Sunday, June 26, 2016

Gaia News Brief 27 June 2016

I am just starting to notice a huge increase in my Consciousness. It is so expansive it makes me feel, as a soul, just like a child by comparison.  For all my Earthly experiences are very small compared to the wonder and the glory that is 'out there'--and I am just beginning to comprehend.

I have been seeing Heaven, Angels, Divine Mother, Deceased Loved ones, for over twenty-four years...and I am filled with excitement over what is New, and kind of saying to myself, 'wow!' in a nice way.

Here are some examples I will share with you. It's not anything more than an uncanny 'aha!' but things in general are starting to make a heck of a lot more sense, with the Big Picture! LOL

First of all, with this obesity epidemic. I am obese--compared to my childhood where I was underweight--and my son has this condition. It is an enormous waste of our medical resources to keep treating obesity-related diseases without modifying our 'business as usual'. What started this was a movie I saw about a man who was too fat to have the airplane take off because he needed a seat belt extender and they couldn't find it. He showed pictures of himself, 'before'. Then he called a nutritionist. She told him to rescue a dog. It would get him out of the house and make him more social. He lost over one hundred fifty pounds in one year, just with Petey and his diet changes. The dog had been overweight too, and he also lost twenty-five pounds. You can't even recognize the man in the before pictures any more!  The dog gave this man unconditional love and support. It was the closest relationship he had had with anyone, ever!  Next I realized, yesterday, at the basketball game for my son, he is not going to get any better (or more 'slim') if he practices once a week with the league. A father complimented Anthony, and said he is a really good athlete. He can see what is happening on the court. He suggested I make it easy, and get him to shoot baskets twenty minutes every day. It gets the confidence up on the court. At the end of the game, Anthony said his feet hurt. He's been in these same shoes since last September. His normal tennis shoes need to be replaced every two months, because he demolishes the support structure foam inside. It just gets a lot of use!  

How can he play without good equipment?  So we went to the store.  But then, I realized, to exercise Anthony--I needed better shoes and shorts so I could keep up with him!

And I thought--how can people who are already having physical manifestations of disease from obesity EVER get better without A) unconditional love B)time to exercise and not worry about supporting themselves (for example a four hour day that pays like an eight hour one) and C) proper equipment???

AHA! There you have it! The Consciousness is allowing me to see 'outside the box' at the total picture, and further, seeing how the powers that be AREN'T really willing to 'put their money where their mouth is' on this whole subject.  Once the people in general realize that healthy people work, pay taxes, and use up less disability pay--the math totally makes sense!

Now I go on to item number two--people underestimate the ability of organizations to 'mess with their decision making process'.  This phenomenon is well-documented in the medical community with the gifts from drug reps. When I started, every three months, it was like a holiday in the meeting room. There were tables, and you could get pens, mugs, bags, memo pads, pins from the drug reps. They would explain the new medicine, how it works, give you a pamphlet, and lots of goodies. Before my time, people went on all expense paid trips! The hospital had narrowed it down to small inexpensive items.

The whole time, we medical students, residents, and attendings thought, 'I can attend a dinner program and NOT get influenced by the people who are funding the event's product. I am objective!'

Yet studies have proven much as we deny it being possible, we ARE influenced, and the spike in pharmaceutical drug sales after the free trip, or the free pen--are highly reproducible science!

It's the psychology that was exploited by the drug industry, without the doctors being aware they were being exploited the whole time. In fact we were the first to deny it!

And if THAT can happen to people who have invested so much in their education, who are scientific, and who are highly suspicious of everything--the medical community--it can happen to anyone, anyone at all, in so many ways.

Item number three, is my heart. It is getting VERY exquisitely sensitive to the suffering of beings who are going to die, for any reason. I have been saying prayers and sending Reiki to 'everyone who is going to die today' for weeks, just out of the blue. I've added, 'to all animals who will be slaughtered for food, and all who will be euthanized today' too.  I have appealed to members of Team Doctors With Reiki to commit to join in this cause to support those who are experiencing end-of-life. The response has been outstanding! I am overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and generosity and commitment to those who are suffering and in so very much need of Reiki. This special team is now to be called the Team Doctors With Reiki Guardians. I thank each and every volunteer who has stepped forth--with deepest appreciation and love. We shall do great things!

The fourth subject I still haven't figured out yet. For several weeks now, I have been guided to a series of stones and minerals, like I have always been guided for years--except that the latest ones are all uncannily sharing a common property! They are radioactive.  Here is a summary for your safety--a guide--  I can't explain it. But even when I look at the samples online, on the ones available, there is an energy that nurtures me, and supports my energy in ways I can't explain. Even now, I feel the stones calling. In some way--these are all remarkable healing stones besides being radioactive lol--I need this particular energy into my aura. Right now I am taking it in through my eyes as I am a little chicken  to have something in my house which could create highly toxic radon gas and I would keep it all wrapped up. I've worked with radioactivity in my labs as a chemical engineering student. I know how to handle it safely with a hood and all the precautions. Even though it is unrefined ore I don't have all that safety equipment. You know? So I'm going to ask Ross in my medications, 'what the heck is going on with me?' (he laughs again, at my candor--ed) and try to figure that one out.


I chose this one for my part. Carla wanted to put it at the top, and I wouldn't let her. I wanted it here for me.

This photo is how I will feel while I embrace Carla for the first time when Carla comes UP to where I am.

Carla brings out the best in me, and makes me feel like a kid in my heart. That is why I am always laughing at her antics, by her blurting things out with no filter whatsoever when she communicates with me. I love it. Her way of seeing life is refreshing to those of us up here for whom this ISN'T our 'first rodeo'. (he chuckles--ed)

Carla?  I love you and I always will. Forever.

I was watching you on the court today with Anthony. You were coaching him most gently, and making it seem like you were having fun with him, and yet, all the time, there were shrewd calculations to get him to do his drills you saw his coach working with him on at the last practice, making sure that it got done, watching the clock and pushing him to his limits at the same time.

You said, 'This is FUN! I want to do this again! Again!' and you modeled for our not-so-little Anthony the movements you saw the coach making him do, as if you were trying to learn, which, in fact, you were.  You knew Anthony enjoys taking on the role of a teacher, and you deliberately with him take on the role of a student to get the work Anthony must do to advance his skills, instinctively, like only a mother would know.

(he moves his hand to the side as if he was Vanna White displaying a prize to his right--ed) And THIS is what the power of the Divine FEMININE energy is all about. (he is very intense and serious--ed).


Without it the species would have extinguished, vanished, without a trace.

Just like Carla with the preparations for Anthony's party, making it easy for the boys to relax and have fun--carefully planning went into it, as well as proper execution and love for doing the work.

(he wants a video clip--ed)

(clap! clap!)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple