Wednesday, October 19, 2016

My Heart

Last night on the way home from work, Ross asked me about my day.

I was sad.  A little.

I was sad because I had the chance to go home early, two people went to relieve me, but I wanted to finish my case. I have no work today. It was only an hour long case. All day long I was happy and content.

But when I left the hospital, it was dark, very dark outside. I felt like my day was over, and the things I had wanted to do, I couldn't.

I didn't even know what to eat for dinner.  What to cook? Where to go if I didn't cook? (Anthony was at his father's)

For the most part, the meditation had been working. I felt more grounded, more energy, and less stress.

I also had a side benefit from the meditation--I shifted from my first wave (of awakening for Ascension) pattern to a "later wave is handling it now" pattern.

I let go of the urgency, the insistency, to write as I did when spirit was 'nudging' me to do this. Spirit stopped with the 'nudging' a long time ago, but it's been my habit, my routine...

I talked to my mom, who is lonely, the whole drive to work. Usually that's when I send the healings.  Mom really likes to think about things, and share and get feedback. I know mom isn't going to live forever, so this time spent on the phone with her is precious to me. The day before, she learned I have done liver transplants and was fascinated, asking me many questions. (The anesthesia for it is a trip, let me tell you. It's really hard.)  So this time she had MORE medical questions.

Then at work, fortunately, I had some very long cases. I was able to catch up on things I had needed to do while monitoring very healthy, stable patients.

Tim told me exercise is important, even if you have to walk in place.

So I did.  I walked in place at the head of the bed, all the while monitoring my patient, keeping my eyes on the screen, for thirty minutes.

THEN and only then did I send the healing.

Ross is gentle and kind, and always helpful.  He suggested I go to a certain place for dinner. I stopped by the crystal shop and almost fell over!  Right near the front was a perfect specimen of the exact same thing I had been reading about and wished to see 'some time' was gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. But I couldn't lift it. I asked how long it's been there? The worker said, 'years'.  I've gone to this store for twenty years. And never once seen it.  I talked with the stone and asked it are you for me or what? The stone wanted to stay. When it's time for me, he will call me. And I will know. It's not time yet.

Manifestation really blows me away!

It's funny, there are two restaurants next to each other across the way. One is new, all fancy schmantzy, wine place. I looked at the menu, I looked inside. It's perfect for millennials. But very pricy.

I got a tostada and was very happy at the OTHER place.

You know, that super expensive fundraiser dinner?  The bread was horrible. The food perfectly cooked but unimaginative and very small portions. The dessert was given out alternate ones to every other seat--we didn't even get to choose!  And the very next night, when I was on call having Vietnamese rice plate dinner for six dollars--I was actually enjoying it MORE than the fancy meal!

Same is true for the tostada.

I'm glad I had it. I went home, took care of the animals, and did my meditation.

You know, it's boring. I like to meditate and talk. But my guides are being mean/parent-like mean--and making me just breathe real slow and experience NOTHING.

After a while, I gave up and went to bed. But I slept well. I did it this morning too, Long slow breaths. I know we get spiritual energy when we breathe. It comes in through the top of our head. (read Serge Kahili King's work on Huna if you'd like to know more).  I pretended I was a Tesla plugged into a wall, and recharged.

Now I'm here. Again, it feels different, it's not floaty but very very grounded as I write.

I send you my love, and I encourage you to find YOUR meditation that works for you, so you can be like a Tesla too!


You write the story of your life.

(he taps his head--ed)  It starts with what you think.

Add to it the 'drama'--your colorful emotions, your desires.

And there it goes!

(he shows a picture of you driving a train of 'lessons' off on it's own path, full speed ahead--ed)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple