Tuesday, August 21, 2018

A Big Accomplishment!

We made it!

On the countdown from the Council on 'you can mark this one down on your calendars' (that things would be better)--we have, by courageously enduring 'one more day' (or 'one less day') as you look at it--reached closer to our goal.

The 300's are behind us forever!

Such a deal!

If you would like a lesson, you may read on. If you would rather skip it and continue celebrating, you may bookmark this and come back to it later.

The lesson for the day is 'Cohesion'.

I want you to watch for it.

Like attracts like, on a vibrational level.

For example, my Reiki student Terri, who is head of PACU, is now using aromatherapy to treat post op nausea/vomiting, and post-op headache.  They soak a little cotton ball or something in either lavender or mint and give it to the patient. It's not everywhere in the PACU. It's individualized.  They had used one special blend for soothing tummies with good success, but the hospital wouldn't pay for it, so they are combining their own blends to help the patients continue to benefit. Again, there is always consent, the patient is offered it, it's not automatic. But she's moving on.

She's also an Aquarius, and the energy I direct to our workplace every day, is something that is helping all the people who are 'like-minded' to thrive. They sense it, and they increase their vibration, to help both themselves and the patients.

How do I know? By who leaves. Lots of people leave the OR team these days. And a lot of it has to do with vibrational compatibility or mismatch.

The other part of the lesson, to consider, are the people in your lives who are heavily engaged into 'the system'--main stream communications and what the Narrative tells us in news, TV, movies, music, and entertainment. Even on the video games. It's all controlled by the same few people. And it doesn't take much imagination to connect the dots between 'lots of money', 'lots of power', 'lots of control of communications' and the message that this group is going to send out to reinforce their position.

I don't know what they are going to do when the 'candy' is taken away from them, and the truth rears its 'ugly head' (in the view of the Narrative. To me it's the most beautiful thing one could hope for and imagine)...the truth being the paragraph immediately before this one.

The Narrative tells us basically everything that is opposite of the Golden Rule. Anger is okay to resolve conflict. Might makes right. The input of the Divine Feminine (as seen in women in your lives) isn't to be given as much weight/consideration as the masculine...Separation, mistrust, and seeking validation from an external source (Snopes for example, or 'authority' figures)...

Just know that LOVE--self-care, self-respect, self-validation (Creator to YOU) every day is of utmost importance. You'll need twenty minutes at least a day. The meditation where you bring in the light of Heaven through the top of your head and into your hara is one I like a lot. It's like filling up the gas tank in your car.

So when someone you love, and someone you live with or work with, is vibrating at the frequency of The Narrative, it's like their foot is caught in a big energy Bear Trap. Those jaws are tight on them. You can't open it. But if you take care of your energy, you can hold the space for them--they really are trapped--and when the time is right, Spirit will help them find the little button to press to deactivate the trap, open the jaws, and help them free themselves.

If it's abusive, you might have to do this from a distance. The self-care is a must. The holding the space is a good thing.

One last thought is from that woman with DID. You can get it after age six. It happened to Daisy in Kerth's books. And further, Encina's alters she doesn't know...someone like her could have the dark alters. Those are the ones that go and do the rituals. Sometimes a phone call with a tone is all it takes to signal to them to come out and do their thing. So like Encina, some people with DID, don't know they have it. She didn't until eight years ago. And even when people go to therapy, they only scratch the surface -- people who have been brought up in the system have a controller, who has a huge file on them (like a three-ring notebook back in the day kind of file) where all the alters are and what triggers them and what they do.  Fritz Springmueller writes of it. So the control is still there even though the front alters think they are free. Kyle's point about the 'superpower' was striking. This links all the 'superhero' media entertainment stuff to their Narrative. It's not random. And in their eyes, those of SRA, it is a benefit to have MK Ultra-type dissociation.  I could see in the pain of Minnie, it is not a super power at all, and I would go so far as to say freedom from MK Ultra/Monarch techniques is a good 'boundary' for everyone to enforce for our society.

That's just my opinion.

Ross wants me to share last night.

I was tired. I wanted to go home. I picked Anthony up from the sitter. Anthony wanted to have dinner and fun together. I was honestly almost ready for bed.

I followed Ross' guidance--it was quiet--but I got us to a little Indian place, Indian food being the one we eat when we need spiritual support the most. The sales guy knew without Anthony having to ask he wanted chicken tikka masala (how did he know? Anthony was amazed...we don't go there ever)...And I had two vegetarian dishes--a bharta and something else with potatoes and peppers. I told the man I needed a mango lassi too, I had a long day. (Anthony had one).

At the end, when I went to use the restroom, something there I've never done--last time I ate there Anthony was like, um, six. I saw it.

The Monet.

It was a poster of my favorite image ever, the one I had over my fireplace in Medical School.

It's called the Terrace a Saint Adress (I think).

I'll never forever seeing it live the first time, without knowing it was there, in New York at their MET.  I actually talked my way into the exhibit, because it was members only special showing.

Ross does things right. And he guided me there not for the food, but for my heart. I knew it and I felt it. I'm so glad he did.

Ross' point is that Spirit, once you are connected to it, cuts through the malarky of The Narrative and goes right to the heart, the heart of hearts where Spirit lives.

That's all we have for today.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins