Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Turtle and Rabbit

My mentor at work is Taiwanese.  He has an electrical engineering degree from MIT, and is a doctor, an anesthesiologist like me.

He explained to me years ago, when I first went into private practice, that some days (in the main OR) you work like Rabbit.  On other days (on OB) you work like Turtle. Either way, you get paid, and support yourself and your family.

It wasn't until a few seconds ago, I realized the depth of this lesson.

It is past my bedtime. I just finished a VERY busy day--Rabbit to the max!--and I'm checking my emails. I was waiting for an email, for possible work tomorrow at my moonlight place. I never heard it. Which is good, because I have my day job in the morning, and I can't go. I didn't know where they pulled the date from the sky, but I never agreed to tomorrow in the first place.


In my email--as I slogged through all of the ads and junk--I found that the letter my lawyer said about my lawsuit wasn't enough. There were even more forms to complete. And they were due four days ago.

There you have it.

It's the story of my life.

Too much Rabbit.

Not enough Turtle.

That's why my house is a mess, I am overweight, I am out of shape, and I am so disorganized.

WHO can be organized when they are in Rabbit mode?

Which brings me to the next part...the only good thing about Rabbit is, the pressure is helping me to grow in Spiritual Life.

Today I hit a new breakthrough.

What IF that feeling of total relaxation and letting my guard down while I was resting on the couch the other day, was a FEELING I had everywhere I go?

It's like being a baby--you love everyone and trust them not to hurt you--and being incarnate is a joy.

So I practiced it.

All in all the day was more pleasant.

I am going to go do my meditation, set my alarms, and go to sleep.

I find I am developing something new I call 'Spiritual Confidence'--I trust that when it is right, I will know my next steps, and they will be right for me. The fear of the Unknown is shrinking before my eyes. The worry of my future is getting to be more 'what comes I will face it'...and 'everything will work out'.

I sound like an evolved being there now, hmmm? LOL.  It's hard to believe it's me, but it's how I feel and it's good.

The funniest thing is how Spirit tries to get through to us. My rabbit and my turtle have been roommates in the yard for a while. I notice turtle likes to sleep near rabbit at night because she is warm. (the ants--my totem symbol for 'overwork'--have been invading the turtle cage. It drives turtle crazy when they crawl on her. So I put her with rabbit, and both like to run around in the enclosure. Rabbit doesn't even eat turtle's bananas, and banana is her favorite thing!)

So you might want to take note of how much Rabbit and how much Turtle you have in your life too.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc