Tuesday, June 21, 2016

On Being Tested

Earth is a school.

You are a student who is enrolled in this school.

Your life experiences are the curriculum.

It is graded on the curve, there is no failure, except lessons are repeated until one has success in passing them.

What you are when you are asleep, where you go while you are dreaming, is the real YOU.

What is here in your 'waking state' is actually the dream in which you agreed to take part--for the purpose of your soul development and your ability to assist with the growth of others.

That being said, your ability to 'connect' with your Higher Self, Source, your Guides, you Angels, your Deceased Loved Ones--is often measured with your ability to discern and trust your 'gut feeling' and to have the confidence to follow it.

Does this make sense?

Further, since this ability is vitally important to your soul, it is a prime area to be the subject for 'tests'.  These have been going on for me since I was first waking up in 1990, and I am in the middle of one right now.

While you are in a test, your pendulum or other divination tool isn't going to work as well as it usually does. You have to rely more on your subtle feelings, your intuition, your 'sense' of 'what is right for you'.

These tests don't come when you expect them like in Earth Incarnate Classrooms like we have in our own education system down here on earth with our society.

They are always a 'surprise quiz' and many times you have no clue until after the fact that you are taking them.

Try to look for these tests, and regard them as Heaven's gifts to you to help you be stronger and more precise in your work as a soul.

For an example--Ross had me driving around again, looking at houses. When I was in tears, one just popped into view to my right a few seconds later. He said, 'this is your miracle!'. It is a beautiful home, high on a hill, with a view.  Huge yard. I took a flyer. (it costs way more than my own and would quadruple the mortgage payments).

Anthony saw the flyer  sitting on the counter and liked it. He's like, let's move mom!

I saw it a second time yesterday morning. I went through the gate. The view is gorgeous. The neighborhood--not so nice and lots of bars on the windows, unusual for this area.  The green grass is astroturf. It's not a gardener's home.  I saw lots of dry rot under the eaves. The house also really doesn't have flow, although it has the view I have been looking for.

I 'sensed' to wait and to show the home to Anthony and see how he responds. He's the one who gave me the signal to buy the car I currently drive. We had been looking in September, and were totally turned off by the salesmen. I had given up.

We went to a salad bar restaurant, and after, on a whim, went to see a new dealership. The salesman here was less offensive (still insistent) and Anthony saw and asked for a ride in one that was the year before's model, on clearance. It was higher than I wanted to pay, but marked way the heck down. Anthony LOVED it. He even offered me all the money he had--two hundred fifty dollars--for the down payment.  He was only six!

It turned out I love the car too, and it's right for me--I just had to grow into it.

I still have my old convertible for weekends.

Well...with the house...Anthony wasn't that impressed. There wasn't a good area for him to play catch. He wanted to put a basketball hoop up in one area.

What got me through that test was Liz, the deceased owner of the other house we almost bought.  She told me that this one here heats up like a tin box, and to be cautious about buying it. It would be very expensive on the electricity bill.

The data point I got on the need to move, though, and I'm still checking it, is my hair guy who lived in the beautiful ocean view home high on the hill--when they were relaxing in the house, there would be a big pop, and the window glass would crack. The thick double pane windows! It happened all the time there was so much movement in the home! They sold the home as is, rented an apartment for seven months while the owners of the new home finished building where they were going to move, and started completely new. He has never been happier.

So I am still checking with Ross, and working through my tests. This time I am completely calm, detached, and at peace.

It never ends!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc