Saturday, June 11, 2016

Everyone Is Right -- Gaia News Brief 10 June 2016

In the Higher Dimensions, everyone wins!

In 5D, all points of view are appreciated as diversity, what makes all of the whole beautiful!

People are respected for their perspective (oh my gosh that sounds like a rap song! oops!)

In a way, given the Isolation of the experience of being incarnate in the third dimension, and that a person is the sum total of their Consciousness plus their Life Script and all of their Experiences (sometimes over many incarnations)--no matter what their 'take' on it, in a way, for them and them alone--they are right.

There is internal consistency in the behavior, the mood, the affect.

The person who presents in the hospital with multiple comorbidities due to a lifetime of smoking had their reasons to smoke in the first place!  For some reason, most of us might not understand given the studies and the link to cancer and emphysema, for some reason this person found that a smoke could help them feel better about themselves in some way, got hooked, and didn't find the motivation to quit.

And that's OKAY.

Even if it gets them surgery, home oxygen, and misery at the end.

Spirit never judges us.

Spirit loves us.

Spirit might, as a matter of course as you would for your loved ones, wish in your heart, 'uh oh, that doesn't look good' and pray and hope for the best.

Love always wants what is best for us.

But Love never forces its way.  Ever.

(except with me, as a parent, with Anthony. His health is much improved in all the numbers from the lab. Dinner last night was cherry tomatoes from the yard, roasted chicken with Provence herbs and citrus, and butternut squash.  He wanted dessert. I said we are having fruit. He wanted ice cream. But I surprised him with unsweetened applesauce, blueberries, and whipped cream in our fanciest little dessert cups. He didn't mind!  Consistency and perseverance is important over the long term for health changes in a situation like get them to adulthood in one piece!)

Everyone is right. You are correct and I am correct and everything is 'it's all good!'--every single day.

I'm going to teach you a trick on how to get to this point.

It's an advanced trick.  It's one my father taught me.

Always be able to see both sides of the argument at once

plus keep this one in your back pocket:

A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still

This will save you lots of energy. It will help you focus on what you CAN control--your own perceptions and reactions. And people in general will be happier too.

For example, have you ever heard the term 'agree to disagree'?  This is a form of conflict resolution where the two who are at odds still maintain a certain love and respect for each other.

There is always the option for this when you are in the higher realms.

Tempers may get stoked up a little when there is a conflict. But the underlying connection always will outweigh the situation;  the PERSON is more important than 'being right', every time.

I got this one from Maria Leano, who has some pretty amazing stuff going on in her FB and Instagram pages these days. You might want to follow her:

I have to tell you something knocked me for a loop last week.  It started with an article about dogs eating a woman in Texas.  It was just so bizarre a headline I had to take a look.

I think there were three similar articles that got me 'worked up'--one was about sending zoo animals to the wild in Bolivia or something (I don't like poachers or pollution--once that's fixed and encroachment too I'm okay with release).

I realized as someone who doesn't take in the news, this was a little 'much' for me, and I reacted to it.

I think there must be something 'in there' in these articles--some kind of psychological something--that got me off balance for a bit.

Everyone is right. But something in the Conventional Media isn't normal or healthy for the psyche, and although I can't put my finger on it, I'm not going to read any of those articles that catch my eye any more. I don't want that psychologic experiment or something that is packed in there to affect me.

I had on my necklace from Tom, and my diamond OM (it's not the best quality, it's from Macy's).

Ross' necklace arrived yesterday.

It is a swirl of gold which connects two small Yogo sapphires, one slightly bigger than the other, although both are tiny specks (all Yogos are tiny specks--that's how they are).  The blue stones are near in proximity, but not touching. They only connect by the golden swirl, one on each end of it.

That is the relation of Twin Souls. They each go off and do their own thing (Ross says it is like the pot holder oven mitts where they are connected but a hand goes into each end), yet they are always connected and working as a team.

I thought the energy was fine with my old necklaces.  When I put the new one off, I realized how even my best memories with my favorite ones--well, I had simply GROWN and I am not the same person I was at seventeen, or even when I made my Karuna Reiki Master five or something years ago!

The opportunities for growth are endless! There is no limit to our Consciousness as we reach for the sky!

I run a support group of very small size for the advanced souls incarnate who are the first to embody the energy of the higher realms.

It is small and carefully chosen, so I may work to support those I have worked with and I know.

People are starting to awaken to their higher gifts!

Some are experiencing telepathy, or ability to heal, or other new and exciting abilities!

The point of the group isn't to promote them. It's to have a safe place for people to share how it feels to them to be awakening and Ascending.  Only feelings are what we discuss.

One got some new Reiki symbols. It was delicate because the group was like, 'let's see!' and I stepped in to make sure the group stayed on topic.  Feelings were hurt, I know. I am sensitive to it. It's totally new and exciting to emerge after being in 3D and duality for ages!!!  I had to gently and firmly insist we keep the focus on each other, our feelings and perceptions of what it is like to Ascend.

Nobody knows it, in the group, but at some point, they are going to be guiding similar discussions to those they have been sent to support in their awakening in the future. <3

Duality has run its course. As you can see, it is driven by forces that are unseen and unknown to us.  For example, the people who create diversions such as this video game--to isolate us from one another, to make money, and to alter the very way we think (for example, desensitizing us to violence).

It's finished.

There is no more 'me versus you', or 'if he stays I go'.

It's US.

All of us together, where everyone is right, and that's OKAY.

Welcome to the Higher Realms.

You know that popsicle stick thing Merlin gave me?

This morning in meditation I climbed my way up to the outermost part of it. I rested my elbows on the edge and looked up. I saw millions of stars over my head.  I smiled and gave a huge sigh. It's beautiful out there.

Ross asked me what part I liked best about it?

I said, 'I can breathe!'

Wonderful things await those who Awaken.

All the annoyances and inconveniences are worth it.

Soak in all the nurturing, warmth, love and compassion you require as this transformation is taking place in you. <3


This is the land, the  'a'ina' from which Carla speaks. Carla selected this place to be born. This is the Southern California coastline, where  for all of her years, is her 'Home', her 'normal', her 'every day'.

On the lunch benches, at all of her schools, elementary, junior high, and then on the grass at High School, Carla had to watch for these who were hungry and wanted to steal a bite!

Does Carla ever stop to think or write about it, her background for her experiences?

She doesn't.

Carla assumes that because she grew up in a beach town, that everybody grows up in one! (shakes his finger from side to side--ed)  And THAT simply isn't the case!

On the other hand, you should have seen Carla at twenty-one in Indiana where she saw her first corn field!  Carla was overwhelmed by the virtual ocean of corn plants! She had never known or experienced anything like it, nor even known, other than a 'learned it in school' kind of knowledge--that anything like this could be possible!

That is human, that is what being incarnate is all about--making the assumption that because it happened to me then EVERYONE has it!

And that simply isn't the case.

Everyone is of value to all of us in Heaven, for their courage and their heart.

We are not impressed by philanthropic gifts or medals for bravery in battle or who made it to the billboard charts with a number one hit.

(he squats down in the sand, and starts tracing little designs I don't understand quietly with his finger in the dirt. --ed)

I want you to think about it.

I want you to think about what really impresses us up here.

It is overcoming odds.

It is staying with the program on the Life Script.

It is opening the heart above and beyond those who are in your immediate family and your best friends.

It is spending the time and making the effort to be the very best person that you can, every single day!

And when there's a 'hiccup', and you 'lose your way'--it's an acknowledgement ongoing with you that 'all is not lost' and 'I can start fresh anytime, any day, any minute' and really TRYING to get back on course!

All is forgiven.

Nothing really matters but this (taps his chest--he's standing up--ed) your heart!

It's the only thing you take with you when you go.  All the love, the relationships, the lessons...and the memories of a life well-lived with the heart. There is no need anymore for victim mentality.  Everyone is a winner! Everyone is LOVED unconditionally up here, same as our Creator loves us!

(clap! clap! )

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Family