Friday, October 28, 2016


At the north end of Kailua Bay, is Kamakahonu, the house where the mighty king Kamehameha chose to live.

He was born on the island, what we call today, 'Big Island'. He was taken from his mother at a young age, and placed into rigorous training to become a warrior.

His name means, 'the Lonely One'.

Four years ago, I was headed towards the island with plenty of hope.

I wanted to meet KP.  He is someone who had influenced me greatly in my awakening. We had once spoken on the phone. With his training in chemistry (he has a PhD) and mine in chemical engineering we had many a story to share.

Part of me thought that if I met him all my problems would go away.

Part of me thought somehow he had all the answers.

Part of me thought just by being near his Very High Vibration, and perhaps having a cup of coffee at the place he used to always go, would help me finish waking up and I wouldn't have to do any of the hard work any more.

I thought things would 'just make sense' in an instant, kind of like magic.

This was 2012 mind you, and late in the year.

I was in for the discovery of my life, and I didn't know it!

Kauilapele rejected me.

We had an argument ever before I got on the plane.

He treated me like I was the devil. (he has done this to Alexandra Meadors too in the past, but now he considers himself to be her friend).

I had to pick myself up, go to my conference anyway, and give up all of those hopes and dreams.  He was busy and didn't have much time to meet me when we were planning to meet, and after the fight?

You know.

So on the plane I was thinking, 'Okay, spirit, you needed to get me here, and KP was the carrot. That's okay. NOW tell me what to do, and what is so important for me to leave my home and family for one week. Please make sure I get the point I need to take away from all this.'

I sure did.


If you want to see the original stories, scroll back to October and November 2012. And you'll know.   I made peace with him, Kamehameha. It was long overdue.

It explained why He Mele No Lilo (I'm sorry if I have the name wrong) is a song that made me cry.

I pieced together ME on that trip.

And it began the foundation for my awakening.

It takes a while to have independence in this whole Ascension thing--independence as in 'I am a fundamental unit who works with my guides''s okay to have some other Lightworker in the role of teacher, mentor, friend, like training wheels.

Ultimately you will walk on your own two feet, and enjoy the friendship that remains between you, just like you enjoy the friendship with those in Spirit who have passed. It's pleasant.

And it just IS.

This morning I was in a very light sleep. There was a woman spirit standing over me, to my right. There was a group of us, with a leader, like a teacher. She reminded me of Maggie, who brings me the persimmons from her tree and is a nurse in PACU.

I was lying in my bed, physically, but awake in spirit and participating with the group.

'Maggie' had a little crystal in her pocket, about perhaps four inches long.

She waved it over me, and my record keeper citrine Lemurian crystal.

My crystal started to vibrate, and inside it it glowed the brightest shade of blue, a light neon blue.

The inside of my tummy started to shake with the same frequency vibration. And the energy downloads were intense,  the strongest I have ever experienced.

I had concern for the safety of my crystal,  and I wanted to make sure it was okay; ironically, at the same time, I understood on a different level that this is what this crystal is supposed to do, and it was perfectly content and pain free.

This went on for ten minutes.

Then she stopped. The teacher-guide told her it was enough. She cheerfully put her crystal away in her purse.

I checked with my crystal to make sure it was okay, nothing had broken, and I let it rest.

Then I woke up.


(He selected the picture.

He wants me to post this:

He quietly chuckles to himself, and does a gesture that looks like a mask is being lifted off, you know, one of those big rubber masks.

Anthony read to me yesterday morning his spooky story he had written for school.

It was all about electric shocks and a man wearing a red rubber mask.

Anthony doesn't read any of this stuff I write.--ed)

clap! clap!

Carla is late for work!

(he chuckles again--ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple