Monday, June 6, 2016


A reader today asked me about her personal situation. Her best friend moved recently and  is a long drive away; someone else is also very far. Her ex and his on-again, off-again 'mutual friend' are just too uncomfortable for her, even though they are nearby.

She just wants someone to talk to, someone to hang out with, someone to share common interests.

I smiled.

I know Spirit is a good teacher, and although she can't quite put the pieces together, I know the message before last, her Twin Flame in Spirit came through so strong someone else who is 'a sensitive' could feel it!

I decided to write a bit to help you navigate the Divine Balance a Lightworker must face daily...

But first, let me tell you why I chose Coyote for our 'mascot'.  These canines are shunned in a world where their fluffier, domesticated 'cousins' are pampered like you wouldn't believe!  The coyote is self-sufficient, resourceful, and able to survive and adapt in an urban environment once their land has been encroached upon by humans. They ask for nothing. They expect nothing. They take what comes and try to make the best with it.

I have heard that coyotes cover an average of five miles a day, living just under the radar of human perception, being in the shadows as much as order to survive.

In Native American lore, Coyote is the trickster! He is the teacher of valuable lessons. Sometimes you will be embarrassed in the course of the lesson. That is Coyote's way.  And consequently, his lessons 'stick'.

Sometimes being alone is the best way to get you to reach out and strengthen your relationship with Source...with your disincarnate Twin, and with your innermost person you are in your heart of hearts!

When you are a Starseed, your vibration is much higher than the 'status quo' here for earth native souls who are incarnate.

You will always have a nagging feeling of not 'fitting in'. No matter where you are.

This is due to the vibrational gap between you and those who are around you!

A difference of more than one dimension  (in Level of Consciousness, frequency, or vibration) will make both parties feel uncomfortable in the presence of the other.

Jeff Brown once met a woman on a retreat. They hooked up, and it blasted his heart center wide open! It was a deeply spiritual experience for him, and he wanted to be with this woman in his life forever.

But things soured. They didn't work out. They went their separate ways. Later, he was told by Spirit that this woman is an incarnate angel. She will never find the love she seeks--it's physically impossible for her to be satisfied and 'get what she needs' on a Spiritual level. But the awakening of Jeff was all that was needed, and once it happened, they both were meant to go on with their lives.

Another reader complained about True Love. It's a farce! she said, basically.  I too was once like that. I used to say, 'Prince Charming farts in bed!'

It is very painful to be incarnate as a Starseed and Angel here on Earth.

What makes it all the worse is seeing people laughing together and having fun.

No matter where I go, I always feel a little 'different'. I can't let go and enjoy the moment wholeheartedly.

On the other hand, I DO enjoy the company of others, their energy, their presence...everywhere I go.

I have taught myself, Hawaiian-style, that everyone I meet is either an Auntie or Uncle, or Cousin.   I might not have grown up in the same house with them, but they are still family. Human family. All incarnate on Earth.

Sylvia Browne had the assignment something like 'one who helps people Loner'.  She had I think three failed marriages!  One of the last ones pulled a gun to her head, and threatened her. She decided she wasn't going to keep trying to find love any more.

Her motto was, 'Live a good life. Then go Home.'

That was her coping.

Around children and animals, especially whales, you are going to have a lot more in common, energetically.

With adults, it's not so easy.

And if you are meant to 'discover friends in Spirit'--your angels, guides, and deceased loved ones--with your spiritual gifts...then the less you will be permitted to spend time with the incarnate ones.

Does this make sense?

When you would enjoy spending time with 'like minded people', why not take a Reiki Class, or psychic development class, or go to a function with a local metaphysical store?  The vibes will be better.  You still might not connect with anyone, but you will be in the presence of a group whose energy is more like yours than anyone else you may meet.

Just be sure to be your own best friend first <3

And allow your extremely quiet, 'soft spoken' loved ones who are in the Spiritual Realms to accompany you on your adventure which is called 'Life'.

I'm very thankful for my own 'council' and for Ross.  So very much for him.

I am starting to close my eyes in slumber...I will sign off.  Perhaps if I have more thoughts I will create a second document.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twin Souls