Sunday, October 9, 2016


Actions speak louder than words, right?

Well, energy signature speaks louder than that.

And for those of us who are awake enough to sit on our own councils--who meditate and visit with our teams for direction while fully conscious--that's about as good as it gets to who is our 'identity' from any of our past lives.

When it comes right down to it, there are a lot of 'impostors' out there. They are for the protection of those who are um, not sure how to say it, but perhaps 'key players' is the best descriptive term to use in this whole Ascension thing.  It's just like the groomsmen and bridesmaids are for the wedding protect them again harm by having others similar to them in the ceremony. At least that's how it was in ancient times.

Why am I talking about this?

Because it still hurts a little from Mr. Incarnate Saul.

And because today, I was told by Spirit, 'not to get the mail'. I was like, 'WHAT?!' it's Sunday. What could it possibly be?

It was something.

It kinda hurt, and kinda made sense, a little, but...I'm not buying into it, or the Source behind it.  It's not SOURCE Source.

It was this month's Venture Inward.

There is a whole lot going on 'out there', a whole lot of messages, and you just have to pick and choose which ones lift you up and fill you with total delight and joy, and the ones you just have to skip.

The good part for me about seeing this, is by comparison, I know what is in my soul, in my heart of hearts, and I am okay with it.

If there is nobody here incarnate who 'gets me', I would be fine, because everyone Back Home where I go with my Councils, 'knows me' and 'loves me for who I am'.

Does it matter?

In a word, and only because I am so blessed to have those who know me and love me openly here who are incarnate just like me--not really.  A cake doesn't need to have icing. But when it does?!

Whoo boy! It's something glorious.

And all of the people who are incarnate and who know who they are and who love me are totally my icing on the cake of THIS incarnate experience.

Thank you.  I thank you with all my heart. And I love you very much.

To Spirit, with the warning? Thank you too. I was having too much fun today, and yes reading that article in the issue did put a damper on things.

Just like the message from a certain 'Co-B-rah' was like, WTF?  It too is disinformation. Guys, we are almost home, and yesterday's blog post pointed the way.

Can our powers of manifestation (keeping our thoughts 'high and tight' for the positive and accepting nothing less) surpass those of the followers of that Co-B-rah?

Without a doubt!

We could do it because WE have the stronger frequency, and WE through our Reiki (those of you who do energy work) are the strongest Conduits of The Good Stuff, energy-wise, that our Teams keep pumping into our existence!!!

It's also, at the same time as we do this vital function for the people of Gaia, it is also very important to take the time to accept the gifts we have been given in this incarnation.  The smiles of our loved ones. The time spent together with them. Our not having to work on our day off, and getting to sleep in.

Our life is good.

Today Anthony wanted to download Pokeman Go.  I took a shower and talked with Ross just to be sure. I said yes.

It was fun for us, me and Anthony. Something new. Something that got us outside. And I loved it that it's not really popular any more, so we are behind that 'curve'.

It's all in the mind. It's all what we decide to believe in.  Believing in a certain deity won't make them appear or disappear--they exist no matter what!  But controlling our 'response' and 'reaction' to our Life Situations IS a form of 'believing' which permits us to co-create successfully once we master it.

Here is a link that might be of interest, just in the story of the person who is my patient (there ARE no accidents!)  Noel:

It's her attitude about adoption that is the learning point. It really is.

Just to finish, I will share this:

I will give thanks for all that is good.

I will give thanks I don't have to pay attention to what is bad.

And I am thankful for this lesson, which gives me great peace in my heart. I know who I am. And I know how I am making the most of my gifts Creator has bestowed on me.

I know my heart, my soul Twin, and his genuine loving nature, his humor, and his constancy in his support of my growth.  This is the greatest gift of all. And it's forever.


I am the tree.

Carla is the water.

(gestures with his hands--coming together as if he is holding a ball and looking at it from different angles--ed)  We go together.

If it is a duck, and believe me, on this lake there are plenty of ducks!  If it is a duck, it is going to quack. It is going to quack the same way, every single time, without stopping and doing something else.

It will waddle. It will paddle and it will swim. It will fly.  It is going to do everything a duck was meant to do (one finger up, and waves it a little from side to side while looking at you--ed) and EVERYONE recognizes it.

So, no matter what language it is called, everyone on Earth is familiar with a duck by the time they are three, if not earlier.

So are you.

Are you familiar with the ways of Spirit, just as familiar as you are right now with the way of the duck?  That you can recognize it anywhere, even if it is called something not the same in another language?

One day you will.  When the Veil is gone, and everything will be made clear.

Then Carla will have a knowing glance and a smile for everyone, including me.

Until then (one finger up--ed) Carla bides her time.

As do I (extends arms out horizontally as in 'this big'--ed) ...I am eternal, and for me, there is no such thing as time! Time does not exist!  (he smiles and laughs softly--ed)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Team