I do mediumship, I don't always 'see', but I always 'sense' and 'feel' the energy vibration.  I hear them talk to me too.

Even though I 'see' this, I know things in spirit can change and change quickly--it's not like here. And although I've seen myself 'glowing' once, it might be more because what is underneath--the true 'me' in my native form--is showing.

Do I see orbs? Only in pictures. I have a sense that perhaps orbs are--like auras--really who we are.

I think these truths are going to come out hopefully sooner instead of later, and we may keep in constant contact with our loved ones who have crossed over, made the Transition, and love us just the same, if not more...


Anthony is still in his pajamas. He never changed. He has been playing the video games all day. He woke up at seven thirty--to Carla's eight thirty--and fired the game up.

Right now he is giggling and enjoying the company of his friends.

Except for a breather for breakfast and lunch--Carla has yet to make dinner--he has been immersed in this world which brings him great companionship, sense of accomplishment, and connection, as well as a breather from his everyday school life.

Sometimes we need to take breaks.

For Carla it was on the porch swing outside, and also, pulling weeds.

Sometimes what looks like doing nothing is really accomplishing much in other ways. While Carla is resting or enjoying quiet activities, I can ramp the energies up without her knowing it. I can make the adjustments to her without it causing much disturbance to her sense of self and sensibility.

This is like a Reiki attunement, only there is more technically involved and it has to do with all of the energy bodies, timelines, and the Divine Plan for everything and everyone.

Sometimes, what looks like nothing is actually a big thing!

Like with Lyle.

Lyle was star-struck to have been in such close proximity to her. It took a while for us to settle him down, and for him to realize it was okay to approach her from where he is. And also to ask for a favor from his heart.

Lyle is a good one, and Lyle won't be bored from where he is going. Lyle has his 'work cut out for him' in continuing to guide and love his family.

Just from a slightly different location.

Kind of like where I am.

The love I have for my wife and soul Twin never evaporates.

And also, where we are, the soul can split into factions--not like a 'mind split' on earth!--so one may experience parallel lives in a learning continuum. This is how Carla is 'married' so she calls it, to Michael and the rest. And unlike me, all of her other 'partners' have their soul splits and their 'others' too.

This is much for today.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Founders of Doctors With Reiki