Monday, June 13, 2016

Just Write -- Gaia News Brief 13 June 2016

I'm just writing tonight. For about ten minutes.

First I wish to thank you for sending me healing for my Reiki Request I made for myself recently. I am noticing a greater perspective on the situation. I am more patient with myself. I also realized it was a sign my 'cup' was empty. I needed to spend some time doing things I enjoy, that make me feel glad to be alive. I couldn't fill out any of the work I need to do without it! The energy just wouldn't have been there for me to complete the tasks.

Today, I did laundry and spent time in my garden. I picket tomatoes, something which gives me great joy. I also spent extra time in meditation.

It was a good lesson, being stressed to the point of reaching out for assistance from you.

I am ninety percent close to being 'burned out' at the hospital on any given day.


Here I am doing what I always dreamed to do, right?

I hate to say it, but taking care of patients isn't anything like I had thought it would be while I was in medical school. There is a LOT more push for productivity, the bottom line, and all these hurdles for 'compliance' that never were there back in the nineteen nineties.

I still love it.

What I don't like are all the hoops that are set up for me to jump through--recertification, reappointment, continuing education, licensure, my DEA license...malpractice insurance...I'm sure there is more I am forgetting. Every order I make, has to pass through a safety screen or else the pharmacy gets dinged. So I have to click through several boxes to justify each one, after I have clicked through the boxes to make the order. It sort of makes me long for the day with the paper chart where you just wrote everything by hand. In a way it was easier. It's a trade off. I love the electronic record so I don't have to chase down a chart (is it at the nurses station? in the doctor's workroom? does the ward clerk have it?)...

One thing I would love to see in our basic education is medical literacy.  So many people just don't 'get it'. Recently a patient was talking me about something that was going on with their body--and it revealed a basic lack of understanding about how the whole thing works.  Add to this, with other loved ones for other patients--a 'gap' in their expectation of what medical science could actually achieve for their loved one who had advanced, advanced, advanced disease.  Only Jesus could have fixed it. He's the only one who can set back the clock on the really seriously imbalanced energies in the energy body system.

I hope one day all imbalance will be intervened upon before it gets way out of whack, and needs physical intervention.

The Divine Healing Codes are an excellent beginning, for this I am most grateful.

Speaking of Energy Medicine, I have one bone to pick with the 'Healing' community--the example I am going to give is sad because it is very well-intended. It just came off like flat soda--really not the way it should be.

Here is the example I got from my sister. My nephew has been having terrible stomach pains. The kind where he was taken to the Emergency Room.

I clue in on both the physical, and the energy. As a rule, I always encourage people to 'get it checked out' and I send to the quickest place to make sure nothing where time is of the essence (for example, an acute abdomen has six hours to operate before the patient gets septic and can die) gets ignored by patient or doctor.

Not everyone is like me.

Our neighbors called my sister, and said, 'It is the gallbladder and this is anger and guilt-- (or something--I forget.)

That's right.

The partially awakened people got on the phone and diagnosed the energy imbalance without offering any way to correct it.

It makes our team look really icky when people do that.  Only someone with training in a healing setting may diagnose. In our culture, it would be an acupuncturist, a chiropractor, a physician, a nurse practitioner, a physician assistant, a get the idea.

Anyone else doing this is actually practicing medicine without a license and could be sued.

So even if you see the chakras (like I do) and you have Archangel Raphael whispering into your ear (like I do)--it is important you don't just blurt everything out and say it! LOL. There is need for a filter!!! And I have licenses and certificate in both the metaphysical and physical healing arts!

The neighbor, hopefully, would have waited to get in person, and to tell my sister, face to face, with appropriate body language--'I have this nagging concern that it might be the gallbladder; it might be the pattern of anger and guilt...and I'd really like to let you know because I want your son to feel better.  I could be picking it up but I'm not sure, does this resonate with you? Do You Accept It?'

It's a subtle point but I think it needs to be said. Just plant the seed and you have done your job as an energy healer outside the clinical setting. It's enough. You are off the hook for the karma thing--I know that feeling Spirit wants you to share it. It also has to be balanced with the context of the receiver of your message, and how they are going to respond. That's where YOUR expertise and knowledge is important too.



Thank you for listening.

Thank you for caring.

Thank you for all you do to make yourself a better person, and to heal yourself and your world.

Energetically, you and your world ARE one!  So when you heal one, you heal the other.

P.S. My niece was thrilled to receiver her bracelet. She face timed me from home, and showed it to me with the biggest smile. She is going to mail a thank you note to the healer who created it for her. Thank you for all you do. You know who you are. <3


I am going to take FIVE minutes (holds up his hand to show five fingers--four and the thumb...-ed)

FIVE minutes!

Are you ready?

Nothing in the world is as important as you and your happiness.

It isn't.

God wants us to be happy!

God does not want us to scrimp and save and suffer and sacrifice for something outside ourselves!

God wants us to have fun!

Well--how can this be?

How can this be 'I have fun?' when I 'have to go to work to survive?' (one finger goes up--ed)  THAT is in the 'inkling'!  (he gestures hands like vice-verse--ed).

When you are able to drive the powers of Co-Creation, your 'work' will be like 'play'!

(points to the sides of his head with his index fingers--ed)  What is without starts from WITHIN!

So the more you think, 'I can't have any fun'--the less fun you are going to have!  (he shows angel scribes like five of them with little tablets and pencils writing down every word we think--ed--it's like they are taking an order at a restaurant).

And the more you think, 'I am having fun. I NEED fun. I need to reconnect with what makes me who I am.'--(he shows the image of the angel scribes again--ed)

(I hear a bell like the microwave or laundry is done--ed) That's what you get.

Why do I recommend meditation? (he shows his hands on the steering wheel of a big rig truck he moves it from side to side the wheel--ed)  That is how you learn to drive it.

(pats the wheel--ed)  THIS baby is fun to drive! Lots of it. And you, each and every one of you, once you awaken, are going to be given the keys to the vehicle and learn to drive.

(clap! clap!)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Family