Thursday, October 13, 2016

Squeezing Into 5D Waking State

In 5D we are energy beings of Light.

We are able to manifest all that we wish, lessons or not, as if in a dream.

We do this consciously.

And we have a Light Body, not a physical one in this 'reality'.

Our conscious awareness is identical to what it is now, in this state, except perhaps the belief system is generally more openly evolved.

What does this mean?

Do you know woodwork?

Do these two images signify anything to you?

This is a dovetail joint. It holds two pieces of wood together without a nail. It is very old, well known type of construction, or way to create useful things from wood.

Imagine one piece of wood is the awareness of what the life experience is like in 3D.

Imagine the other as the life experience in 5D, the dimension above us (4D does not exist, it was blown up--long story for another day)...

Imagine them coming together.  That's where we are here today, with this blog post.  It is about the perceptions being tested in 3D in order to adapt and accommodate the reality of 5D.  I am a multidimensional being of Light. Last I heard my soul's dimension was 13D. But I am here in 3D going on 5D in the physical, here on surface Gaia, same as you.  Many of you are like this--most popular are the beings who are 6D and here to help the public worldwide Ascend.

In dreams, in our sleeping state, we revert back to our soul's familiarity to co-create as if back Home in our original soul dimension.  In our 3D awakening state, we call this the work of the subconscious.

In dreams, our experiences flow seamlessly from one to the next, whether or not there is any continuity between them.

Symbolism is rampant, and there are books for those of us who remember our dreams to search for the meaning and significance of what we saw in our dreams. For example, flying, water, or snakes, each have some symbolism we can apply to better our waking state.

Furthermore there is no pain, no suffering, and even if we die in a dream we don't really experience it.

From my studies in the metaphysical, dreaming like this IS our natural expression of who we are back home.

And this--waking up, having our breakfast, and starting our day--is the DREAM.

Yesterday had that kind of surreal 'flow' quality to it.

Please note that the aura--the layers of energy--form a protective bubble around the individual, like an eggshell protects the contents within.

Yesterday was a surreal 'flow' of hits to my aura, which I believe was being monitored to assess my strength and adequacy for whatever is next in my assignment. I am 'being prepared' and yesterday was a test to see 'how well the preparation was working'.

I was late to my early start. I grabbed a frozen bowl for Anthony to take to the babysitter. I warmed up a breakfast sandwich for me. I didn't have time to make coffee. I poured an energy powder into a bottle of drinking water instead.

I had a lunch for Anthony packed--and for me too. Earlier in the week I'd forgotten both the lunch money and the lunch for him in my haste. I felt awful and bought a twenty-five dollar Denny's gift card for the teacher who made him a quesadilla and gave him an orange in the school kitchen.

I dropped him off at the sitter. As I walked to the car, it turned out he needed an extra pair of shorts and socks for the next day. His wardrobe his father provides for him isn't adequate; the clothes don't fit, and his father doesn't appear to want to do any shopping.   Anthony asked me to please drop some off for him after I got home.

He ran out to the car to say it.

Once at work, I got another shock.  Anthony had arrived to school in his clever tee shirt with the sayings on it--only to discover it was picture day and we had both totally forgotten. Could I get him his nice shirt?

I had surgery! I was miles away!

I asked him to ask our neighbor who sometimes drops him off to school. I gave him the numbers. And I texted another friend.

 miraculously, both helped! My theme of late is 'I can't do this alone--I need help--I need backup--I need teams'.

This in itself is very Galactic.

Then a little while later, the school called. Anthony got hurt on the playground. I spoke with him. I felt a flurry of emotions. Sadness how when he advances his skills for his sport, he gets hurt on the playground, which holds him back. His father always keeps his son in the one man down position--it's subconscious how Anthony seeks his fathers approval and programs himself to fail. It's been a lot of money wasted for me on lessons, as he goes from one sport to the next, wrestling with this one dilemma his whole life.   I felt agony I couldn't be with him; that he had to go through the day on his own. I informed his dad, to examine him and let me know how he is when he picks him up.  This was a second major shock to my aura. A jolt. 

I was reeling, and steadying myself as best as I could to regain my emotional equilibrium.

I'll tell you a secret.

There is one reason why I'll never go online completely for my professional journals:  it looks good when I am reading it in the O.R.

Here was an article which is both timely and says it like it is:

I live this production pressure. I experience this disrespect.

I spoke up to a surgeon about it on my last call. I said, 'This patient has aortic stenosis and an ejection fraction of thirty percent. This case is elective. It is not a life-saving emergency. Exactly why are we starting this four hour case at eight p.m., when there is no backup or support?'

My surgeon said, 'get backup'.

He doesn't understand A) my backup is working in another room   B) my tech doesn't work nights so I will have to set everything up myself, my nurses have no idea what equipment I need  and C) it takes one hour to set up for a heart case--all the equipment and drugs--and no matter what part of the body he cuts, with anesthesia, this patient IS de facto 'a heart case' due to the extreme risk of anesthesia induction.

I did the case. Everything went fine. But it was super stressful.

Never in a million years while I was reading the article in the comfort of an outpatient surgery case did I have a clue within a few short hours I would be helping a colleague and doing chest compressions on their patient as the team managed the code blue.

Never did I think the reason the more 'financially motivated' higher call colleagues would not jump on this case and steal it from my other colleague--and even try to get me to do it--was the they knew the patient was sick, very high risk, and didn't want to risk being sued for a bad outcome.

My day had a quality of it from shifting from one stress to the next, from everywhere around me, from pre op (no EKG, had to call the doctor's office of the patient)--to hypotension intraop at the surgery center to manage--to a code blue where literally the persons life is under my hands pressing with all my might as I am trained to do--for five minutes--which is exhausting. 

Then I went home.

Ross stepped in.

Our auras are across dimensions, but always connected.

He didn't let me go home.

He told me to go to my old crystal shop, where I used to live in training.

I obeyed.

Earlier this morning, I looked up danburite. I've been working with it, and at Ross' suggestion, wearing it.

Danburite has a buddha crystal formation. I looked that up. Then I found a 'buddha stone', gyroite.

Ross actually had me order a specimen from India before work.

When I walked into the store, out of the blue, was a beautiful piece of apophyllite--with these crystals resting on a beautiful bed of gyroite--expensive museum quality piece--right in the front and it was underpriced!

How did Ross know?  How did he know it was there, right where I could see it when I first walked in?

Apophyllite is another stone of 'ours'--it goes way back from when we were in India, and all things from India are both special and dear to me in my heart.

The energy was deeply soothing, and exactly what I needed, NOW. And Ross knew it couldn't wait for the shipment to arrive from what I had ordered.

I thanked both Ross and the buddha for helping me.

Then Ross, of all places, wanted me to go to Yogurtland. And get the sprinkles and stuff.

I haven't been in years. I can never take Anthony because it's too unhealthy. But my bowl was super mario design (my ringtone), and the gift card says, 'magic in every bowl' with a unicorn on it!

I was in the right place.

Although after that, I stopped by the pet store. I needed persistence. The snake is looking thin, but he won't eat. I tried a rat--he wouldn't eat. I took it back. I got two mice. Again, he looks and sniffs and won't eat.

This mouse was a jumper. It jumped high, and tried to get out of the box several times. I've had a rat get loose in the house at feeding time. That's not good.

So I took the feeding box with both snake and mouse jumping, outside, so if the mouse got loose it wouldn't be in the house.  I gently took the snake out. And I released both mice.  I didn't want anything to do with them, I didn't want to try to put them in a box and keep them overnight.  And I know they won't last long out there--something will eat them--because they are white.

As you awaken, at some point you are going to realize there are some people out there who aren't like you and me. And they do some pretty bad things.

It's hidden.

It's money that keeps people quiet. And a lot of money is switching hands with greedy people, but it's an unstable situation that can't sustain itself.

Whether you study it or not, it's going to come out into the open more and more.

One of their tactics to keep people confused about what is going on behind the scenes is to laugh at it.  To mock it. This makes the public believe it is not true.

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

AND if a conspiracy theory can get the president of the united states to say he's not 'sulfur'--that's a pretty good sign that we are moving closer to that endpoint.  

This isn't to say that Obama is or isn't 'the devil'--I know many of you are strongly emotionally connected to the political parties and candidates--so on this I shut up.

My teaching point is an allegation was made--it wasn't hidden--and it reached a level where a key player on the other team had to deflect it with the tried and true 'making fun of it' defense.

It's a pattern.

I study patterns.  I like it.

I hope one day you will too.

I also saw many pictures of the two presidential candidates together--with their families--in the nineties. Playing golf and socializing.   Someone said, 'I wonder if in some way this is some sick joke being played upon us, a trick?'

Truth will come out.


Until then, I go to work and pay my taxes and come home. <3


I don't have much to say, except that I am guiding Carla and I am guiding her on the right track.

I want you to have fun with it as you join in this journey too.

It really is amazing.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins