Sunday, June 5, 2016

Putting It All Together -- Gaia News Brief 6 June 2016

Today was a good day. I listened to Spirit. I took it easy. And I had fun.

Any day I don't have to wake up to the alarm is a good day!  That's for sure. I also changed the sheets, and the room looks fresh and airy. It's makes for a much better end of the day, when the bed is made and the sheets are new.

For breakfast I had a cherimoya. It was just barely ripe. I enjoyed it. Later in the morning I had a green smoothie and a cup of coffee.

For lunch I wanted to make riso, the comfort food you would call a risotto, the recipe my grandmother always made for me for lunch every single day when I was with her. She watched me while my mother went to work.

Somehow the day got past me.

I was lucky to have my first successful 'manifest' in real time.  Two or three days ago, I decided I really want my elliptical out of my house. I didn't enjoy it. Neither did Anthony. It was super good quality, but we needed the room more than it.

Yesterday, over breakfast, my friend said her fiancé was in need of one. I offered it to him. She said she would ask. And later, she called and said he was very interested!

Today, they came and disassembled it, and took it to their home. It is a gift, but he was smart and said, 'it's borrowed. It's always yours and you can take it back.'

He is the one who almost died with a full cardiac arrest, and came back.

Their story is one you might enjoy. It shows you how Ross 'helps' when I ask him to.

This couple started dating four years ago. They are a good match for each other. Whenever I would bring Anthony to her apartment, most of the time he was there too. Learning to trust him, the boyfriend, with my son around--I am very careful, and I realized over time this really IS a good person!

Then they moved in together. Their home is bigger than ours, and I'm happy for them. But the first week, there was an accident. His eye went blind in a way that one eye is really distorted vision. He had five surgeries to correct it, and none of them were a success.

Due to his being an engineer, his brain couldn't synthesize the view from both eyes. Engineer brains are different (I have one too! Chemical Engineering was my major in college!).

He grew very depressed, and was suicidal.  He didn't have any attempts, but he did add his girlfriend to his policies so 'she would be taken care of'.

She finally told him she would leave him if it didn't stop, because she didn't want to live her life like that.

At Christmas I made a bracelet for him, and also, gave her a Ross and Carla bracelet.  His energy was very jangly, very unbalanced, very close to something not good.

I talked with Ross about it.  I asked Ross if there was anything that could be done on Spirit side?  For my friend had a brother who was lost to suicide, and this would affect both her son and Anthony too. I realized the situation was unsustainable...I accepted the outcome, as long as it was for the highest good.

The boyfriend had a massive heart attack at work. He drove himself to the hospital because he knew the ambulance would get lost trying to find his desk in the corporate complex where he worked.  He had full cardiac arrest, but had to be ambulanced from his hospital right across the street to one where the cath lab was open.

My friend was in ICU with him, and I supported her emotionally. Her mother had died, and they were close. She was all alone, and I knew it, so I called her every day. I also asked my friend the cardiologist what his odds were of making it? She told me the score--and I relayed this information to my friend.

He beat the odds.  He renamed himself '2.0'.  He did all the cardiac rehab. He even asked her to marry him.

He never complains about his eye now.  And he totally knows how devoted his fiancee is to him.

They are deeply in love, and are planning their wedding this summer. It will be very small, family only, out of state. They are planning their retirement together too.

What I noticed today, as she confessed he is a total genius when it comes to 'fixing things'...and also how he is obsessed with the lunar landings...he is from Atlantis and in my opinion, most likely Pleiadian in soul origin.

Would I ever say that to either one of them? Never in a million years! Sometimes she reads this blog. But she might think I was kooky because I'm not sure she's all up on Galactic things yet.

It's funny because the whole reason we went to breakfast was because her Ross and Carla bracelet had to be restrung. It had been months since she had given it to me. I had forgotten whose it was. It was just some bracelet in a baggie!  I put new wire on it. But Spirit told me to save the old wire and give it to her. I did. She is to take all of the old bad things, and put it behind her with some 'ceremony' as she gets rid of it. The old energies are gone from her forever.

Her prayers are the strongest ones I know. She teaches Sunday school and has for all the time I've known her. And SHE is always saying, 'Thank you Jesus!' and I think lately I have caught it from her.

Things I Give Thanks For

My nap before I went to pick up Anthony.  The Goodwill drop off station taking my bags of stuff from the room cleanup last week--I dropped it off today. Anthony being totally stoked about the detailing on the car (they also buffed out some paint scrapes on it too).

For the kids on the street to play for just long enough for me to talk with a friend and send out healing.

For my family to give me a little down time on all the texts and requests for my medical expertise 'just for today' <3  It's nice to let my brain go 'un-medical' for a day.

For my mom to sound a whole lot better on the phone.

For Ross. He told me to buy steak and barbecue it with Anthony to 'celebrate'. Anthony and I couldn't figure out what we were celebrating exactly, but we had fun.  We use a little Smokey Joe. And I try to avoid lighter fluid. I pick up twigs and bark from the back yard and use it as my 'starter'. It takes a while but it works.  We had something unusual Ross wanted too. He asked me to take the camping stove out onto the potting bench, and use it to warm up the beans!  He wanted us to take the TV trays out back, and eat on the porch swing, too. So we did!  It was beautiful, and very relaxing.  At the store he told Anthony we could have ice cream--either chocolate or vanilla, in a small package.  We chose the chocolate vanilla caramel ripple. I didn't get any caramel ripple in my scoop! But I served it in tiny paper cups. Anthony wanted more and I said no. It was a good thing we had tiny servings.

I am also grateful for something really big in my personal growth that happened today.

Fine Tuning

My teams are doing a whole lot of work on me. Sometimes when Anthony is away, I am asked to have a small single serving of something like St. Germain or Bailey's Irish Cream. Then I go straight to bed.  That's when they get the truth out of me on how I feel about many things. I never realize it at the time that it's a test of sorts. What I do know, is I have made lots of progress, and last night, I could see for myself just how much healing has taken place. It's huge.

I have gone from being an irate incarnate Starseed to a pretty mellow, easy going, and trusting Galactic.  If you ever want to read just how angry and hostile I was, just go back to 2011-2012 and see for yourself. I even once embarrassed Ross because I didn't realize I had stepped on his toes by demanding change NOW in front of him in Council! It was Ashtar who explained gently to me my actions had made Ross look bad. I was a little embarrassed...I never have done it again.

On Friday, I made a formal request for things to change once and for all on Surface Gaia. I wanted this to stop the suffering. I was amazed how I knew how to speak diplomatically, yet insistently, on these changes to take place.

If you read the Gaia Portal, you will note some of the changes.

In addition, there has been the addition of a new Stargate somewhere out of the South Pole.

It was a trap.

The news online and my blogs sort of hinted that the mergings were done.

They weren't.  The last stragglers tried to escape their fate (you know, the 'other team' who wants to run this place even though they aren't officially put into that position?)--and have since been caught in the screens in the stargate, and have officially merged.

The rest is all hologram.

I was in on the secret the whole time. I keep my lips mum until I get clearance from the 'guys upstairs'.

The Stargate IS indeed a functioning Stargate and everyone is welcome to use it.  What happened is, those who knew how to use these things, and were taking the opportunity to use it to escape trouble, found themselves in a whole heap of 'formal diplomatic relations' instead.  It's ALL CLEAR and OKAY to use. It's the Merlin popsicle stick thing, just in case you are wondering. Be sure to read a few days back in order to catch up.

Anyhow, today was a day of rest with Ross.  For the first time, he showed me two things. One was a ring of gold, with a sapphire on it.  There was a triangle shaped edge with some foreign writing raised on it. I was like, 'is that my class ring, Ross?'

It was my WEDDING ring!  From 'back then'.

He also showed me a sphere of clear, deep purple amethyst I wore on a chain around my neck when I was married to Ross in that incarnation. It was an anniversary gift from him for our first anniversary.  What was unusual about the sphere was it was wrapped in gold top to bottom and back in one loop just to hold it. I was alway amazed at how that simple band looked flimsy, but never let the amethyst fall out. I wore it on a long chain, very low, and by my heart. No one knew I wore it but Ross. I never showed it to anyone.

If you had asked me six months ago, how I feel about these things Eva Maria shared with me today in my inbox:

I would have felt pain and anguish, and really been saddened that they exist at all!

Now, I look at it differently.  I see how Mary Magdalen is presented as a calm, ever-loving, pious and mystical being.

People who are just waking up need to have this kind of channeling--because it fits into their 'picture' of 'what the whole enchilada is about'...LOL 

It is what it is.

The people who know me love me.

My whining, complaining, and very human form incarnate as Carla...the one who once said, adamantly, 'I am NOT HIM!!!'...and went on my merry way bouncing from one lesson to the next in order to arrive at Ascension.  It wasn't pretty!  Nor was it what you would consider 'cool, calm, and collected'.

What does go with it all, is my love to write my experiences--good, bad, and ugly, as best as I know--and a dedication to my readers which in my opinion, is unsurpassed.  There are years of daily and more recently now 'almost' daily blog posts of length and substance. I love healing. I love Creator of All That Is. And I go for it! I'm up for just about anything Spirit sends for my growth and evolution. 

It is what it is. My energy signature is enough. There is no need for arguing as those who have eyes, see.


Carla, it is my pleasure to walk with you unto this new phase in our eternal life. 

I am most proud of you, and all your accomplishments.

I would have done more for you when we were incarnate together the last time, although I couldn't see...I was blinded by the prevailing customs.

It was hard on you, I know, and I am sorry for the hardship that it caused to both of us.

Let us walk away from the pain, giving thanks for the lessons which have brought us here today, as One Eternal Spirit, joined together, as we are meant to be.

Everything else is Illusion.

Let us walk in Love no matter where we are, in humility and appreciation for our bond.  

I have my lessons, and you have yours, and we go off on our ways when it is necessary.

Our love which connects us, heart to heart, by this golden cord--is never--despite all appearances to the contrary when one is within the Illusion (finger goes up!--ed)--to be broken.

What God has put together, let no man--or woman--put asunder.

(he lets me know the nightmare is done.  it's really over. all of it. the Illusion is no more. --ed)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Love