Sunday, October 16, 2016


There is a saying in English, which goes, more or less, 'Same Old Stuff, Different Day'.

I reached a huge breakthrough today while I was on call at the hospital.

I am sick and tired of the same old thing...all the channeled messages, all the self-promoter spiritual people, the whole scene, the waiting for the Galactics to march down Main Street.


It's because I've found something better!

It's what's going on within.

It feels like this:

There's something going on inside me.

I like it.

I like it a whole lot.

And that's all I want to concentrate on at the moment--being able to connect to Source more than I ever have been able to; being able to truly enjoy the people, places, and things my Guides place for me in my Earth Walk; learning more about myself and my many spiritual gifts, for example, manifestation.

I'm glad to be where I am.

I am thankful for all the soul connections I enjoy through this work.  And also at the hospital with my patients.

I am confident in what is right.

I have a little confession.

It's my guilty pleasure.

I like watching all the conspiracy stuff that comes my way online--I don't seek it. Today I saw a huge blast from Alexandra Meadors (this and that happened). I saw something Barack Obama 'wrote' about 'space weather' (What the heck?).  I saw a whole lot of things on my newsfeed from other channelers, including one from SaLuSa via Multidimensional Ocean Laura...

It could be right. It could be wrong. The whole prospect of it is fascinating! Yet, deep down, inside, I don't care.  Not one whit.  How can something happen on schedule when there is no such thing as Time?

How can all people experience it at once?

I don't know.

It doesn't matter because it's happening all around us.

And whatever floats your boat--if it turns you on--whatever channeler or prediction of the day that gets you all excited--that's okay by me.

I'm having fun watching because it's more entertaining than TV (I don't watch TV, sometimes sports with Anthony, but never shows, not even re-runs)...and I relax because I don't want to 'fight' all that awakening stuff any more, you know, the big hurry to get people to wake the heck up.

I'm a first waver. I'm done.  I did my part. I had my 'nudges' and stuff to produce certain things online by a certain time.

The second wavers have come up, and I've nurtured them, and many are functioning near independently of me, and I'm excited for them.

I 'sense' the third wavers are starting to have the old 'gears' start turning, and their 'gig' is about to start up.

I've passed the baton, in a way, and instead of going to pasture, I'm staying where I am and truly enjoying 'doing my thing'.

It's all good.

About the picture.  She the one at the top?

It's my philosophy.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Only THIS time, I've upgraded from the Charlie Brown and Lucy lemonade stand to this really nice pool and palm trees!

I LIKE this! I can get used to this! 5D and beyond is going to be really nice!

Ross asked me to write this down on the way home. I'm still on call, though. The phone can ring and I have to go back to the hospital any time.

I'm going to get some rest.

Ross honey?  Is there anything you want to add?


(he waves his hand as to say no, but he pauses--ed)

I want to say, 'I want you to have fun with it--whatever you like to call it--that it's here now and all is well, truly magnificent.'

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Family