Saturday, October 8, 2016

Let It Be

It's getting surreal out there, folks.

And if you know about the energies, it makes a lot of sense.

We live in an ocean of energy--everything is connected through our energetic systems. We are all creations from Source and being incarnate.

What we are exists not always in the incarnate state, but for now, due to the Veil (our ability not to know why we are here and our Life Script)--we inhabit human bodies in the experience called Life.

The energies on Surface Gaia are increasing at a rapid pace, like a trail on a mountain that goes straight UP...

What does this bring?

Hmmmm....(big smile)

For starters, how about time speeding up. Can you believe it's October already? Where has this year gone?

The ability to telepathically communicate with others. Even my eleven-year old boy is starting to notice this.

Seeing the best in others and enjoying their company, their unique qualities, and being able to relax and not be defensive.

And...Being able to Manifest.

What does this mean?

Things that are on your mind happen!

The energy in the 'soup' or 'ocean' around us activates by what goes on in our mind! And it Co-Creates life experiences for us!

What kind of work do you think a high-functioning anxiety human is going to co-create?

Here is a video:

Anxiety begets MORE anxiety-producing life experiences!

THIS is why we learn to meditate.

THIS is why we learn to 'control our mind' in the sense that as soon as negative or unwanted thoughts come up, and they do, we pluck them out and give them to the huge garden waste bag of St. Germain for them to transmute. We do not give any energy to unwanted thoughts because in turn these unwanted thoughts co-create unwanted things in our life!

This is why it makes complete and total sense to be Zen, to love everyone, to avoid judging people, and to practice daily gratitude for What Is!!!

In short, we live HERE--like the meadow in this lightbulb of 'ideas'--above.

Well what about the people who don't?

What about the people who don't have the ability to focus with their minds on things like we do?

What about the people whose minds are loaded--no safety on it--ray guns of co-creation who are pointing them at themselves in a Self-Destruct Mode?

And they don't even know they are doing this?

What used to be hidden and able to be contained in 3D that goes on in the privacy of one's mind/thoughts is like pouring gasoline onto a fire in 5D and above!!!  

Negative thinking, worry, anxiety, desperation, fear...all of these habitual reactions and responses...aren't for the best as Surface Gaia and all of her beings increase in their vibrational state...because of the co-creation that goes with it!

I feel very sad, because someone close to me, a sister, is living a nightmare every day. She is at the end of her ability to cope. Her coping skills are stretched beyond reason. Everywhere she turns, there is one disaster after the next.

She is co-creating in the mode of 'worry is praying for what you don't want'...and the freight train of energy is out of control.  The family is plagued with unhappiness, poor health, and stress.

I don't know what to do besides Love. To love everything and everybody and hope for the best for my sister.

I am dealing in a way that won't 'connect'--my dimension, my reality, my resilience, my discipline with spirit, and my limitless love and gratitude for my teams--can't be put into words, or a five-minute talk, or even and five-hour long YouTube.

Someone whose mind is occupied by fear and worry can't HEAR it, what I have to say--because their mental processes and heart are on a different 'bandwidth'.

It does not compute.

This begs the question, 'What do we owe the person who is struggling with the Higher Energies? How do we help them? How do we assist?'

The answer, dear reader, is this, 'You are the ones who achieved incarnation for this EXACT reason! You have a known track record of expertise in the Awakening and Assistance with Ascension! You got the job!'    AND   'Energetically you must anchor deep into Gaia's core of energy, and HOLD THE SPACE' (for others to awaken).

These people, like my sister, are drowning, and WE, the awakened Lightworkers, are the Life guards on the jet skis out in the big surf to help save them.

We also have our teams supporting US, and furthermore, they are experts at this too. may ask, 'What does Holding The Space for them look like, exactly? I can't picture it.'

You don't engage.

You listen.

You love.

And you set a limit to how much of this you can take--after a certain time you 'gotta go'...and you hang up the phone, you go do something which energizes you, and you recharge your batteries (with Reiki, a saltwater bath, sunshine, exercise, Nature)...

With my sister, when I am strong (put your own oxygen on first!) I will contact her. I will express caring and concern for her well-being. I will NOT give medical advice. I will NOT engage in taking any sides. I will give reassurance. Then I will hang up the phone, because I do not have unlimited energy or time to give.

I have a right to live in the energy of 5D and the Higher Realms.  And you know what? The more we live in the Higher Realms, the more they will begin to manifest as our reality.

No more death and disease.  No more poverty. No more raping mother Nature and the environment.

All is good.

I think for the past week I've been seeing lightships that are just barely cloaked--it's like I can almost see them as they are, if I concentrate. The clouds have ripples like form of something. The sky has a big blue stripe down the middle of the overcast. It's just odd.

You may ask, 'Well, Carla? What about YOU? You were not in a good place about a week ago--with all your taxes, your lawsuit, your not being paid (I still haven't for that one case). What happened?'

I felt it, and let go.

I cleared it, the energy.

I simultaneously accepted What Is in The Situation, taking full responsibility for how I got into this state, AND I let go of the outcome.

In short, I knew this is Illusion, temporary, and miserable as it is, Unreal.

I also decided not to struggle with a certain incarnate person who channels Ross that just wasn't 'clicking' with me (and never has, even back in the day when Ross was incarnate with me)--and at Ross' advice just let it pass.

I also see how sometimes, this, in its own way, is a gift...

So I CLEAR it. And I don't get stuck. I move on.

I know for sure Ross and my teams had a lot to do with it, too. Somehow guiding me in ways I can't see or understand or pinpoint, but helping me to get a 'breather' with this last round of lessons.


In the coming weeks and months, you are going to seek 'equilibrium', with the milieu of the surrounding energy.

Everything is connected!

(he looks at us intently to make a point--ed)

So if the strong ones disengage and start pumping in pure golden LIGHT--through all of the interconnections--guess what is going to stay?

The good things.

The happy things.

There are enough of these good things for everybody.

(he looks down, closes his eyes, puts his fingertips at each temple--and concentrates--ed)

THIS is how a battle is won!

It is not by arms, or negotiations.

The complete and total surrender of The Darkness is only one thought away...YOUR thought!...and for just as much strength and discipline you can muster to Keep On Thinking it!

Love and Gratitude is the strongest combination in the Universe!!!

And remember, you don't have to be the victim of a sharp mouth in order to 'prove your love'--a sharp mouth is only going to lower your vibration. And like the drowning person, someone who is 'drowning' in the Higher Energies just might try to step on you to save themselves, and pull you under the 'water' of the very dense vibrations.

(he shows the throttle on the jet ski going vroom vroom with that twisting motion of the wrist and hand--ed)

You know what to do.

Tap into this  (he shows his arms fully extended, and above him--he is wearing white, eggshell really--I see the most beautiful city of Heaven. It is made with white bricks and it's glowing. It's like a huge Castle town, and there is sound of singing and it feels of perfect calm, nurturing, love, warmth, caring...I haven't seen anything like this since my father passed.--ed)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Family