Friday, October 21, 2016

Another Day Spent Learning and Growing

I kept Anthony home from school yesterday. He is about a day behind me in this illness, and his is a little more severe. He has a temperature of 100.8 F at the moment.

Today I have to work.

Let me retrace my steps for yesterday--I felt sick, I kept Anthony home, and frankly myself I didn't get any better.  Work 'did not schedule me' so it was a random, luck of the draw as I was low on the list. It was a long day, with Anthony politely tagging along on my errands I had scheduled.

My hair has been a disaster for months. Ed has a new office, and likes people to book way in advance. My schedule hasn't matched his since summer. So I've taken matters into my own hands at home. Yesterday was time for Ed to work and he worked very hard.

I look different. The color is darker. Anthony is very happy to have my hair back to the color it was when he was little. I look at it and don't like it. But it's better than salt and pepper. I'm just not ready to go white. Perhaps one day I will. But I don't like the thought of it.

At Ed's place, I remembered how when Anthony was in the hospital, Ed came, and said Jewish prayers over the baby. The ones for when a new baby is born. I couldn't help but think to myself, as I saw Anthony almost as tall as Ed now--'wow! those prayers sure worked!'.

For lunch, Anthony wanted something spicy for his cold. He wanted Indian food. It's his second favorite food in the world, after Italian.

I'm thrilled. There were many times I took him to Indian and he picked at the food and didn't want to eat it. Now he is older and we can enjoy Indian food together. The lunch buffet was there, and he was excited.   The spices were good. And Ross invited me to have a mango lassi this time too. Usually I don't because of the calories.

Then Anthony needed new shoes. He really wears them out. So we bought the tennies, identical in every way to the old ones, even in size, but new.

I brought him home, and needed to turn around and head back to the school for his parent-teacher conference. It was very good conversation, and I am at ease now in the competence of his new teacher. She also gave me anticipatory guidance Maria Montessori wrote about for the 'hormonal teen years' ahead. The child starts to pull away from the parent, to separate into their own individual, but they don't know how, and it's awkward and clumsy. His teacher taught me to 'nip it in the bud' any disrespectfulness, and to give the child 'another chance to rephrase it with a different tone' when they slip.

I got a book on crystals. It is very nice. Someone recommended it to me. There are nice pictures. There are nice sayings about it.  I learned a little on some of the stones I'm working with now. But I like my book by Melody better.

This brings up an excellent educational point.

The crystals, the stones I work with, they 'sing'. Their energy talks to me, and I understand it. I sense what stone is right for a person--for example, a young person right now needs black onyx.  And I don't even KNOW everything about the stone.  I just sense it. When I look it up, it makes total sense.

Melody works like that, I can tell. She says a little, just enough, but not a lot. There are no pictures.

The other book works with the head.

It's facts. It's information. And it does not sing.   It is beautifully done, a nice book. I respect the work that went into it. The person who wrote it is a man, and he says moldavite changed his life. Thirty years ago. But his energy? His tone? It sure doesn't have the love vibration I can feel when he and that other person write.

Whenever you approach anything spiritual, and lots of people are going to recommend lots of things to you--see how it feels. Does it 'resonate' with you?  It's okay for one book to 'resonate' with another person, and something not to 'resonate' at all with you.

You will find the things that 'resonate' with you.  It will feel 'right'.

So don't worry. The more you can develop those muscles/ability to interpret energy--the easier it will get. It starts by asking for signs, for coins, for feathers, for songs on the radio...and it ends by having complete and total love and respect and trust for your guides like I do for my twin and my teams.

How did I do yesterday on day three of my program?

I did the meditations in bed, in the cozy. In the morning, just blank mind, and breathing.

I didn't get my 'exercise' because I had Anthony with me. I did walk more than usual due to the errands.

Last night I was so very sleepy. I wanted to meditate. Ross cut me some slack and let me meditate in bed. But then guess what? I couldn't fall asleep. It was too warm, I wasn't comfortable. I was in bed for a long time. I feel rested now but I also feel sick.

So here is another day. I am sick and going to the hospital. Anthony is sick and going to school. I put the mentholatum on his chest and back. I have some over the counter meds. I'm not really sure who to ask to keep him home. Once I'm at work I'll text his father the school might call. (It's his dad's weekend). Sick care is the hardest part of being a single mother in my line of work. I used to be able to call in sick at my old job. This one I just can't. I risk losing it. Only if one of us is in the hospital can I call in.

It's sad, huh?  I am in business for myself, technically, although I work with a group. And I can't call in.

Oh well.  It's all good. And it's all Illusion.

One day we'll all figure this out.

I meditated today. In bed, resting and breathing. I am calm. It's like I have good spiritual ballast and a rudder. I'm very connected and not easily jostled with my energy like I was before.

Time to make breakfast. I have an eight o'clock start.


Times are different. And they are even more difficult on women than they ever were in the past. In my day, everyone understood there is 'women's work'--and society gave them wide berth (no pun intended) to do what needed to be done. The clothing and laundry. The cooking. The tending to the children. And the education for the young. The caring for the sick. Facing death and supporting those left behind.

These are important things. Along with paying the bills and managing the money.

All are traditional 'women's work'.

Where are they today?

They are 'catch as you can', aren't they?

They are 'pay the maid service to make the house look decent'...and 'pay the day care to raise your child while you work to support the family and put a roof over your head'...

(he shakes his head from side to side, and makes a tch tch tch sound--ed) Isn't that a shame?

That the Divine Feminine has come to this?

(he shows his fingers interlaced and tilts the hands a little back and forth--ed)  For the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine are in balance--and the Divine Feminine is limping!

It affects all.

So nip it in the bud.

Give society time to rephrase that tone.

Do not accept to be treated like chattel, if you are a female. And if you are a male, do not merely witness it and not give it a passing thought.

(he points to his head, with both index fingers--ed)  It all starts in here. And what you notice as 'not right' soon will make way for what is.

Do not tolerate in any way, shape or form the maltreatment of others who are important to society's health. Which is every single one of you! You are all important!

For as goes others, there goes yourself.

clap! clap!

I said something like that once, I sure I have. It's worth repeating. <3

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple