Friday, October 14, 2016

Why I Left My Parent's House

I had my own room.  I enjoyed my family very much. But there was always this tension...

I simply couldn't take the conflict any more, the yelling.

I wanted peace.

I wanted peace and a chance to develop my true potential with clarity of mind, and a quiet heart that was not disturbed by lower vibrations...I have to be very delicate how I say the next part....this is why I am not pinning it up on FB and Twitter.

This message is for those who really know my heart, and seek knowledge of the ways of spirit in which I guide...

There was a reason for my suffering in my family home.

I didn't know it until after I had taken Reiki 2, and met Margaret Mc Cormick, and hired her services.

Let me explain.

We live in a world where we are affected by both the visible and the invisible energies which are here.

Margaret is an expert in clearing spaces. She works with the Guides of Compassionate Healing to remove any and all negative imprints or entities from a building.  Margaret is not an exorcist--she's not 'sage on steroids'--she is a specialist in what she does, and her team far outweighs her in Spirit. She communicates with them about the situation, and together they do most of the work.

Margaret has the ability to remove negative energies and send them HOME to Creator, directly home, with no chance whatsoever of them being loose and able to attach/bother someone else who is incarnate!!!

Most people who use sage only make the negative things uncomfortable enough to not be welcome, and they can still return. The really unhappy memories (negative imprints) are not removed. And the entities are not removed. Sage, and in my case, blessed salt (which is even more powerful when sprinkled around the perimeter of the building) with an archangel medal (like from a catholic store--fifty cents each) in each corner of the home--only temporize.  They don't fix.

The home is built on layers and layers of history which have taken place there before.  The house is affected by the energy grids, underwater rivers, and more.

Margaret understands it all. And I have her clear my house once a year just to keep the vibration high.


Margaret also clears people.

Most people--remember the aura like an eggshell which protects us?--most people have a few major shocks of grief or fear, or illnesses, which open the protection just for a split second.

What most people do not know is we live in a soup of detached spiritual beings with very low vibration who are actively seeking a host source of energy to stay alive.

And they go in.

They attach.

And they start sucking the vital life force energy from their host, a true parasite in spirit, if you will.  The reason is because these souls, which are called Negative Entities, are disincarnate, but didn't go UP for some reason--they wanted to stay here. But once they pass over, their energy system which is provided to them via the human body gets cut off. So they aren't back Home. They are here, in this realm, and they are losing energy fast, so they seek a host.

Most souls of this type didn't plan to be in this situation.

They just didn't think they were 'worthy' to go UP, or they didn't believe it was possible to go Home, or they really wanted to stick around for their loved ones...but they didn't fathom the need to go to keep their soul energy going.  All their family and friends who are deceased tried their best to get through to them to help them go up, but it didn't work.

So like the cat stuck up in a tree that couldn't get down, they find the first open aura, even if it's for a split second, and stick!  They hold on for dear life, and the host is completely clueless.

Margaret can track the age of the attachment, and the number of them. She negotiates a deal with these entities and the Guides of Compassionate Healing as to who gets removed first and how, so as not to affect the host or the attachment.

I've had this done for me. And like most adults, I had five attachments.

One was very thankful to me, a woman, and when it was her time to go, she expressed this sentiment to me. She said she really didn't mean to attach, and she was glad to go home.

I think she was an artist. I used to have all these urges to paint, and once she left, I really haven't felt the same before.

Anthony had two. I had him worked on when he was four. But something happened when he was two...

Margaret was deeply touched I would clear him. It's not cheap. And since she puts the golden mesh of protection over each person she clears--Anthony is spared lots of trouble from ever being attached again.

I needed the mesh to protect me in my medical/spiritual work. I'm around all kinds of beings in the O.R., and it's 'mano a mano' sometimes with my soul and theirs. The anesthesia makes the soul open. I protect.

That's how I got into doing what Margaret does, informally. I would be looking in an energy system of a patient, and find things. Nasty things. The really harmful ones. And I would call to the Guides of Compassionate Healing to HELP me OUT!  I couldn't just leave it there inside the patient, you know?

There are some types of disincarnate entities who are more serious a problem than the Negative Entity Parasitic soul attachments.

There are some that like to hurt people.  They enjoy to torment their hosts. And their families.

They typically travel in pairs, a Major and a Minor.

The are the Dark Entities.

These come out first, the minute that Margaret discovers them.  It's the only way, or else they would hold the host 'hostage' even worse than they have since the time of attachment.

My mother and I have cleared a great many people through Margaret:

  1. me
  2. Anthony
  3. mom
  4. nana
  5. uncle beni
  6. both my sisters
  7. both my sister's families
  8. my babysitter and her son
  9. Anthony's father and his old girlfriend
  10. Anthony's uncle who is mean to me
  11. Anthony's grandmother paternal
  12. the son of a friend who lives in Puna (Margaret did that one for free)
  13. some patients and colleagues of me at the hospital

It's not cheap.

My sister had two of the Dark Entities attached to her, along with the Negative ones.

You know how people sometimes say 'it's the beer talking' or 'the wine talking' instead of the person who drank it?

That's how it was.

My beautiful sister who is sweet and kind since birth said some really mean things at times. Really cruel and mean ones.  She also suffered all kinds of terrible pain, especially in her gut, where she was forced to lie in bed for days.

Once those things were removed, we saw a new sweetness in her. 

And her pain went away, for a long time. 

Mom and I didn't say a word of it to ANYONE. Why? Because people think if they are the parasite to a Dark Entity they must be Dark or have done something Dark, and their feelings get hurt.

This is not the case. It's the luck of the draw--with who's out their seeking and when the aura is opened up.  

It could happen to anyone.

That's why we don't judge.

What I can say is that the feeling of my skin crawling, the extreme discomfort, the fear of being around my sister who thrived on conflict and drama--all went away. It took a while to realize she's better (without her knowing it) and to trust again.

That's not to say she's totally normal. She has her Life Lessons, her Life Script, and her own things to deal with...they are challenging and difficult, and anyone who walks so long with a rock in their shoe is going to get a sore foot, and be a little cranky and miserable because of it.

But it's not the same.  It's not the same words that cut deep that knew how to push the buttons and cause me pain. That was never again.

Can a shield break?

Unfortunately, yes. It can from within. If the person continues to make bad choices which lower the vibration, the shield and aura weaken from within. 

This gold mesh is forever. It will last from one incarnation to the next. All outside things will bounce off it. 

Do I do removals like Margaret?

She is the only one to work with the Guides of Compassionate Healing. Officially. I had asked her to train me, and she never did. She didn't make me Divine Peace Healing master either, I asked, so I can't teach it.  

I only have the ability during my course of work, and I know who the Guides of Compassionate Healing are, and I love to be on their team. 

I used to be able to contact Margaret and get clearings in less than a week. Now it takes about two to three months wait time.  Once you request the service, no more new things can attach to you--spirit says--but you have to wait.

That's why I left home.

The Dark Entities in my sister made life so miserable for me I couldn't live there any more. Which is what it is, I'm not blaming them. In fact, it's a good thing in a way--a very small way--because if I had been content there I would have been a total mama's kid you know? And never left. 

There's more.

There is a certain 'negative spiritual practice' here on earth, where they invite all these Dark Entities in, and work with them.

Many of the people you know and trust who are in the media--music, the arts, athletics, politics, business--are card-carrying members of this group.

They have their symbols all over the place, their 'gang signs' they flash to each other--statues, emblems in buildings.

They lie and convince the public the unseen world does not exist--while at the same time actively work with it to bring more suffering and sadness and very low vibration to Gaia and her people.

This is who I call 'the other team'.

This is why I don't get really involved in people's stories of 'things' they have seen and are curious what to do about it--so as not to feed the energy of attention (this is important) to those low energy entities.

I just sent them to Margaret. I refer out. She's got the resources to deal with it, and she earns every penny of the energy exchange (compensation) for her brave energy work she does. 

Many of the ones who won't change--the incarnate ones who choose to invite these dark dark beings here--are being confronted by Divine Mother and Divine Father. They are offered a choice--heal, or merge with Source.  The ones who choose healing team up with another specialty group like the Guides of Compassionate Healing--get a mentor--and move on to their advanced in depth healing as a soul.  The others? Well, this has been going on now for some years. They merge.  

I have seen it. It's like the soul stands on a conveyor belt, and it's headed towards an incinerator like light of whiter than white. And they go in. Many mock Creator all the way down that conveyor belt.

There are screams once they hit. 

And the angels weep at the loss of a soul. Many many angels are watching and weeping with great sadness...

Free will is honored, even in soul 'death'.  The energies are merged, and the soul as it was is no more, but it's qualities remain, the good ones, and will come back scattered through the new souls who are created.  Those will not be lost for all time...those qualities.

We thank Divine Mother Incarnate, for doing this brave spirit work only She can do. 

It's not easy on her, physically. She's been doing this a long time.  She won't stop until her work is complete.

She also makes Diamond Shields, much like Margaret.  I have one. Anthony does too. Perhaps also my mother.  You may contact SirianHeaven to learn more about them.

I think, once these Dark Entities and Negative Entities are cleared from the people of Gaia, and the negative imprints are cleared from Her's going to be a really nice place.

I look forward to it.


Come to me.

If you look to Margaret and can't afford it.  If Isabel's prices are too high, and you are stuck--come to me.

(one finger up!--ed)  If you are being cheap and trying to 'get a deal' and not pay these wonderful energy workers for their services (he spits on the ground--ed) I won't have anything to do with you.  If you can save and help the causes (our Lightworkers need heat and it's winter)...I will know.

But if you are truly without means, (holds the finger up--ed) and I KNOW you are telling the truth--I will send my teams to assist you.

I will offer you the aluminum foil shield.

It will only last from here until when eternity begins, and you won't need it any more.

I will clear you so nothing can hurt you, and everything that is meant to leave will be removed in the safest possible way, at the safest possible time.

It might take months for the process. 

If you get hit with a sudden need to take a nap, that's us.

And I promise all Dark Entities, both major and minor, will be removed at once from your person.

(he squats down and starts tracing things with his finger in the sand--ed)

Look up.

I want you to look up at the tabs while you are reading.

See the one, 'Free eBook--Messages From My Patients'?

There's the money, the ransom, for your shield.

Carla put all the work--from her heart--out there for you.

Carla worked a deal with the Guides of Compassionate Healing long before I ever met you in this work, long before Carla ever met ME and knew who I am.

Carla worked a deal to do the clearings and healings on every single one of her readers, just the same as Margaret, without anyone knowing.

Carla took all the royalties and proceeds she would have gotten had she published that book--and possibly never had to work a day in her life again--and made it free to anyone who wishes to read it. 

THAT was the collateral the I and my teams (yes, I am one of the Guides of Compassionate Healing! Are you surprised?)--(he smiles that gorgeous smile--ed) negotiated as the energy exchange for our work. 

(he folds his fingers together and looks up, he's not squatting any more, but like at a desk--ed)

There is no foil.

You already had it.

Carla bought the space for you, from her own heart, for your safety for you to do your spiritual work and grow, free of 'obstructions'.

And grow you did!

My wife, my partner, my soul twin, sure knows how to make an YOU and your spiritual potential.

The only catch is, if you go to Margaret, she is going to see what there was before you started to read this work. And tell it to you.

That way you will never know the intervention Carla worked for you on your behalf, for your highest good.

That way both Margaret and Isabel will get the compensation they so richly deserve. 

It's quite an investment, and if you haven't gotten a gold mesh shield or a diamond shield officially installed, I highly recommend it. 

But in the meantime, know you are good. My wife and I arranged for it. From our infinite love for you, and our encouragement for your own spiritual growth.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple