Sunday, October 2, 2016

Gaia News Brief 2 October 2016--Medical School Reunion

I am at the desk of a hotel on the tenth floor of the Hyatt, watching the sunrise in La Jolla. Below my window is La Jolla Palms, the apartment complex I lived in during my fellowship in cardio thoracic anesthesia.  It was on the fourth floor, and I had a window to look out, which looked out into the swimming pool of the assisted living place next door.

I made all kinds of Cocoon jokes, from the movie, and teased my guests to go look for pods.

Just down the street, on Regents Street, is La Jolla Del Sol, the graduate student and faculty housing where I lived for the entire duration of medical school. I lived in a one bedroom apartment on the second floor.

Medical students are resilient. And for places like La Jolla Del Sol, we would call it 'Condo Hell' and tell our friends to 'park at the fourth speed bump' because there wasn't any better way to explain where we actually lived!

It was a long, slow day for me yesterday at home. Dishes from breakfast for the whole week were piled up in the sink. I changed sheets. I cleaned the bunny cage. I'm still not caught up by any stretch of the imagination.  But on the long, slow, very bad traffic that was bumper to bumper through Camp Pendleton, I was able to send Reiki and Divine Peace Healing and enjoy the ride.

Ross asked me to 'check in with him once a day' to 'start our relationship'. Due to free will, he can't 'check in with me' unannounced and uninvited.

I like talking about our relationship. I was a little stymied at the thought, and clarified, 'Ross? How can we plan for our future when there is no Time, it doesn't exist?!'  He gestured about probabilities and timelines and I wasn't clear on it. What I do recall is he asked me what I would say when I first met him?

I told him I'd be like the movie online where the brother surprises his brother, and FURTHER surprises him by bringing his mother from Africa. The grown man, who is the brother and son who is being surprised, runs to the mom, goes into fetal position and rocks himself and cries Mama! Mama! Mama! because he is so overwhelmed with joy.  I said, 'Ross, that's me when you come to find me.'

He wasn't perturbed. He asked, 'What words would you say?'

I said, 'Ross, is that you?!' And I would hug him.

I saw my classmates for the first time in twenty years last night.

Believe you, I had tears of JOY streaming down my face, and I hugged each one, even the ones I hadn't been close to. The passing years have a way of making you thankful to see them. Besides, it has been said that medical school bonds are extremely tight, because we undergo such a challenging experience together. You can pick up where you left off twenty years later, and it's true.

My most amazing joy was to see Madhav, who isn't online on FB like his roommate Townson, both of whom--Hindu and Buddhist--are some of the most spiritual and loving people I know. I was also over the moon to see Lazlo, the son of my classmate who enjoys writing and always encouraged me to write--I'd been to the wedding and now beautiful Lazlo was taller than me, and ready for college! Terry and Jorge also are close to me online, and we send Christmas cards. It was the first time I actually met Terry. I was so content. Their daughter Lauren was excited to know I was coming to the event, and wanted to make sure we all took pictures.

My closest to my heart, Julie B, sat next to me. She and Jack were so kind to me, and I enjoyed spending time with them in my training. She is extremely devoted to her Buddhist faith, and makes many pilgrimages to Asia to help bring freedom to women and economic relief to the poor.

I wonder if this is why Gaia Portal posted this:

I arrived early to the Faculty club. I couldn't find it, the campus had changed so much! Thornton Hospital isn't out in the boonies any more. There are newer, taller medical buildings which surround it. The VA, where I did my summer research project, as well as my training, was all 'Braced Up' for earthquake safety.

I walked back to the Price Center and to the School of Medicine, taking pictures. I was thrilled the Price Center fountain where I used to eat lunch was still there.  And also, the fountain of the woman at the school of medicine. She is me. On the exact spot where she is, there used to be a hill. And on that hill I shared the very first week of medical school--with Susan the artist/psychiatrist to be--that I was going through a divorce.  I cried so hard. It left an imprint in the region. Later, the statue was placed there. The woman has thorns and water comes out her fingers as she stands up on a tall, umbilical cord/placenta metal structure.  I actually waded into the fountain, and cleaned old phone books and way too many plastic bags OUT.  Just like I do when I am on vacation in Victoria--I make it better.

The Che cafe is there. That didn't change too.

My best part, was climbing up to the exit stairs of Liebow auditorium. The upstairs one--I could have the name wrong. And I LOOKED and saw the cross up on Soledad Mountain.  Now there are tall trees obscuring the view. I had to walk out on the roof a little.  But there is was. Ross's presence to soothe me, and I didn't know all those years ago anything at all. I just realized how everything was hand picked, everything is perfect, and even my home where I live is in a eucalyptus grove like the ones at my medical school which I loved.

I am so fortunate and blessed to have been picked to go to USCD School of Medicine and live my dream. So incredibly blessed!

When I'm not on my iPad I will share pictures. I enjoyed the love and reconnection with my classmates very very very much. I'm grateful.

Ross is choosing not to speak because I am in a time crunch to return home. There's a baseball game...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins