Saturday, June 4, 2016

Gentle Healing -- Gaia News Brief 5 June 2016

My daddy died on June 4. On the seventh anniversary of his death, someone we had watched and admired as a family, also passed too.  Muhammad Ali.  I met him once at the Carnegie Deli. He made me feel beautiful--he squeezed me tight in the photo, and also kissed my cheek. I'm so grateful to have met him. I have his autograph too. It's on a napkin. This was in 2002.

This year I didn't cry on the anniversary of daddy's passing. There was so much going on. Mom was released from the hospital. My niece is still in intensive care getting very specialized treatment. My nephew has already been to the ER, treated and released, but he's not any better.  I spent an hour on the phone today with my sister, his mom, texting about his symptoms and what she should do. He can't eat without terrible pains.

I'm not going into their house until it is officially cleared of Legionella. I hardly ever go there, anyways. Anthony hasn't spent the night there except once, not too long ago...that's when he got his stomach flu. I have to look at the calendar, but I'm sure it's close.

My sister is still worried about the money to clean it, and to disclose it or not. She's worried about the property value.

Some things are worth more--are irreplaceable. Your family's health is one of them.  I work in the O.R.  I know.

I asked her, 'how can you not disclose?'

Recently at work, I saw a couple people who were very sad cases...end-stage cancer, that surgery only slowed down but didn't cure. I always say a special prayer for these kinds of patients. I check with my teams to make sure their transition will be 'uneventful' (that's a term we use in hospitals, which means smooth, easy, routine). My heart goes out to them.

My clarity is going WAY the heck UP...and I realized there are lots of important lessons at the end of life. I saw what valuable opportunity there is for the soul. Even though I'm not a fan of dying, and I can't wait until that part of 3D goes away (it's different in 5D)...I can see the point of the whole 'lesson' part of it as well.

Today Ross revealed to me the secret of his reanimation. I played a role in it. I am not to disclose under any circumstances what it was other than it was a method taught to him in our travels to India. Just in case, he made sure it was also taught to me. Before you might ask, it has something to do with our being twins, Illuminated Twin Flames to be exact, and it's not possible for me to do this for anyone else.

But I know.

Today was a day of very random and yet very important healing things, not just for me but for others. The phone call from mom to say she was safely home, and she knows to call me if she needs anything. I will come.  The breakfast with my friend I hardly ever see--a mom friend. And it turns out her fianc√© is interested in the elliptical I can't wait to get out of the house. They are coming by tomorrow to see it. It was very healing for us both to get outside, to relax over a meal (she treated!), and talk in the sunshine.  This is a very special treat I hardly ever get to do!

So instead of the paperwork, and the dishes, I got the car washed (some cement mud from late night freeway roadwork had splashed and stuck despite one or two gas station car washes--I got 'the whole enchilada').  I also watched a baseball game, gardened, and cleaned both the bunny cage and the bunny bottom (with warm water and a towel--the poor thing had poop stuck on the fur and it looked painful. Anthony and I had worked on her problem last weekend, and I checked this weekend). I did my Italian lessons on the app DuoLingo, and I spoke online with a very close friend, another thing I hardly ever get to do.

I also cleaned out some more of my closet where I meditate. I made room for Ross to be behind me while I sit. I think he has wanted this for some time, but I was too dense to figure out.

I did the Merlin meditation twice today. Once it just sort of happened while I was relaxed and watching the ballgame. I could 'sense' my guides really close in their 'full selves' but just was a little too far away to visualize it.

Again in the closet, I relaxed, and let go.

I met Ross.

Not with my intuition, like usual.

With my Full Consciousness.  His energy is STRONG and it wasn't adapted to my own like before.

I just looked at him for the longest time. I still can't see clear like I would see someone here--but I saw his face and build, and we talked while I was feeling his energy.

I paused.

I looked down at the ground and commented quickly, 'Is this the first time officially or something? If this is some kind of thing I hope you make a note of it because I NEVER can remember anniversaries!'

He laughed and covered it quickly, and promised me, 'yes, he would not let me forget.' And he smiled.

He's much taller than me. I think he likes how I'm smaller.   I said a couple of other similar things, where I just blurted something out, and he laughed but covered it quickly so as not to embarrass me. The overall feeling was he thought it was cute the things I said.

I remember when I had a moment to speak, I started kissing his feet and crying. I told him I want him to know I adore him. And I asked his forgiveness for the times I didn't open my heart as much as I could have while I have ever been with him.

He wasn't expecting that. It meant a lot to him.

Then he told me he had a few words to say to me, too. He had a turn. And his words were beautiful beautiful smart and wise and loving and I can't for the life of me recall one word that he said. But I was looking him in the eye the whole time.

Earlier in the day, I apologized for him for any inconvenience to him as a soul--but I just can't 'share' him yet with others, the way he shares me with my many Archangel husbands...True to form, he asked, 'what makes you think I WANT to be shared?'  He explained how in his last lifetime incarnate with me, he learned that the most connection he ever had, in all of his experiences, was with me. He also confessed that his actions caused much damage to me.  The others Archangel husbands are healing the damage to me at his request. That made a great deal of sense to me, and I am most thankful for the explanation.

Soon it was time to go.  I was overcome with emotion, and almost started bawling. Then I got my strength back. I pulled myself together like a mature Galactic would do...and I asked Ross if he wouldn't mind please 'walking me to the door' like our human dates in 3D, to help me say goodbye to him in a way I would understand.

He did, in that 'tunnel' or 'star gate' or whatever that popsicle stick thing is...and we kissed goodnight. Then, suddenly, he tied a handkerchief, white, like a triangle fold, around my right wrist. The knot was on the top, on the side of the back of my hand. He said it wasn't for tears, but for me to know he was coming back, because he wouldn't want to lose it.  He also had me smell it. It has the most beautiful fragrances from nature, a different one, every time you sniff. I smelled forests and oceans and flowers and many other beautiful scents. So my Light Body has that on my wrist.

And that was it.

Tonight, he wanted me to go to a local place and get ONE slice of pizza, and a salad. They have a special, all that and a soda too.  For some reason he WANTED me to get a soda. I never drink soda unless I have the flu. I questioned him on if he really wanted me to drink that? He said yes. Once I was there, I saw there was a button on the Sierra Mist, that said, SODA so I pressed that and got slightly sweet and hint of flavor bubbly water. It was good.

I was able to pick up some 'green stuff' for the bunny at the store nearby.

Then there was a miracle! An honest to goodness miracle!  With my car all newly waxed, I really didn't want to park it out on the street. The sprinklers make a mess with my black paint.  So I figured someway how to get both cars into the garage by stacking and moving the extra chair, ottoman and drum set out of the way. I'm THRILLED!!!

Now it really is time for bed. I have a big day ahead of me tomorrow. I procrastinated too much today. I needed it though.

Today was a good day.


Carla's dreams are coming true, whether she knows it or not.

(he clears his throat--ed)

(he clears his throat again, a little louder--I'm afraid I'm not understanding him--ed)

(he clears his throat a little louder, and looks at me! all of a sudden I understand! And I smile! My biggest dream is HIM! LOL.  Waves of happiness and good energy are washing over me. How could I be so dense? LOL--ed)

And all the little things too.  ( I see the tomatoes in the garden I love to pick, I see the ease in my day--having it off. I see the ideas for dinner for tomorrow. I see all the little 'help' and 'grace and ease' coming together into a sense of hopefulness.  I also see a growing sense of 'boundary' or shall I say, 'healthy boundary' between myself and my sick family members. This is a form of self-preservation, for me to rest.  I see a healthy 'medium' between running over and saving everybody--which is UN-healthy, and making myself available to be a loving support and resource--but not all day and not outside my scope of practice... || Ross tilts his head and LOOKS at me like 'capishe'--you get it?==ed)

The same is going to happen to you.

All the little things are going to add up.

I love you and I want you to enjoy your happiness. All of us up here want you to enjoy your home on earth.

Carla's wishes are not what you expect.  She had to be strongly guided to think of a better home--I had to show her pictures and examples of how to visualize.

Carla also wants for all the animals and nature to be healthy.

Then for all the inhabitants to have disease disappear from the Consciousness FOREVER (he snaps his fingers--ed) Just like that!

Those are lofty dreams.

I am filling them.

(he bows like a gentleman would in older times--ed)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Illuminated Twin Flame Souls