Thursday, October 20, 2016


Ross asked me to write about yesterday.

I will.

Yesterday I had the day off.  I had a sore throat. Both Anthony and I have chronic sinusitis, and typically it flares up around the same time for us.  Yesterday, I stayed in bed until noon, with the chills, and then I took a very hot bath with a double dose of Dead Sea salts in it.

I was able to accomplish some very important things. I paid bills. I found papers to sign from my lawyer (they had been sent to my billing company).  I walked about one half kilometer in the sunshine. It was a very hot day. I have a belief that UV light will penetrate us and kill germs (there is a similar device in the O.R. for a terminal clean that flashes very bright light)...

Anyhow, I took care of the most important things first. I rested.  I exercised. I meditated.

Then I fought fires.  I took care of the pets, picked up Anthony from school, did three loads of laundry.

For dinner, Ross had the idea to go to a new burger place who had sent us two five-dollar off coupons. So I bought separately from Anthony, so we got ten dollars off. I had a caesar salad, and mac n cheese, and one Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (I haven't tasted one since the 80's when I lived in the bay area). Anthony had a cheesesteak and fries. I shared mine with him too. He had an Izze soda.

We came home and watched the debate.  He's seen all three. And he's learned a lot. I frankly, laughed over much of it. It doesn't get better than that on a sitcom. What I loved most were the people who had signs up you could see behind the news anchors and commentators. They were right!

We need Divine Intervention now more than ever!

What I am learning is how to incorporate the spiritual into my day, in a controlled manner, where it isn't just something spontaneous that I do, but a part of my life--not because I have to do it, or it feels 'right'--but because I WANT to do it and I WANT to do it exactly like Ross and everyone does back Home.

THEY start their day with meditation. THEY have spirit come first along with their health (I've seen Ross at the gym, they have one there...) and THEN they go to all their councils and tasks and other things.

Their days are longer than ours. I'm not even sure how they 'match up', you know, one earth day equals however many 'their' doesn't matter, it's just longer that I know.

I am going to give a little aside here.  This is the information from my deceased grandfather, Nannu Filippo, to my mom after he died:

  • life here is like a movie. You get to make it for you.  Everything you experience. So make it nice. (he didn't say HOW, and I struggled, but I have since learned to 'think good thoughts' and 'expect good things')
  • they work. they don't sleep. they work VERY hard. It's not like here. (he had to do lots of diplomatic things--it affected how things would be here on earth).
  • they have rest periods, and vacation. Like, one week a year vacation to spend time with family here. Mom would tell us Nannu would 'hang around' with us for a week and visit. He'd go to either my house or my mom's. I could feel him, it's nice. He'd talk too.
  • Whenever you call, they hear, and will be to your aid in an instant. Always call, they don't mind coming to help.
  • When we think of them, in a nice way, it helps them a lot and gives them energy.

So basically, I am incarnate, but I am pacing myself for both a sustainable rest of my existence incarnate, as well as adapting myself to the ways and habits of whatever comes next.

This morning Ross asked me how would I like to wake up late like this (seven a.m.) every day?

It was like I had a winning lottery ticket in my hands! I couldn't believe it! I have been waking up early for forty two years...sometimes as early as three in the morning when I was in training. The concept of being able to wake up on my own, with the sun, like on a weekend every single day is a miracle beyond miracles for me!  I'm certain those who measure my energy 'out there' saw it go off the charts with that one.

Also, I am reaching out to the millennials. I have an official 'model' for my healing jewelry--a very happy customer!  I've invited him to my next Reiki class. I have nurses who are eager to learn Reiki. And this is a nurses' son. Once I get my website up--you will see more.

Behind this message.

I have one mystery school. It is going well. And now I am upgrading to another. 

I did a special attunement to the Karuna Reiki symbol 'Sati' for my class yesterday.  Admission is closed for this term. However, there will be another request for applications, and more, once this session is through. 

Ross, who is both my Karuna Reiki guide, and friend/twin/partner, attuned me to it yesterday. It was the most beautiful thing I've experienced in a long time. I will provide the link, and also make another attunement to those who are interested on in main Doctors With Reiki page.

The only thing is that this page makes loud commercials run on your computer. After you read it, close it so you don't get the ads.

Today I already planned for me. I have a little 'fire fighting' with the dirty dishes in the sink. Ross told me what to make for Anthony. For breakfast and lunch and dinner. I am trying to avoid the antibiotics, if possible. We haven't been eating right. A lot of meals out. And we went to both a wedding and a we might have picked up something too.


Carla wanted this image for her part. But I took it for me (he smiles and laughs at his 'scandalous' behavior--in good fun--ed)

I grow people.

I am good at it what I do.

I grow lots and lots of people, always the right one for the right role on Earth.

It is very entertaining, all the lovely souls, watching them as they grow--it is like watching a baby play and discover their world in the middle of the living room floor, with all the older people just marveling and loving the little one with great joy.

It is very rewarding (he touches his heart--ed) to know I have played a role in the growth and development of thousands upon thousands (or should I say, seventy times seven?--he winks--ed) of souls who have reincarnated countless times to save Gaia.

And Gaia is SAVED!  (wow, he's really loud when he wants to be, for emphasis. I've never heard him this loud. and I 'get' that it's the whole mix, planet and her people, when he refers to it as Gaia--ed)

(wow, he just looks at us, so sincere, so simple, so honest, so loving, no hurry, just Love--ed)

Gaia is on to a new Life.  And so are YOU!

I want you to start to employ the practice Carla has described for you. I want to you try it for one month (how's that--it's shorter than a twelve step sixty meetings in sixty days!)...twice a day, every day, and see what happens. I invite you to give us--your teams up here in spirit--one hour daily:  twenty minutes sitting in a chair, palms up, with deep slow breathing first thing in the morning, twenty minutes of walking, even if it's walking in place, and twenty minutes of meditation at the end of the day, right before bed.

(holds up one finger--ed)  At the end of the month, YOU decide whether or not it is working for you, and YOU get to pick whether to continue or not.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Team