Sunday, August 19, 2018

One Calling Card

On weekends, especially weekends when I am post-call and exhausted, this is the time Ross uses to work on my deepest healing needs, emotional, recovering from traumatic abuse healing.

I was half-asleep on the couch, and he asked me, back in the days in my immediate past life, what was the most fun you ever had?

Instantly an image of a butterfly made up entirely of triangles flashed into my awareness.

It was a peculiar butterfly, all shapes, with the wings bend in a funny way, more like the top one than the bottom, and there was no butterfly body really in the middle. The wings were huge and arched with the wingtips below the head.

I remembered that the ink was purple.  (It wasn't until much later I realized that ditto mimeograph copying was used in those days, and it had purple ink.)

(warning--this is about to get a little icky)

I remember being taken to a round room, a big round room, and I don't think there were any columns in it. It was white. And there were beings/people/animals set up at stations around the perimeter of the circle.

The goal was to 'have fun' (euphemism for sexual 'stuff') with each station so you could have your butterfly picture be filled in. (It would be like getting stamps at each station or holes punched in a card--each one filled in a part of the butterfly).

I remember going to a chimp. A specially trained one. It felt like the most natural thing in the world because I was not a little girl, I was a kitten, I was trained that way to believe I was a cat. I never looked in a mirror but I knew I was a cat in my face and my body and my mannerisms. I just always knew.

There was lots of activity at each station but I couldn't really see or understand what was going on.

The memory bothered me a lot, and Ross knew.

When he works on me like this, he doesn't give me sympathy but he doesn't force either.  See how these wings are in proportion to the rest? With that bend? The design was like that.

Ross asked me was there anything else I remember? Besides that room where I lived and worked that had no windows and I slept in a little kitty bed (like a dog on a little dog bed) and ate from kitty bowls and didn't have access to running water.

There was.

Besides this funny round room, there was a place like a fashion show runway. I had to walk on it and do something they told me to do, not really a dance, not really a sexual thing, but kind of both. I went there not every day. I'd like to say once a year but I didn't really know years. 

My understanding it was like a catalog for people to see me and choose. I always went back to my people and my room and nothing ever happened that night that was my work.

These triangles are more like the shape and size that was in that diagram.

I was pretty upset when all these memories came through. I asked Ross what on earth was that life for, and why did I do it (besides reconnaissance for our team?).

This is when Ross stopped me in my tracks.

He said that--and this is important to those of you who have suffered at the hands of darkness in any of its forms--Ross said that it's not how it seems, how their darkness is affecting me and making me dirty.

There's a little of that.

He said that the inroads of MY being in that environment with THEM, to raise the vibration--did so far and wide, extremely far-reaching, and weakened important structures in their 'system' energetically.

My understanding from what he shared is that their 'system' is pretty wobbly right now, due to all the angelic beings who have withstood their tests and have been able to anchor the whiter than white invisible energy from Heaven infiltration into THEIR 'systems'.

It took a while for that one to sink in.

For all appearances, 'they' have 'infiltrated' everything everywhere, every government, every business, you name the institution, 'they' (SRA, TWDNHOBIAH) are 'in' it...

But energetically, WE have further infiltrated 'them', and are in strategic locations all ready to -- 'take advantage of the weaknesses we have added to their system'.

It has been deliberate. It has taken patience and time. Many a soul has given their all, over lifetimes, to achieve this effect.

Apparently the image of this butterfly means something to someone somewhere in TWDNHOBIAH.

That's why this is called 'one calling card'.

Here is an excerpt from Kerth Barker's Angelic Defenders and Demonic Abusers:

After my parents left, Senior said he wanted to take me to a friend's house...he drove around, seemingly in circles, just to make sure I was confused where I was. I had a very bad feeling....

After we got out of the car, he took me inside, directly to the basement. The basement was large and it was painted black. There were no electric lights down there...everything was illuminated with a dim yellowish light...(there were symbols and candles)...Next to the triangle was a wooden box with padding inside, it was about the size of a child's coffin...

Senior took off his clothes, hung them up in a closet and put on a black silken robe with a hood. A freight elevator came down and opened up. A group of people, all in black robes, came out of it. Shotzy (his German nanny) was one of them. She had a look of absolute hatred on her face...

They all surrounded me. Someone handed a cup to Senior and he made me drink it. The liquid in it tasted foul. Shotzy took off my clothes. Her and some others quickly put me in the box and shut it. I could here the click of a lock. The box was padded so that I could hardly move. It smelt of urine, and I hadn't started to pee on myself--yet. I started to scream. I realized that I couldn't move and it terrified me. I heard the voice of Shotzy. She was taunting me.

She said in a cruel voice, 'Hello, Kerth Barker. I put you in this box and I'm never going to let you out. You're going to die in there.'

I screamed. I begged them to let me out. i said that I was sorry that I had burnt up the Teddy Bear. I promised to be good. i told them i'd do anything they wanted. I prayed to God. it seemed like I was in there a long time. i could hear chanting which I couldn't understand. i was in pain because when one can't move one's body, the muscles begin to hurt. The pain and terror grew worse and worse. Finally I became hysterical and started to scream for my mommy, although she wasn't there.

'Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!'

Eventually I fell into a panicked silence. There was intense physical pain in my arms and legs from not being able to move them and from struggling against the padding in the box. My back hurt. I could still hear chanting. I was hyperventilating. My heart was pounding so hard that it hurt. i felt the warmth of the urine and feces I'd just vacated onto myself. The stench inside the box became worse. I vomited. Some of the vomit became stuck in my throat and I started to choke. I started coughing. Finally I passed out. i didn't black out. i passed out -- right out of my body.

I can't be certain if it was an hallucination, a dream or an out-of-body experience. I found myself floating in the air above the box. I could see the people in the room. The room wasn't as dark anymore. it was as if every object in the room was illuminated with a giant light which radiated outward. My perception of reality had changed somehow.

I could see the people in the room. There were nine people in the room, but seven of them didn't look like people. They were overshadowed by living creatures which looked like dragons. It was as if translucent dragon bodies had taken possession of the human bodies. The ones who had been overshadowed we chanting something. The two meant who weren't overshadowed had removed their hoods, and were looking at the show scene and shaking their heads -- as if with disapproval. The taller man was a dignified gray haired man, and the shorter one was younger.

There were other dark creatures in the room. They didn't look solid; their bodies were translucent. They looked like living shadows. There were two monstrous creatures which had many heads, eyes, and tentacles. I felt terrified as I looked at them.

But at the four corners of the room there suddenly appeared four men who looked human. They were not solid - but rather ghost-like. They looked like the holograms in Star Wars. They glowed with golden light. I felt that they were angels, but they had no wings. One had a shield and sword. They all carried medieval weapons of some kind. They seemed serene.

One of them calmly walked up to one of the creatures which had many heads and he stabbed with with a spear. It melted away in flames. The other creature and the seven dragon creatures who were overshadowing the people disappeared instantly after that. The two men who hadn't been overshadowed by the dragon creatures looked at one another frowning. But none of the people in the room seemed to be able to see the angels. An angel with a sword and shield looked directly at me. He made eye contact. i felt stunned by his intentional gaze. i'll never forget what he said. His quiet voice sounded like the rolling of distant thunder.

'This is very important,' he said, 'Don't be afraid.'

I immediately stopped feeling afraid. I floated back down into the box and folded back into my body. I relaxed and started to breathe normally. 

I could hear Shtozy talking. She was talking in a ritualistic voice, filled with emotion.

'I am the High Witch Belinda. Daphnis, oh demon lord, I call unto you. I have named you Merry Little Lamb, but your true name is Daphnis. you are the lover of Pan. Flute player. Lover of men. Daphnis I invoke you. Possess the body of this boy. Make him your vessel. Come into this world. Come into this plane of being. I have created this door for you. Enter into this room. Be here with us now. Take possession of this boy.'

I heard the lock on the box being opened. it seemed as if I had been in the box for a long time. My legs and arms hurt from not being able to move them. Shotzy helped me out of the box. She stood me up.

She looked me in the eyes and with strong intention she said, 'Merry was a little lamb, his skin was white as snow. Everywhere that merry went, the wind began to blow.'

'What is your name?' she then asked.

I calmly replied, 'Kerth'.

Shotzy said, 'Your name is Merry Little Lamb. You are Daphnis.'

I felt no fear as I replied, 'No, I'm Kerth.'

One of the two men who had taken off their hoods started to laugh out loud. He clapped his hands. He was the shorter, younger man. 

Finally he said, 'Gee Shotzy, you really weren't the smartest Nazi in the Third Reich were you.'...

(he came to Kerth) 'Hello', he said, 'You can call me Bob. I'm sorry that you got hurt and frightened by all this. This wasn't my idea. This was a mistake. I want you to calm down. Everything will be all right.'

(the people took off their robes and had an argument) Finally the tall man said, 'I want Bob to handle this. he's in charge of the boy.'

(Kerth is bathed and Bob puts a pillow and comforter on Kerth as he rests on a couch)

As I slept I dreamt that I was floating above my body. I could see a flow of silver energy that came from my dream body at the level of my solar plexus. This flow of silver energy was like a cord and it went down into my physical body on the bed below. I could see the head of my sleeping body poking out from the comforter. I knew that it was my physical body, but I felt detached from it, as if it were an object, no more important to me than the vase that sat on the table next to the sofa. I noticed that the face on my physical body didn't just look asleep. At that age I really knew nothing of death, but as I looked at my physical body below me, i somehow knew that it looked close to death.

Five angels came into the room. First came four men. They walked in through each corner of the room. They looked as before. They were translucent and they shone with golden light. They were wearing simple tunics and trousers, and their feet were sandaled. They each carried a different medieval weapon of war. Their angelic weapons were an axe, a spear, a sword, and a bow with a quiver of arrows. Then a woman came into the room floating down from the ceiling. She wore a long, flowing dress. On her head was a simple crown. She carried a small leafless tree branch in her hand. All five of them seemed very calm, and they looked beautiful and dignified. Although they had no wings, I knew that they were angels.

I felt very strange floating in the air above my body. I knew I wasn't in my body anymore. I was like a balloon floating in the air above it. This silver cord was all that was keeping me from floating away. I wanted to return to my body, but I wasn't sure that I could. I began to feel afraid.

The female angel looked up at me. She made eye contact with me. I felt the warmth of her loving gaze.

She said, 'Have courage my child. This is not your time. Know that we will be with you when you need us most.'

Bob came into the room. He was dressed now. He was oblivious to the angels. He couldn't see me floating in the air above. He looked down at my body on the sofa. The female angel touched his chest at the heart level with her tree-branch wand. His body seemed to shimmer with light when she did this.

In a soft voice bob said, 'Oh my god, I hope that bitch Shotzy didn't kill you. We'll all be in so much trouble if you die.'

He knelt down next to the sofa. He began to sing, softly and sweetly.

'Rock a bye baby on the tree top. When the wind blows the cradle will rock. When the bough breaks the cradle will fall. And down will come baby, cradle and all.'

At that exact moment I fell back down into my body. I woke up in my body and I could see Bob's face looking at me. At that point in time I could remember nothing of what I had just experienced. The whole abuse experience was blacked out of my memory. It was as if I had been riding in the car with my grandfather one minute and then I suddenly woke up on asleep on the sofa.

I said, 'Who are you?'

Thank you Kerth for your impeccable first-hand witness to SRA.

Please, readers, please, support him in his efforts, and buy his books. He has done so very much for the cause, and for my own awakening.

Ross wants you to know that everyone can heal. Everyone. Absolutely positively everyone. That is if they so choose.

Even Shotzy has a chance to heal --one is offered to her -- if she takes it!

Angels are fair, Ross says, and Heaven is nothing more than the vibration of Nurturing, Warmth, Love and Compassion--with a little society and social structure much like we have here but is absolutely fair--layered in.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Founders of Doctors With Reiki

(P.S. Ross says this counts for tomorrow, countdown number 300)